Notes: I love Tim and Abby, so I decided to write something with them as the main characters. I hope you like it!

Tim squinted as the sun shone through his bedroom window. He rubbed his eyes and looked over at his alarm clock. His eyes went wide when he saw that it was 0730. He was a half hour late, and Gibbs was going to kill him. He jumped out of bed and started rummaging around for something to wear. As he threw his closet doors open, he heard a distinctly female sound, coming from his bed. Holding a shirt and slacks, he turned around to identify the voice, and his face went ashen. Abby was asleep in his bed, and she wasn't wearing any pajamas.

Tim dressed quickly and frantically went over to Abby's side of the bed, shaking her awake.

"Abby! Get up!" Abby stirred and smiled at Tim when she opened her eyes.

"Hey there," she said in an almost sultry tone.

"Abby, I'm over a half hour late, and Gibbs is going to kill me if he finds out why!"

"Then don't tell him, silly," she said, reaching for her clothes to dress.

"You know I can't lie to Gibbs," he said, trying not to freak out. "How did this happen?" he said, starting to pace while Abby dressed.

"I think you know how, Tim…"

"That isn't funny."

Abby finished dressing and Tim bolted into the living room to get his badge and gun out of his desk drawer.

"Come on, Abby! I still have to take you to your car!"

Abby came out of the bedroom with her coat on.

"Will you relax? I'll ride in with you, and you can take me to get it later."

"Gibbs is going to kill me, then bring me back and kill me again," Tim said, in full panic mode.

"Gibbs will never know, Tim, because you're going to calm down and take me to work, and you're going to go about your day like nothing happened last night, okay?"

Tim took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Okay." His cell rang, and he jumped a mile. He tensed up when he saw that it was Gibbs calling. Shaking, he answered it. "H-hello?"

"McGee! Where in the hell are you!"

"I'm on my way now, B-Boss… there was a power surge and my alarm clock reset overnight and—"

"Stop stammering, McGee! We have a body at Rock Creek Park. You'd better be there in 10 minutes or—"

"Yes, Boss," Tim said quickly and hung up. He looked at Abby. "I have to go to a crime scene. What is Gibbs gonna say when I show up with you there?"

"Let me worry about Gibbs. Come on, before he really does kill you." Abby took him by the coat and led him out of the apartment.


Tim had never driven that fast in his life. He made it to Rock Creek Park with two minutes to spare. Gibbs and the rest of the team were already there. He'd barely made it halfway across the park before Gibbs crossed his path and head slapped him.

"Get to work, McGee. Bag and tag. Don't be late again."

"Yes, Boss." Tim set his bag down and started to work on bagging evidence. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Abby talking with Gibbs. He hoped she'd come up with a good explanation for her presence. He focused on the evidence he was gathering, and tried to forget the previous night. He and Abby had gone to see the new Batman movie. They'd gone back to his place and ordered a pizza afterward and opened some wine, and made jokes about how bad the movie was. Before he knew it, they were in his bed. It was like old times. Last night felt normal for him, and he wished he could do it with her again, but he knew it wasn't going to happen.

"McGee!" Gibbs' shouting brought him out of his trance. "You done with that bag and tag yet?"

"Almost, Boss."

"Get a move on!"

"Yes, Boss."

Tim finished his work and loaded everything into the back of the NCIS van. Gibbs glared at him as he made his way back to his car. Maybe he knows… nah, he can't know, can he?

Abby was leaning against the car, waiting for him. He got into the car without a word, and she followed suit.

"What did you say to Gibbs?" he asked nervously.

"I told him my car broke down and you stopped to pick me up. He believed me."

"Abby, your apartment is across town. There would be no way of me picking you up on the way to this crime scene. It's in the opposite direction from your apartment!"

"Will you relax? It'll be fine. If you keep acting like that, he's going to find out for sure." She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. "I want you alive for tonight," she said seductively.


"Why not?"

"Rule 12," Tim stated simply, turning into the Navy Yard.

"Since when has Rule 12 applied to you and me?"

"Since I was promoted to Gibbs' team. It's his rule."

"Exactly." She had a mischievous grin on her face.

"What are you thinking, Abby Sciuto?" Tim said, smiling, as he parked his car. She leaned over and kissed him passionately. He was taken off guard, but relaxed into it a few seconds later.

"Let's break Rule 12," he said, a mischievous grin of his own forming. She smiled and got out of the car. He followed suit and locked up his car.

"Get that lipstick off your face before you get to the squad room," she said, handing him a tissue from her purse. Tim wiped at his face until he was sure the lipstick was gone. He and Abby got into the elevator together. It took a lot of restraint to not kiss her there in the elevator. It dinged at her lab and she got out, winking at him as the doors closed. His heart fluttered with excitement as the elevator continued to the squad room. Breaking Rule 12 was going to be fun.

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