Her eyes gazed out towards the vast cityscape and she felt her heart begin to race. She wasn't sure if it was because of excitement or because of nerves, but she thought that she could settle for something in-between. This was the place that she always wanted to go to but never got the chance. She had wanted to see the lights, the famous buildings, the stores, shops, everything. She wanted to know how people lived and how they related to each other or, as she had often heard of Gothamites, how they left each other alone in the streets as they rushed from work to home, striving for something better. Even after all the places that she had been, after all the cities, towns, and villages, Gotham City, one of the influential and fascinating cities in the world, her parents never took her here.

The flight attendant mentioned something over the intercom but she was beyond actually listening to anything that anyone said at this point and was too wrapped up in the views of the daybreak of the city. Sure, London was bustling, Paris was illuminating, Rome was romantic, Hong Kong was a plethora of different taste, and Istanbul was an old world beauty, all the old clichés that she appreciated but did not agree with. But she'd never been to Gotham or the United States for that matter. She did not know the streets of New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco or anywhere else in the country, which she supposed other children knew the country that they and their parents were from and most importantly the country that her parents were from. Well she had been to the US once, when she was little, very little, but the trip was a blur and she did not even know where she was. They had been stuck in a couple rooms and only once had she been allowed outside with her mother.

A sigh escaped her. Her mother.

Now, though, she finally made it. She had somehow managed to arrive in the city that she longed to be apart of. A slight wish for sightseeing came over her as the plane neared the ground but she knew that there was not going to be any time to for sightseeing. That was not the reason she came here.

As they approached the gate, she felt that certain feeling in her stomach again. Despite the urgency in her feelings, her face remained stoic, or at least she tried. Although her father seemed to master the skill of appearing calm ages ago, she had yet to. Disembarking, she traveled through the jet bridge, completely used to the surroundings and the comfort that the jet bridge offered her but as soon as it opened up into a new airport, she realized that Gotham City is going to be different. America is definitely a different animal.

The airport's architecture was totally new and distinctive. It was completely modernized and highly contemporary, fitting the peoples' brisk pace as they roamed about the area. They all seemed so dead set on their destination, it was scary. She did not feel that it was normal to walk so fast to just wait in line for coffee, comparatively speaking. Of course what she was used to is anything but this. However, normal was never her thing anyway.

Following the signs while carrying the one bag she brought, she tries to keep up with the fast pace of the new place. A medium sized duffle bag and her carry-on personal item that contains her tablet, not to mention a few other personal items that she was happy security did not seem concerned with, is all that she has at the moment, even though she has plenty of things back where she is sort of from. But right now, she needs to get out there to the wilderness that is Gotham. She needs to explore, get her bearings, after all that's what both her parents taught her. It was probably one of the only things they taught her from their past. Perhaps not the only thing but this one was the most noticeable. Whenever they arrived at a new location her father would check the room, apartment, whatever for something. He told her it was a game like the Easter bunny leaving eggs. When she was ten, she found out that the Easter bunny did not exist. A year ago she found out exactly what he was looking for.

Her mother would strangely be the one to inspect the place once they were leaving. Precautions, her mother had told her, always be aware of the impression you leave behind because you don't know who will remember you. Those words haunted her now, especially now as she exited the airport to the transportation area of her parent's birthplace and longtime home.

Glancing around, she saw the bus she wanted and quickly purchased a pass to ride it. The bus would drop her off two blocks away from where she needed to be. Hopping on the mode of transportation, she took a window seat, happy that there were not a lot of people clamoring about on the bus. It was an off day to be flying and traveling, which is exactly why she picked it.

The bus traveled from the airport to the bridge rather quickly and she finally got a taste of what Gotham looked like up close. She could not help that her jaw went unhinged for a moment. Of course she had heard about the massive overtaking of the city nearly two decades now and the government's incentives to rebuild the city that was home to millions, probably billions by now. The entire aide from the government and businesses in the city, one in particular, seemed to have helped the city a great deal. Yet, the city's underbelly had silent workings and she knew that peacetime would not last, another thing her father taught her, expect the worse.

However, there was a hero in this city. A dark knight protecting it. He had always captivated her imagination. She had read stories from newspapers and secretly gathered all the information she could about the elusive character. When her father found this information, it was the first time she had seen him angry, really, really angry. He was not the type of man that yelled but the one whose stare could kill and immobilize. Though she was even admittedly a daddy's girl, she was no exception. His growl of a voice then, made her shiver now. A sigh escaped her, knowing that she was going to get that growl when he found out that she didn't go visit friends in Sardinia for a week. Who was she kidding? He was probably already on his way, on the flight right behind hers.

Looking up, she saw that they were finally in the part of town that she was aiming for. One more stop and she would be only two blocks away from where she needed to be. Finally, getting off, she looked around the area. Townhouses lined the streets, a tree here and there for appearance and she saw that a park was situated across the way. Nice, she agreed with it and then continued towards the destination. Making her way through the nice neighborhood, she finally arrived at the townhouse she had been looking for.

Stepping up the stairs, she glanced at her watch. He should be the only one home right now. It was basically the middle of the day, during a workday no less in a city that was prone to not sleep. Making her way further, she almost pressed the doorbell but a sound interrupted her.

"Who are you?" His voice made it through the speakers and she looked up.

"I need your help." Of course he had a camera, spotting the small, practically invisible camera. Others would have never noticed this but when you grew up in a family that was as paranoid as hers and kept a close eye out for things like this, you would. They were easy to spot as well. Not to mention he probably had heard her clunky footsteps sound on the pavement. Her mother had warned her about her boastful footsteps. The unfortunate reminder, there's a time and a place for everything. Well at the moment, she wanted and needed to be heard.

"That's not an answer." He replied.

"You're just as bad as he is." She mumbled.

"Who's he?" It should not have surprised her that he heard that but it did.

"Listen," Her eyes rolled. "I need your help and I'm not going to talk about this outside, through a voice box."

"What do you need my help for?"

"Figure it out, detective." The retort would probably come at a price but she was willing to risk it.

"Who are you?" With a sigh she looked up to the camera.

"Why don't you use what he taught you and figure it out on your own." She decided to add. "Aren't you supposed to be the world's greatest detective… Or at least the second, Mr. Blake?"

With that the door swung open, revealing a man whose picture she had seen when he was twenty years younger. Even now that he was in his forties, there was no mistaking it was him. He stepped aside and let her in, looking around outside, before tightly closing the door. Facing her almost instantly, he silently examined her.

"You know," She started, "I'm a little disappointed that you don't know who I am."

"Enlighten me then." His arms crossed. The muscle that remained was surely from all those years as the Dark Knight.

"What no lie detector test or anything?" A brow raised and she spotted the facial recognition feature next to the doorway but knew that would not have any effect in knowing her identity. Then she noticed a steady beat, he was already monitoring her. Apparently the mantle was not the only thing he inherited from her father. Then again, he probably didn't need the detector, which is why he faced her and not the machine.

"What do you want?" A low growl, strangely reminding her of her father.

"That's no way to treat guests, Mr. Blake." She chided him. "Especially the daughter of the man that gave you his life's work to." His eyes widened slightly and she extended her hand. "Helena Wayne, Mr. Blake. It's nice to finally meet you."