The night was rough on everyone, their nerves stretched to the max. Not sure if anyone got any sleep after what had happened when only half the group came back to get supplies. But everyones mind was more on the deaths of Craig and Shawn.

The following morning at 9:00 A.M everyone was walking up the metal stairs heading towards the roof to have a memorial service for the two deaths of their fellow survivors, Craig and Shawn.

Derek is walking side by side with Russell, walking out the door stepping outside on the roof. He looks up at the soldier standing next to him with his gun hanging from his shoulder.

"I was gonna ask if your were gonna a gun salute or something.." He pauses for a second and then looks back up at him again. "Then I thought you might need those bullets so...never mind" Derek runs off and joins the group.

Russell watches as he heads off. A smirk appears on his face. Russell is the last man to join the group of the other survivors.

Everyone is standing in a circle. Some of the girls have flowers that they had set in the middle.
Everyone is silent, not sure where to start. Every man, woman and child are standing there with their heads down staring at the ground.

Corey looks at everyone and decides he should begin, so he jumps in.

"I'm not sure how to start these things" He said looking at everyone in the eye. Still at a loss for words. "As you all know we lost two of our own yesterday" He runs a hand over his rugged face thinking of how to continue on.

"I never really got the chance to talk with Craig. But based on his actions the other day I can honestly say that he is a brave man...and will do anything for his family" He said looking at Craig's younger brother Charlie who is staring at the ground being comforted by Sarah. "...Even risking his own life"

"...Shawn..." He started but certainly didn't know how to finish it. "...Well me and him never really did see eye to eye." He wanted to finish it he really did, but he had just given up.

"Maybe I'm not the one that should be honoring Shawn...Does anyone else wanna say something?"

He looks around at the group. Everyone else also looks around at each everybody else. Corey can tell from everyones expression on their face that nobody else knows what to say.

"Maybe we should just end it here...Amen" Corey said calling quits.
Everyone starts to spread out making way towards the door. The girls place a couple of flowers down and follow in suit.

"I have something I would like to say!" Everyone was standing right in front of the door, They all stop and turn around looking in the direction they heard the voice come from.

Standing there on the edge next to the ladder is Shawn. His once white T-Shirt is now covered in dried blood. His long wavy brown hair that is hanging in front of his face also has dried blood matted into his hair.

"Shawn?" Corey said with his jaw dropping to the ground.

"What? Surprised to see me?" Shawn said giving him a glare. He notices that all eyes are on him so he decides to address his audience. "Wow. Already theirs a funeral for me"

"We thought you were dead" Corey says to the young man standing in front of him.

"Dead?...Yeah well I thought so too when I saw you two driving off leaving me there alone." He then hops off the ledge and continues on. "...Somehow I managed to survive" He said through his teeth.

"You didn't answer the radio" Russell pipes in.

"I'm sorry I didn't take a 5 second break from 40 flesh eating creatures that were attacking me to answer your phone call" He said trying to hold back his anger the best he could.

"Were you bitten?" Sarah asks.

"No. I was not" Shawn says directly.

"Then whose blood is that?" Sarah asked looking at his blood covered shirt.."Wheres Craig?"

Shawn looks down at his blood drenched shirt and then back at Sarah. She covers her mouth with her hands, she now understand that the blood on his shirt once belonged to Craig. Kelsey buries her face into Jays chest.

Sadie does the same with Katie, directing her face away from Shawn, and Sadie looks down at the ground.

I'm sorry we left you" Russell says sincerely.

"Sorry?" Shawn says grinding his teeth. He then whips out his pistol and points it at Russell and Corey switching back and forth between the two.

Everyone takes a step back as they are horrified.

"I should shoot you both right here right now!" He says shouting out at the two men. "But since I only have one bullet left in my gun. I'm torn on deciding who I should put down" He said.

Everyone stares at him, scared at what he might do. There he is gripping onto his gun ready to pull the trigger and then...

"I'm gonna go clean up" He says as he lowers his gun. He begins to walk off but stops suddenly with his back facing the group he says...

"Oh and here are the kids meds" He says dropping the bag on the ground not even looking back as he walks off and back inside, leaving everyone completely stunned...