"Waving off flies?"

"Shad up!"

"Redirecting traffic?"

"I said shad up Vince!"

"Directing an orchestra?"

"I swear ta Shiva ya better shad up!"

"Signing someone who is not just deaf but has really poor eyesight?"

"Ya think yer so fucking funny, don't ya?"

"Drawing an invisible painting?"


"Stretching for the elderly?"

"That's it, yer going down!"

Avalanche watched with some confusion as Cid threw himself over Vincent with a roar, trying to wrestle the taller man to the ground. The pilot was twice as broad as Vincent, but Vincent was a lot taller and stronger than he looked; not only did Cid's charge fail but he ended up clinging to Vincent's back while the stoic man kept on walking. The effect was that Cid looked a lot like a child riding piggy back.

"Get me down, Vince!"

"No. My hair is messy. If I give you a comb you might straighten it out for me the next time you attempt to cast magic."

"Yer such a prick!"

A/N: When Cid attempts magic or a summoning he waves his right hand around all over the place. Compared to everyone else who just raises their hands (or snouts) he looks distinctively hysteric. XD