DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything but I currently claim rights to a cold, and a headache. Brilliant!

A/N: I'm ill, and therefore my poor metaphorical Doctor is too :(

I can't write, and he can't act out what I want him to do. Bleh.

*Cough* InvisibleBlade spluttered, and groaned as her head throbbed, and the threat of her mind exploding washed over her like a wave in the sea crashing on rocks.

" What in the jammy dodger is going on with you?" The tiny Doctor in Invisible Blade's mind questioned, coughing violently too, " On second thoughts, What , ATCHOO, the fish sticks and custard, is going on with me?"

" My dearest Doctor welcome to the fun of having what's known as the common cold." InvisibleBlade sniffled, desperately wanting to be able to breath again.

" Fun! How is this fun?" The mini Doctor exclaimed in a deeper than usual voice.

InvisibleBlade laughed, though the sound was far more nasally than it usually was, " You sound funny." She stated.

" No I don't! " He protested, " You're the one who sounds funny." His voice only deepened in pitch.

" Yeh, I know." InvisibleBlade sighed, fed up of being ill.

" ATCHOO! How _ ATCHo Lon Choo Long will this take to _ ATCH GRR go!" He yelled at the top of his lungs causing InvisibleBlade's head to once again throb.

" You know what would make me feel better?" InvisibleBlade asked him.

" What?" He retorted , a little annoyed.

" A hug." She grinned, " From you."

" Oh? Erm, ok" He replied, clearly a little taken aback, and ever so slightly embarrassed.

The TARDIS began to materialise in InvisibleBlade's room, and a moment later a very ill Timelord stumbled out the doors.

He walked ungracefully over to her bed, and rather awkwardly looped his arms around her, " I can see what you mean about a hug making you feel better. Ah, yes, hugs! Brilliant things." He sniffled.

InvisibleBlade smiled happily, " Thanks." She whispered into his brown mop of hair

" No problem. You are after all controlling me. I'm not real." He told her sadly.

" Yes, well these guys don't have to know that, do they?" She said, pointing at her laptop in front of her.

" Erm InvisibleBlade _ " He trailed off.

"What?" She questioned him.

Shaking his head, he muttered, " Never mind."

" Wanna watch some Who?" InvisibleBlade suggested, bored out of her mind.

" Sure. Why not? Anything's better than _ AH _ ACTCHOOO _ This." He slid underneath the covers, " You just watch and see. I don't get sick on the show. Not once."

" Yes but you're a metaphorical Doctor so you don't have such a good immune system." InvisibleBlade shrugged.

" I hate being a metaphorical Doctor!" He yelled.

" No you don't." She smiled. " And you never will."

" I suppose it's not all bad." He muttered under his breath, blushing ferociously.

" Now, what episode? There's so many to chose from." InvisibleBlade asked, glancing across her vast collection of DVD's.

" Closing time. Possibly one of my favourites! Good old Craig." He grinned like a maniac.

" Okey Dokey!" InvisibleBlade beamed back, a little bit more content than she had previously been. Yes , her mind was fogged by her cold, and it was impossible to write anything that that made the slightest sense, but here she was, hugging her metaphorical Doctor.

Erm … yeh. I have no excuse for this apart from the fact I really am ill, and I simply can't think straight without my head going all WAHHH! My poor metaphorical Doctor :(