Chapter 1

Another year at jump city high. I thought to myself, Starfire get up I heard my mother say but drifted back into my silent but soothing dream

"Get up loser"! scrame my older sister blackfire "okay" I said as I rolled my eyes, she acts like she driving me to school I mean I have my own car. So I get in my bathroom, shower , brush my teeth and get into my outfit im wearing my blue off the shoulder shirt that had a star on the front and put on some pink skinny jeans and my blue wedges . I grab my bag and get into white KIA soul. Im not so happy going back for my sophomore year at jump city high , but im a little happy because I get to see my boyfriend robin and all my friends. I pull up into the parking lot right next to robin's motorcycle. "Hey star" robin said getting off his motorcycle , "Hey Robin" I said as he gave me a long kiss and hug . "so you really missed me" I said "yep we didn't see each other all summer either I was grounded or you were" said robin "your right , and I really missed you" I said as we both grabbed hands . In the hallway we see Cy and Bee the two matchmakers of the group , I gave them both a hug. Then our friends Rae and Beast boy joined us holding hands. Rae and bb were like the ying and yang couple of the group, they were different from each other but that what makes them a perfect couple . I had more friends but these were my best friends. We were one of popular groups in jump city high We all had the same classes just like last year I love to hang out with my best friends in my class especially on the first day, that's usually when we have our free time in class. "so rob you taking star out tonight" said cy "yep" said robin "where are we going" I asked robin "it's a surprise" said robin. I hated surprises, but if it was one of robin's surprises I could wait. "Well people on Saturday me and cy were thinking that we could all go to the mall" said bee okay we all said . "Robbie poo" said the ugliest girl in school Kitten "kitten what do you want now?" asked robin sounding very annoyed, I was getting annoyed as well . "I thought I just say hi to my Robbie poo" said Kitten" look Kitten ,go away" said robin annoyed "No not until you say you love me" said Kitten both me and robin were getting more annoyed . "Kitten you have 2 seconds to step away from us" I said before I could count she was gone, I guess she is still scared of me from when I kicked her butt last year. "thanks star" said robin as he kissed me on the cheek . "that girl is crazy" said bb "I know she knows you will kick her butt star" said raven

"does that girl want her butt kicked again" said bee " well if she keeps coming over here she will" I said as we all busted out laughing. It was lunch ,

And kid flash , jinx, speedy and argent came over to the lunch table and sat down . "Hey mates" said Argent "hey guys" said Speedy , "hey love birds" teased cy

Both blushed and scooted over a little, "your faces are the color of star's hair" teased bee . we all knew speed and argent liked each other and kf and jinx liked each other too, anyone could see it but them at least. "so we were thinking mall Saturday" said bee sure said argent , jinx, kf and speed. "booyah" said cy .

"so I heard about kitten and your confrontation star" said jinx "yep she was being the annoying person she always is" I said feeding robin a French fry ,

"All man that's not news" said kf we all started to laugh. Our next class was history from old man madmod that's what we all called him all he taught us about was about his lame history no free time just old man mad mod teaching. "im happy to be out of his class" said robin as we all walked out of the class bored . so the rest of the classes went quick and were better than mods class. It was time to leave. "Robin what do I need to wear for our date " I asked because I didn't know if we were going some where fancy or not "casual" said robin as he kissed me "what time?" I said "just be ready in 20" said robin mysteriously I loved when he acted mysterious , so I got in my car and started to drive home my favorite song came on He said she said by Ashley Tisdale

I decided to start singing , I get out of my car and go in the house , "hey mom" I said "why you in a hurry" said my mom "I have a date with robin duh" said starfire . "how is Robin anyway" asked my mom , "you will see him in like 10 minutes you can ask him yourself mom" I said trying to go change before robin got there .Once I got in my room I showered and put on my blue skinny jeans and my purple crop top over a pink tank top and my pink and purple wedges and I grabbed my white sunglasses. When I came down the stairs the doorbell rang , just in time I thought as I walked over to the door and gave him a peck on the cheek "come in I'll be ready in 3 minutes I swear" I said "hi , how are you" asked robin "Im fine robin, how are you?" my mom asked "im good" said robin "im ready robin , and under 3 minutes" I said my mom waved at me and robin as we walked out of the door. I saw a Mercedes Benz ,

"robin is that Bruce's car" I asked "yep" said robin as he opened the door for me . We pulled up to his house , as I walked in I saw robin's butler at the door.

"hi Alfred" I said "hello starfire" said Alfred , I didn't allow him to call me miss it made me feel old . "hey starfire " said Bruce "hi Mr. Wayne" I said

"for the last time starfire you can call me Bruce" said Bruce "alright" said starfire "so Bruce were going to the movie room" said robin "alright" said Bruce

"what movie ?" I asked robin "Chucky" said robin smiling "you just want me to sit on your lap again" I said rolling my eyes " that was the plan" said robin

I roll my eyes and start to giggle I sit on his lap through the movie. After the movie we went and had dinner with Bruce and then he took me home.

"Goodnight robin love you " I said "night love you two" said robin as he kissed me. As I walked in the door my mom and dad were arguing again , normal. Ryan was playing video games , again normal . the last thing was for blackfire to start teasing me, 5,4,3,2,1 . "were you hanging with your loser boyfriend" said blackfire

"yes and robin is not a loser , Kevin is" I said talking about my older sisters boyfriend I left her standing there, normal.

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