Day 1 - September 10, 2012


Sadie sprung forward from her bed bolting straight up.

Realizing the sun was beaming into her room a lot more then it should be for it being 8:00 am. She looked over at her clock and it was 8:52. She had a class at 9 that she had to be at for a test.

She lunged out of her bed, normally she would wake up, shower, make her bed, put on make up and eat some breakfast along with a nice cup of coffee.

But today she said to hell with that and just grabbed her bags and ran out the door leaving everything behind.

Sadie was not your normal partying college girl. She loved to stay in and read, she always had a book in her hand. not the fiction kind she was always reading about politics, history or anything in that area. She loved to learn and she felt that in her life all she wanted to do was learn about everything.

She's also not much of an athlete but today she sure was running across campus like she was Usain Bolt. Her dark brown hair was a complete mess and it was making it worse when the wind kept blowing it all over her face causing her to slow down a bit before she tripped over something.

Finally she made it to the door to her classroom. she slowly opened the door like she was afraid what was on the other side. She poked her head.

"Ahh Ms. Moore. I was a little worried when you weren't the first one in the room today. I was sure you were abducted by aliens cause I know that had to be the only explanation for you not being in class to take your test today"

The class had to snicker to the professors response.

"Sorry sir, I have no excuse what came over me today"

"That's quite alright Ms. Moore..Now have a seat so we can get this test underway"

The professor looked her over and noticed her face is red and that her breathing is heavy.

"Would you like a cup of water?"
She nodded yes and he brought her over a glass of water to which she gulped down.

Sadie has always liked Professor Berbatov. He was one of the few nice teachers around. Everybody had loved that guy.


After she had finished her test she let out a huge sigh of relief. She knew this test (much like the others) was a piece of cake, just making sure that she was going to be there on time was the part that made her worry the most.

She handed in her test and smiled at Professor Berbatov and she grabbed her bags and left the classroom.

She glanced up at the clock tower that was on campus and noticed it was almost 11 am. Knowing that her boyfriend was still in class until 1 she decided to enjoy the North Carolina cool breeze on the September day.

Originally from Florida she accepted a college scholarship to Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Her parents both drove her up there and helped her move into her dorm. It was a tearful goodbye. First time she ever, that she had lived away from her parents. She loved them both very much.

Sadie sat down on a nearby bench and pulled out a book from her bag, some boring political book that would bore most.

When she starts reading she goes into her own little world and forgets what's happening around her. She sat there getting carried away with her reading she had forgotten what time it was.

It was 1:30 and her boyfriend Stephen had been out of class for 30 minutes now. She packed up her stuff and walked down to his apartment which was on campus.


Sadie walked down the halls of Stephen's apartment building, passing a few other students on the way. Always with her head down and not making eye contact, she was always that shy girl.

She came up to Stephens door and knocked. Fixing her hair while she waited for him to answer.

"Hey there Beautiful"

She looked up from smoothing at her dress and smiled back at Stephen.

"I need a hug.." She said with a pouty face.

"Everything alright?"

She wrapped both her arms around him. "Now I am"

He let out a small chuckle.

"What happen?"

"Nothing serious, I just woke up late and literally ran across campus so I wouldn't miss my text"

He led her inside and as soon she was in he shut the door behind him and brought her closer to him. Giving her some of the deepest kisses.

"Well I feel much better" She went back to kissing him.

Things started to heat up, She even jumped up into his arms wrapping his legs around his waist. He carried her over to the couch all while still kissing each other.

He gently laid her down on the couch, now on top he started to give her even more deeper kisses. Bringing his hand up her shirt, touching her bare skin. It caused her to shiver.

He pulled his hand out and started to unbutton her shirt, exposing her stomach and bra.

Things were about to get started until Julius came barging into the apartment.

Sadie covered herself up with her shirt as fast as possible before Julius could see anything. But I don't think he really payed attention to what was going on in the room, he ran straight to their bathroom while holding onto his hand.

Stephen looked back at Sadie and saw the same confused look on her face.

"Let me go see if he's okay" He got up and walked over to the bathroom and saw his roommate Julius with his hand under the water faucet washing off what looked like blood from his hand.

"Is that blood?!"

"Yes it fucking is"

"What the hell happened?"

"You know that fucking Venezuelan kid, Eddie?"


"Well I late for my western civics class so i took a shortcut through the graham building. When out of nowhere he jumps in front of me and starts attacking me fucker even and bit my hand" He told his story with built up anger.

"What the fuck for?"

"I don't know! I didn't stop to ask him!"

Meanwhile Stephen started to laugh.

"Dude it's not fucking funny, it hurts like hell" Stephen started to feel bad so he shut up with the laughing.

"You're right, i'm sorry. So what did you do to him?"

"I kicked his ass is what I did, but the little fucker kept coming back for more"

"Really?" Stephen said with a confused look. "I never took him as the guy to wanna fight let alone to keep coming back for more"

"Yeah me neither, especially when i've only said 2 damn words to him in the 3 years we been at this school"

"Did you ever go to class?"

"No, I came back here to clean this up. Starting to get a headache. Think i'm gonna take a shower and lay down. It's been one crazy fucking day"

"You should probably get that checked out"

"I'll be okay, it already stopped bleeding"

"Okay man, take it easy" He pats Julius on the back and walks back into the living room where Sadie was sitting patiently.

"Everything okay?" Sadie asked.

"Yeah he's fine he just got mugged" He said with a smile.

"How is that funny?"

"It's who attacked him is what's funny" He looked down at her shirt "Awww you buttoned your shirt up?"

"Umm yeah, there was another guy in the room"

"Well if thats the case lets take this back to my room then" He said as he grabs her hands and leads her to his bedroom. Sadie giggles the entire way there.


Few Hours later and after a very steamy sex session the couple had been sleeping. The sun was starting to set and Stephen had his arms wrapped around Sadie in a spooning position.

In the distance there was a banging sound that can be heard. It had woken up Stephen, he looks around in his room trying to adjust his eyes from waking up.

He looked down at Sadie and smiled as he gave her a kiss on the forehead as she was still passed out.

He heard the banging noise again, so he stood up only wearing his boxers. He opened his bedroom door to go find out what the noise was coming from.

He looks down at the end of the hall and see's Julius standing at the front door banging on it. Stephen starts to rub his eyes from sleeping and looks again.

"The hell?" He said as he walked a little closer.

"Baby what's that noise?" Sadie said popping out from the bedroom as she wrapped her arms around a shirtless Stephen.

Her voice was loud enough to where Julius caught their attention. He slowly turns around to face the pair. The duo look him over and his eyes are a bloodshot red and his skin was blue like he was freezing cold.

"Julius you look like shit...are you alright?" Stephen said as he jogged over to him and put his arms around his neck to help him stand.

"Sadie can you get a blanket from the close-ahhh!" Stephen screamed as Julius took a bite out of his shoulder.

He screams in agony and drops to the floor holding onto his shoulder to stop the bleeding.

Sadie screams into her hands as she puts them over her mouth. Julius looks over at Sadie and begins to stumble down the hallway. Shocked she continues to stand there.

As he started to get closer she heard Stephen on the floor yell out "RUN SADIE! GET IN THE ROOM AND SHUT THE DOOR!"

She runs back down the hallway back towards Stephens room, with Julius hot on her trail. She runs into his room and tries to slam the door shut but Julius had just stuck half his body through the doorframe.

She tries to shut the door but he is too strong for her. She looks around the room and notices that Stephen's closet door is wide open, she makes a dash to his closest and closes the door behind as quickly as possible before Julius as the chance to stumble into the room.

She cowers into the corner of the closest crying uncontrollably. Julius hears her crying and starts to claw at the closest door. with every clawwing and banging he does it's bounce to break the door.

She cries harder with every bang. Finally he breaks enough to stick his head through a hole in the door. trying his best to snap at Sadie but she's too far into the closest for him to reach.

But he kept getting closer and closer that she could feel him in her face when all of a sudden she heard a loud slam. She looked up and saw Julius blue face and his head fall back out of the hole and then a loud thud.

She peered into the hole and saw his body on the floor and saw Stephen standing over him with a bat in his hand on the good side of his arm.

Stephen pissed off, slings the bat from behind his shoulder and swings at his body again.

"Mother!" he hits him one more time, This one across the skull. "Fucker!"

He stands over him breathing heavily.

"Look what you fucking made me do!" He screamed at his once best friends motionless body.

Stephen looks over towards the closet and see's Sadie peering out to see what had happened, noticing she's in shock he rushes over while wincing in pain to make sure she is okay.

"Are you alright baby?"

She just nods

"It's okay he can't hurt you anymore"

She looks at Stephens shoulder to see the wound.

"Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks" He Hugs her tight and she start to sob some more.

After awhile he lets go of her. " Come on, lets go to the living room, you don't need to be staring at that" He grabs his cell phone from the ngiht stand as he walks out the door.

"Better call the police" He helps a shocked Sadie towards the living room and guides her towards the couch.

Holding onto his shoulder he dials 911 onto his cell phone. He puts the phone to his ear and afterwhile he looks at his phone with a strange look.

"'s busy"

Well there you go guys. the first chapter to my Zombie story. It's just something that's been rattling in my head for awhile and i'd thought i better turn it into a story. i'm just doing this for fun and to entertain. please enjoy and also to REVIEW. Thanks

- Madison