Cooper walked into the bedroom. Charlotte was already finished with packing her things. Cooper looked at the suitcases.

"Are you a little crazy? Two suitcases for a weekend-trip?" he asked her.

Charlotte put an eyebrow up. "No Coop I'm not crazy. One of the suitcases is for me and the other one is for Diamond" She answered.

"Diamond really needs an own suitcase?" Cooper asked.

"Sure. He needs his blanket, his toys, food, for emergencies a first-aid kit and not to forget his leash" She told Cooper.

He looked at her. "Perfect. I'm seeing us in a few years. A suitcase for the dog, a suitcase for the baby, a suitcase for me, a suitcase for you. Perfect." He said.

Charlotte rolled her eyes. "Come on Cooper it isn't that bad. You are acting like the plane will be too heavy just because of our things." She said.

Cooper kissed her softly. Suddenly Diamond went into the room. He stopped before the bed and started barking like he is crazy.

"Diamond what's wrong honey?" Charlotte asked the dog and started fondling him. Diamond didn't stop barking. Charlotte looked at Cooper. "I think something is wrong with him." She said.

Cooper also started fondling the dog. But anyway Diamond was barking. "Maybe he feels that something bad is going to happen" Cooper said nervously.

Charlotte looked at him. "Maybe he will tell us we should be a little faster if we want to catch our flight?" Charlotte suggested.

Cooper looked at her. "Maybe." He said and took the suitcases. Then he took his back bag and threw the things into the car. As he came back Diamond wasn't in the bed room anymore.

"Where is Diamond?" He asked Charlotte, who was in the bathroom.

"I don't know isn't he in the bedroom?" She asked.

"No he isn't" He answered.

Charlotte came out of the bathroom. "That is the reason why I never wanted a dog. If you are in a hurry you could be sure that the dog can't be found." She said and sighed.

"Yeah I know Charlotte you never wanted a dog blabla it's all my fault…blab la." Cooper said from under the bed.

"Maybe we should take the next flight." Charlotte said.

"The next flight goes tomorrow in the morning" Cooper answered.

"So what? Is this a problem?" Charlotte asked.

"No not really." Cooper said.

"Perfect then let's sit down on the couch and relax a bit" She said smiling.

Cooper kissed her cheek. "Okay" He answered and the went into the living room.

Two hours later Diamond suddenly came into the living room. "Diamond! We were looking for you! Where have you been?" Charlotte asked looking at the dog.

Diamond sat down in his dog basket.

Cooper looked at him. "Now it is too late. The plane just started" He said.

Charlotte looked at him. "No problem. Let's have an enjoyable evening." She said.

They watched TV the whole afternoon. At 8:15 pm the program was interrupted by a special message. The newscaster said: "Attention Attention! Special message. A tragedy happened just a moment ago. The flight number 0112872 crashed. The plane started burning immediately. The chance of finding people who survived the crash is minimal. My condolences to the relatives of the people on the plane…"

Charlotte trembled. Cooper was quite. He wasn't able to say anything. After a while Charlotte broke the silence. "That was the plan we should have been on" She said.

Cooper nodded. "I know."

"Diamond is our hero. If he had been found we were dead right now" Charlotte said and tears rolled down her cheek.

Cooper hugged her. "We are lucky ones today. And everything just because of Diamond…" He said.

Hope you liked the chapter. It is a bit of a drama. But I thought a lot about making Diamond to a hero. Please review!