Author's Note: I've been on a Fatal Frame kick lately. I've beaten the first one six times in a row in a day and a half, and now I've moved on to the second one. I was inspired to write this little drabble. Enjoy!

Disclaimer- Ivory Tears doesn't own Fatal Frame, nor does she profit from this work of fiction.



Mio cast a worried gaze towards her sister's sleeping form. Mayu had passed out as soon as the pair entered the Old Tree on the outskirts of the derelict village. Mio couldn't blame her; they were sucked into some hellish nightmare that seemed never ending.

"Mayu?" Mio called out hesitantly.

Mayu slumbered on, mumbling nonsense in her sleep.

Mio knelt down and stroked Mayu's hair, "I have to search for the rest of the pinwheel pieces, I shouldn't be gone long."

Standing up she let her worried gaze linger on Mayu a second longer, before facing one of the exits inside the tree. Taking a deep breath, Mio steeled herself for the hell that awaited her outside.


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