Random Mix Challenge
A whole bunch of stories inspired by song on my ipod while on random. Some stories will make sense, others will not it all depends on which song pop pops up on my shuffle so here goes.

Monster-One Eyed Doll
"I can see the monster's shadow, monster in my head. I can taste the monster's breath a monster in my bed'

"Psst, Jeff. Jeff!" a hissed whisped filled his tent as a finger poked him "Jeff, wake up!

Jeff groaned as ge sat up to see Annie at the foot of his airmattress. "Annie? What are you doing?" he asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I couldn't sleep, I heared a noise outside and I just know Leanman is out there and he's going to eat me!" she squeaked.

"Leanman? I am going to kill Troy and Abed"

Earlier in their camping trip they decided to tell scary stories, all pretty lame compared to the ones on halloween, except for Troy and Abed's tale about a extremely tall and surprisingly well dressed man named Leanman, who followed a college kid filming a movie, slowly driving him insane.

"Annie, I'm pretty sure ther is no such thing as 'Leanman'"

"But Jeff, I'm scared! What if he is real and out there waiting to eat me?"

He looked over at her just as she unleashed the Disney Eyes. "Annie" he warned covering his eyes "Don't. You really think thats going to work but its not" Peeking through his fingers he sighed as she unleashed Disney Eyes 2.0. "God fine you can stay in here, but you have to..." the air was knocked out of him as she practically tackled him in a hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" she did a little victory dance as she settled on the mattress whispering "You're not gonna get me Leanman"

Turning to face he Jeff smirked, "You do realize its just a story right? Nothing is goin to eat... you" his sentence trails off as he notices her petrified gaze, turning to see watch she's looking at he pales at the sight of a tall thin shadowy figure slowly walking past the tent. They grab each other in fear as the shadow stopped and looked at the tent before slowly walking away.

Quickly turing towards her, Jeff lets out "You're right he's real! HIDE!" and that's how the spent the rest of the night huddled under a blanket.

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