"C'mon Charlotte! I've always wanted a dog." He said looking at his wife. She puts up an eyebrow. "Yeah the dream of every little boy. But Cooper now you are a grown-up so act like one!" She answered.

Cooper looked at her sadly. "Charlotte, dogs are so cute. And they love you like you are and they…"

"And they are dirty, annoying and loud" She completed his sentence.

"Oh Charlotte, don't be so pessimistic."

"No Cooper! No dog and this is my last word!" She said and wanted to walk away.

Cooper stopped her. "You're not going now. This conversation is not ever yet! It's my flat so I have to decide!"

"Don't forget I'm also living here. So if I say no, you're not going to buy a dog. If you do it, I'll move out" She told him.

Cooper sighed. "Charlotte, let's make a deal! We take a dog. Just for about one week. After that week you decide if you want the dog or not!"

Charlotte looked at his husband. "Okay that sounds good."

Two hours later Cooper brought home a little Border collie. "You're still at home honey?" He asked in the room, looking for Charlotte.

Charlotte appeared in the room. "I'm still here. Just waiting for you and the dog!" She said. Looking at the little dog.

"Isn't he cute?" Cooper asked.

"Actually he is. What's his name?"

"I didn't think about it. I wasn't sure you want to keep the dog so I didn't name him yet" He told her.

Charlotte shook her head. "Oh Cooper you couldn't call the dog a whole week just dog. Dog come here, dog go there, dog do this. Let's name him together"

Cooper looked at his wife. It seems that she likes the little dog.

"So first, is he a 'he' or a 'she'?" Charlotte asked.

"It's a boy!"

"Perfect. Then…how about Shadow? I mean he is black"

"And white" Cooper said

"Okay you don't like Shadow." She said.

Cooper smiled. "Well if you like it, I like it too"

"Don't you have an own opinion? I thought he is the dog not you" She answered and laughed.

Cooper also started laughing. "I have an own opinion. I like the name Evan"

Charlotte looked at the dog. "Cooper, it's a dog not a baby boy."

"Okay so not Evan. Why did we name him? I mean you don't want a dog if I remember right."

"Maybe I changed my opinion?" she said.

Cooper smiled. "Perfect. So we have dog now! And next step would be a baby."

"Don't talk about babies right now Coop, unless you want to argue again" she said strictly.

Cooper sighed. "Well then back to the dog."

"I have the perfect name! Let's name him Diamond!" she said

Cooper thought about the name. "Well this sounds great. Come here Diamond!"

The dog went over to the couch. He stopped right before Charlotte's feet. She looked at the dog. "Hi Diamond! How are you? You like the name, don't you?" She asked and looked at the dog happily.

So that's how they got a dog.

Hope you liked it :D