Young Dracula Season 2 Outtakes

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Fear – based between episode 14 of season 1 and episode 1 of season 2

"I still don't believe you let a SLAYER go!" Ingrid babbled.

It was around 1am and the Count insisted that Vlad stay up till half one which Vlad had been less than impressed about, so of course Ingrid had to as well so the family were gathered in the throne room sat in various positions.

For half an hour Ingrid had been stating her disbelief at the fact the prince of darkness actually let a slayer go.

"Ingrid," Vlad said from his slumped position on the table. Vlad was completely worn out and just wanted to get some sleep. He had school later in the morning and didn't want to collapse in lesson and give Jonno or Mr Van Helsing the opportunity to stake him. "Shut up!"

"Ohhh what's got your fangs in a knot?" She demanded.

"Maybe the fact I haven't had any sleep, and I was captured by slayers and then my stupid annoying older sister will not shut her big mouth." Vlad snapped as his temper was thin due to fatigue.

"We have both done all nighters before," she reminded him and Vlad glared at her.

"Yeah but not on a school night," Vlad complained. "And I don't want to give the slayers the opportunities to stake me."

"Awwww, is Vladdy scared of the little pathetic slayers." Ingrid said in a childish baby voice.

"Go and sit on a stake," Vlad muttered back putting his head back on the table.

The Count chuckled looking up from his copy of Vampirism Today.

"I'm sure she will, as she's still going to that school," The Count smugly said.

"What are you talking about Dad?" Vlad asked slightly alarmed feeling more alert.

"I'm not having my son and heir in the same school as slayers!" The Count said.

"But you would have me go! That's so unfair!" Ingrid complained. "What if I'm staked?"

"All the better," The Count responded carelessly.

Ingrid ground her teeth and with a huff left the room to go to bed.

Vlad got up and went to sit on his dad's throne's armchair.

"Dad," Vlad said in his pleading voice he used to try and get his way. "I know slayers are slayers and they are dangerous but they won't slay me, I'm not even a proper vampire so they have no excuse."

"I know that Vladdy," The Count put a hand on his son's shoulder. "But I don't want you killed. It took six hundred years to have you and I'm not going to wait another six hundred for another son, I'd rather keep you. You are my favourite after all, and I don't want to be left with Ingrid."

Vlad smiled slightly. "Dad, the Van Helsings have never slain vampires before, they are so obsessed with slaying that they can't really see past their own stake, usually it's just luck that they get us at all and they never slay anyway. I think I can handle myself."

The Count frowned. "I guess they would make good start for you and they would make good breakfast... very well you can go to school but if they try to slay you once you are not going to that school again!"

Vlad shrugged too tired to fully understand what his father was saying. "Fine, can I go to bed now?"

"Go on,"

I wanted to have to Count be protective of Vlad after all it was a risk Vlad and Ingrid going to school.

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