Chapter one: Doors

It started with the doors. The Doctor only slept for a few hours a night, and they usually occurred right after Rose went to bed. Later, he'd simply sit in his room reading, fiddling with devices, or simply drawing. However, the first night caught him while he was asleep.

His bedroom door loudly flew open, rousing him harshly. He sleepily yanked himself out of bed, yawning slightly, and padded over to the open door. When he reached the doorway, he saw Rose in the doorway of her bedroom, which was directly across the hall. Her hair was a mess, she had on no makeup, and her flannel pajamas were a few sizes too big. The Doctor couldn't help being taken with her.

"You too?" he asked.

"What?" she yawned.

"The door."

"Right, yeah."

He pondered what it could mean, hoping that something wasn't terribly wrong. "For the doors to open on their own accord, it would take a malfunction in the electrosonic thermopascal autogage. False readings had to be sent to the gravitational holding lever, causing it to release. That, or we aren't alone on this ship."

Rose had already closed the door somewhere in the middle of his speech, and she had gone back to bed. The Doctor spent the night checking the readings, autogages and levers, and scanning the entire ship for intruders. Everything came back as normal. He decided it must have been a freak shift in space itself to cause an increase in pressure and heat, activating the doors. But, for once, the Doctor couldn't be more wrong.

The next night at almost the exact same time, the doors woke them both again. He went to the doorway and so did Rose. She looked even sleepier than usual, and her hair was sticking up all over the place. "What is going on, Doctor?" she grumbled. "I know you don't need sleep 'cause you're a superior species and all, but I'm not. I need my beauty rest and don't say anything smart about that."

"Somebody's cranky," he grinned. "You humans always get so testy when you're sleep deprived. It's so…" he stopped himself before he said adorable.


"Interesting. Go on then. Rest your eyes. I'll wake you when I make breakfast."

She smiled. "Can we have bubble and squeak?"

"If I can find last night's leftovers," he nodded. "Well, I should say if the TARDIS can find last night's left overs."

He beamed at the expression on her face. That was the most awake she had looked. "Goodnight, Doctor."

"Night, Rose."

For a week, every night at the same time, the doors would open. The Doctor stopped sleeping at that point, waiting to see if it would happen again. Rose would lie awake in anticipation, adjusting her hair before the doors would screech in the night. They'd meet in the doorways and talk about breakfast or where and when they'd like to visit next. Eventually, they would say goodnight and close their doors, leaning against them to catch their breath and smile. That's when things escalated.

The doors opened like they usually did, and the Doctor happily strutted to his door to see Rose. She was already there and smirked when she saw him. "Happened again, Doctor."

"Yes, I see that…" he responded, smiling gently at her. Suddenly, the TARDIS began to shake and the entire ship drastically tilted. The Doctor went sliding across the hall into Rose's room. She slipped into the wall, falling flat on her behind. She caught him as he tumbled into her. He landed in her lap and she held onto him tightly. The door slammed shut and the ship was calm. "This is…new."

"What do you think happened?" Rose inquired, absentmindedly running a hand through his hair.

"I don't know. I really don't."

He popped up and marched to the door, attempting to open it. It wouldn't open. He tried again and it still wouldn't open. He reached into his pocket for his sonic screwdriver.

"You sleep with that?" Rose chortled.

"Well. Yeah. You always have to be prepared, Rose. You never know when you might get locked in a room in the middle of the night."

He used it on the door. It opened an inch, slamming in his face. He tried again. It opened an inch, slamming even harder into his face. He glanced at the sonic screwdriver and then at the door. It dawned on him. The TARDIS was doing this on purpose. He decided to keep that bit of information to himself for the time being.

"Looks like I'm stuck in here for the night," he announced. "My guess is that there's a temporary power failure. Just needs to charge up and I will be gone by morning."

"How come your sonic screwdriver isn't working?" Rose frowned nervously. It always worked on everything.

He could tell she was worried, so he told a fib yet again. "The TARDIS has a natural defense against sonic tools. Was worth a shot anyway."

"Why's that?"

"Honestly, no clue. Just is what it is," he shrugged, plopping onto her bed. He looked at the comforter. It was different than the last time he had been in her room, which was a long while. "Where'd you get this bed set? It's new, isn't it?"

"Not really new, but yeah I suppose since you've been in here."

He leaned down until his nose was touching the fabric. He tried to ignore that it smelled like her. "Are those flowers on there or little swirly dotty things? I can't tell without my glasses."

She laughed and sat down beside him. "Flowers. These are mine from when I was about thirteen years old. Got them from Mum's place."

"I get it. Flowers. Rose. All makes perfect sense. Your bed is like a garden! Hope you don't mind sharing it for tonight?"

"No," she was a little too quick to answer, so she tried to play it down. "I mean, yeah it's fine. Not like we have a choice."

They both stretched out on the bed, side by side. He felt something in his back and accidentally discovered a small teddy bear under the sheets. She turned blood red and he got a cheeky expression. He held it triumphantly. "Rose Tyler, have you been hiding this from me?"

"It's a teddy bear from when I was little, all right? Give it here."

He moved it out of her reach. "I quite like him. Or her. What is the teddy's name?"

"What makes you think I named it?"

"Oh, just a hunch. Come on, Rose. Out with it."

"No. I don't want to—"

"You can tell me!" he assured her, holding the teddy bear next to his face. He put on his best teddy bear voice. "The Doctor wants to know my name, Rose. Tell him!"

She folded her arms with a huff. "Fine, but you can't laugh or make fun of me. I was six years old when I got him. Remember that. It's…Mr. Edward Edgar Elmer Elton Edison Tedison Teddy Thomas…the Third. But I call him Ed."

He lit up and looked at the worn teddy bear. "Hello, Ed. I'm the Doctor."

"That's it? No teasing me?" she said in amazement.

"I could if you'd like, but no. I think that's a fitting name," he tucked the teddy bear under his arm and turned on his side. "Goodnight, Rose. Ed."

Her smile wouldn't disappear as she murmured, "Goodnight, Doctor."

She turned on her side and the ship began to quiver. Rose was on the edge, as it was a small bed, and she was about to fall. She let out a small squeak and the Doctor hurriedly spun around and caught her, pulling her close to his chest. The ship stopped shaking.

"What is going on?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, well, you were going to fall so I took a hold of you and pulled you back in. I'm only holding on in case it does happen again, but I'll let go if—"

"Not that," she laughed. "I meant the TARDIS shaking."

"Right, of course," he said sheepishly, "that. I don't know, actually."

He let go of her waist and the ship started to shift around once more. He put his arm back around her and it stopped. It became very clear. He lifted his arm and the ship rattled, so he placed a single finger on Rose's hip and it calmed down. A smirk appeared. He understood. But, he wouldn't tell his companion that just yet.

"Looks like we'll have to stay like this 'til morning," he sighed, passing Ed the teddy bear to Rose. She was glad that the Doctor was behind her and couldn't see the grin upon her lips that made her look as daft as a school girl. She hugged Ed with one arm and put the other on top of the Doctor's, holding the hand about her waist. "Night, Doctor."

He nuzzled into her blonde hair, inhaling the scent of fruity shampoo. "Night."

They both fell asleep comfortably, but after a few hours the Doctor had more than enough rest. He glanced at the door to see if it had opened, but it hadn't. "C'mon," he whispered to the TARDIS. "I get it. You can open the door now." Nothing happened. "You never take me where I want to go and now you won't even let me leave the room? After all our journeys, you'd think that you could be a little more reasonable."

Rose stirred at the sound of his voice. He glared at his ship. "Now you've done it. You've woken her."

But, it hadn't. She was still sound asleep and snoring softly. He wasn't aware that he was smiling at her. There she was in flannel, wrapped in layers of flowery sheets, clinging to a teddy bear, and wearing a peaceful expression. He dare not wake her, so he continued to hold on and let his mind wander as Rose Tyler rested beside him. It was hard for him to admit, but he could get used to this. The TARDIS would be sure of it.