Author's note

Hi again, so here's the second chapter, hope you lot enjoy it. P.s. My cat says meooooww. (I think she's hungry)

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The room was silent for a moment before the gang, except for Phoebe and Joey, erupted with laughter.

"An invisible man?" Chandler joked "Someone's been watching one too many science fiction films."

"Maybe." Ross said "But in the notebook, the equations. I recognise them. I think they could actually turn someone invisible."

"How?" Monica asked.

"Well, monocane, which is what he used, reduces the refractive index of physical objects so light can't refract off it. Then, if you dip the object in a liquid of about the same refractive index, that should more or less turn it invisible. I don't know exactly how, it just does."

The gang just looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

"Well I believe you." Phoebe said.

"Why thank you Phebes." Ross smiled. At least one of them believed him.

Meanwhile, back at the university, a young man named Toni Cassady walked back into the physics lab. He'd just been around the university to try out his newly discovered invisibility, something he'd been working on for a few years. In fact, it was the reason physics was his major; he had easy access to the labs and chemicals. But now, finally, he'd managed to do it. He'd managed to turn himself invisible. He had no idea how long it would last, or how to reverse the effects if it was permanent but for now, he was just having fun.

When he walked over to his desk, (carefully, it was hard walking when you couldn't see your feet) he noticed his notebook had gone. He had been sure everyone had gone when he had snuck back after class. Maybe it was the old physics professor, he sometimes stayed late. He'd take care of him sooner or later but now he had to get home, or at least out of the university.

It was only on his way home when he first realised what he had done. He had turned himself invisible, just think of what I could do, he thought. The possibilities were endless. The only downside was that he could only go out when it was sunny. Any other time and people would be able to see the rain on him, or an outline perhaps. And he had to be naked. But now it was summer and in winter, so long as he found himself a long coat, some bandages and glasses he would be fine. It was worrying some mad professor had run off with his notes. He could have done with them really; he'd have to get them back.

After wandering the streets for a while, Cassady was starting to get hungry. As he passed a pretzel vendor he had a wicked idea. He tried to talk himself out of it but he was just too hungry and besides, no one knew who he was. He was invisible!

Later on that night, the gang was watching the news in Monica and Chandler's apartment.

'Police are confused by several incidents this evening where money has been stolen and people on the street have been robbed. The strange thing is that when the people felt something going in their purses, they turned around and no one was there and a bank clerk said he saw a pile of money floating through the air.'

Everyone looked at Ross.

"So, you weren't making it up." Rachel said.

"Apparently not." Ross replied. "I don't understand why he would rob people though, he was always good."

"Well, he's invisible. He doesn't really have to be worried about getting caught." Joey joined in.

"I guess." Ross said "I'll have a word with the head of the physics department tomorrow, see if he knows anything. I mean, he could turn dangerous."

But little did he know how dangerous it could become.