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Chapter 1

Paula walked towards the car as the rain-soaked the hospice car park. She was exhausted, the night shift had been emotionally and physically draining. All she wanted to do was pick up Little Gerry and go home. She smiled as she saw the young junior doctor that was walking towards her.

"Night Paula." He smiled as she reached her car.

"Yeah, night Dan." She smiled at the bubbly blonde doctor who was still too new to be exhausted. She remembered the way she was when she first qualified. Every day had been a chance to learn, to be the best nurse and she knew Dan felt the same way. She waved as he walked away, seemingly unaware that the rain was soaking him. She got in the car and started the engine. After the day she had all she wanted was a large bar of dairymilk and a cup of tea.


"So." Sandra stood in front of the team as she spoke. "1999, thirty-two year old nurse Debbie Ann Lloyd was found dead in the grounds of the local private hospital."

"I remember this case." Gerry shook his head sadly. "Pretty girl."

"Wasn't anyone arrested?" Jack asked as he looked at the photo of the victim.

"No." Sandra sighed. "She was killed somewhere else and dumped in the hospital grounds. Cause of death was given as strangulation but while a number of men were arrested none were charged."

"Didn't they pull the boyfriend in?" Brian took his glasses off as Sandra nodded.

"Yeah." She folded her arms. "Poor bloke was distraught, had to be sedated. Terry Morgan was a junior doctor at the hospital. Worked in care of the elderly mainly but also did some work in A&E. At the time Debbie was killed he was away on a course in Scotland. Solid alibi. A porter at the hospital was questioned but nothing came of it."

"So, why are you wanting to reopen the case?" Gerry looked at his friend over the top of the paper.

"Strickland." Sandra sighed. "He says that the forensic unit has been looking at cold cases and this case id practically frozen. Apparently there is a blood splatter on her uniform that doesn't match Debbie and neither does it match anyone that was brought in for questioning at the time."

"Right." Jack got to his feet. "In that case I need a cuppa."


"What?" He turned and faced his friends.

"You alright with this? You don't look too good." Gerry watched as he shrugged his shoulders. Sandra turned and faced Jack as Gerry spoke.

"Oh God." She stepped towards Jack as he clutched his chest. "Brian, call an ambulance."

"I'm fine. Sandra please." Jack loosened his tie as he spoke. Gerry raised an eyebrow.

"You don't look it mate." He sat his friend down and began searching in his desk.

"What are you doing?" Sandra snapped.

"Looking for aspirin. I remember our Paula saying something about aspirin and heart attacks. Dun ask me what but she definitely said something." He grabbed the small bottle and handed it to Jack. "Have one of these."


"Just listen. Please." Sandra held Jack's hand while Brian talked to the ambulance. She just prayed it would be in time.


Gerry sat on the plastic chair in the A&E waiting room while Brian went to call Esther. He knew his friend was trying to do something productive and Esther would want to know. It was Sandra he was more worried about.

"Guv?" He looked at the blonde woman sat next to him and sighed. He knew Jack and Sandra had always been close; even when she found out that it was Jack that had intended to arrest her father before he had died. Everyone knew Jack and Mary had been surrogate parents to her.

"Yeah?" She sighed.

"You ok?" He touched her hand as she smiled slightly.

"Everyone keeps asking me that these days." She looked at their joined hands. "It's Jack we should be worried about."

"Yeah." Gerry agreed. "Eh, this is the 'ospital that our victim worked in. Ain't it?"

"Yeah." She looked away as Gerry spoke. "Didn't your Paula work here once?"

"Trained here." Gerry nodded. "Before she moved to the hospice."

"Right." Sandra looked around as the doors to the treatment rooms opened.

"FAMILY OF JACK HALFORD?" A young nurse yelled as Sandra got to her feet.

"Yes, that's us." She walked towards the nurse as Gerry sent up a silent prayer it was good news and followed her.


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