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...The Exciter...

"You realise he's going to say no, right?" Hidan wasn't really asking, he and Pein, they both knew Sasori is going to say 'no'.

"I'm going to force him if need be... this would be the fifth time he refuses, I won't have it."

Hidan was snickering about Pein's important tone, but all and all he could understand his orange haired friend.

Sasori was their friend and this indeed was the fifth weekend they both went to Sasori's place trying to convince Sasori that it's a good idea to go and hang out with them.

Knocking on Sasori's apartments door Hidan couldn't help but notice Pein's determined face.

Hidan was rather sure that Pein had a crush on Sasori and he didn't see why it wouldn't work out, Pein was a handsome guy, he had his quirks but everyone has them and Sasori wasn't a sunshine either, so if anything those two would nicely complete each other. There was just one slight difficulty.

Sasori was not gay.

Hidan and Pein both were and they didn't hide it, everyone knew including Sasori... but as Sasori put it he didn't give a damn with who they were sleeping and where they like to stick their junk as long as they don't rub his face in it.

Hidan still remembered Pein staring at Sasori with huge eyes, mouth twitching oddly as if Pein would have wanted to burst out in maniacal laughter.

But that's how the matter was left.

Sasori opened the door looking at them blankly before the redhead motioned that they could move inside, which they did.

Hidan went straight for the kitchen where he helped himself to a cold drink from out of the fridge, he heard Pein and Sasori exchange few words in the living room before he joined them there.

His purplish eyes taking in the expected scene of Sasori hardly paying attention to Pein and Pein snobbishly explaining how it was the weekend and a time to relax, Sasori didn't look excited, the redhead was obviously in a mood for some boring activity like reading or whatever Sasori did to entertain himself on a Friday night.

Apparently Pein had enlightened Sasori of their plans while he was in the kitchen, Sasori's little nose was twitching like that whenever they tried to persuade the redheaded to join some activities that seemed doubtful to Sasori's liking. Like going clubbing or drinking or generally having a good time.

"Why do you always persist Pein, I said no! I need to-..."

"You need what? What? c'mon Sasori, it will be fun!" at Pein's pleading tone Hidan could see Sasori's resolve wavering, he went for the couch where the delicate redhead had seated himself and brushed his big hand in the crimson locks, receiving an angry hiss and a jerk of Sasori's shoulders.

"Yeah Sasori, it will be fun."


And Hidan was right... it was fun.

After three hours he found himself at the bar, they were in a gay club of all places, Sasori hadn't wanted to come, nah Pein had to literally drag the little grumpy bundle inside where Pein and Hidan nicely drowned Sasori's brain in whiskey watching the large eyes cloud with uncaring intoxication.

Hidan wasn't better, his brain was mush and he was having odd thoughts of everyone that lingered in his vision for more than five seconds. Like the lean black haired guy he spotted half an hour ago...

But he kept an eye on Sasori and Pein as well just in case those two did something stupid. Hidan smirked seeing Pein's arm around Sasori's shoulders...sure, Sasori hadn't wanted to drink or come here in the first place but now it seemed that Sasori was having a great time.

The usually pale face was flushed slightly, Sasori's crimson hair mused and Sasori's hand was on Pein's arm, Pein didn't look like he minded. Actually to Hidan it seemed that his orange haired friend was pleased with Sasori's state.

If Hidan judged right then Pein was just as trashed as him and Sasori.

When Sasori started giggling for whatever Pein had said Hidan's violet eyes grew wide. First time for everything it would seem, he didn't even know Sasori was able to produce such a sound.

Pein's reaction to it was even better than Hidan's intoxicated one, Pein stared...and stared and then grabbed Sasori's arm and led the redhead outside where the music wasn't trying to damage ones ears.

Hidan wasn't sure why he followed, but he follow he did.

When he caught on to his two best friends and found them in a dark corner of the garden, with whiskey glass in one hand Hidan's other hand automatically went for his jean pocket fishing out his cell phone.

His face had no real expression on it... simply because he didn't know how to react to what he was witnessing.

Pein was standing there with the back against the wall, a smug expression on the handsome and piercing decorated face looking at a surely drunk Sasori and Hidan was sure their crimson haired friend hardly realised why or where he was.

But apparently Sasori realised with whom he is, the delicate hands were fisting Pein's shirt on the chest as Sasori's luscious lips let out Pein's name in a breathy whisper.

That whisper made Hidan's breath hitch and he was not the one with a crush for the redhead.

But the reason why Hidan was getting his phone out of his pocket was Pein's hand that was rubbing Sasori's black jean clad crotch.

So that's why the breathy whisper... Hidan's face was slowly turning dumbstruck.

His jaw hit the floor when Pein smirking pushed on Sasori's shoulders, forcing the lithe redhead down on the knees.

Since Pein was using force Hidan was about to go there and punch Pein if need be, but Sasori's big reddish brown eyes looking up at Pein while the redhead rubbed the bulge on Pein's pants stopped him.

This was not happening. He was drunk and this was his delirium... had to be.

Because there was no way in hell Sasori would do something like that, there was no way in hell Pein in his right mind would grin like that while watching down on his friend, fingers curling into crimson silky locks while Sasori undid Pein's jeans.

Hidan shook his head, but the vision of Sasori's little hands pulling Pein's hard cock out of the clothe prison didn't disappear. On the contrary it got only more believable because of the sounds.

The sound of Sasori's low hum as the little hand grasped the hard flesh tightly squeezing, Pein's groan followed and the next thing Hidan knew was Sasori's little pink tongue lapping at the bulbous head.

Hidan had to look away or something... had to politely take his leave and not witness this! But he stayed and watched the tip of the big erection disappear between Sasori's sensual lips, wrapping around the hard organ, the pretty cheeks hollowing as Sasori sucked.

Even though Pein's hands were fisting Sasori's hair, it didn't look to Hidan like the little 'non-gay' was minding much. no, it surely didn't look like Sasori minded, the redhead was visibly enjoying the deed, taking Pein's arousal into the little mouth, swirling the little tongue all over the weeping head and just to top it all up Sasori was looking up to Pein with those big eyes sultry.

Hidan prayed his eyes off of the arousing sight, daring to look at Pein's face, instantly regretting it.

The guy was chewing on the lower lip looking down and having the smuggest expression Hidan had ever seen. Pein was clearly enjoying it to the bone hissing, groaning and encouraging the redhead with short praises.

Only when Sasori's head started to bob taking the hard cock deep and hard, sucking lively with sounds accompanying the action, Hidan had no choice but to accept that this wasn't a drunken hallucination.

Sasori was actually sucking Pein off, drunk, in a club with the loud music blaring inside. Here in the garden it was a nice summer's night, the air was warm and it was peaceful and Sasori was sucking on Pein's cock!

Hidan felt like fainting or laughing, he wasn't sure.

Pein then growled and pushed Sasori's head hard on himself, never letting go and Hidan could swear he heard Sasori gulping down the liquid. Pein's hips bucked and the orange head gasped for air hungrily the greyish eyes looking down at Sasori who was not resisting the rough manhandling, letting Pein keep the head prisoner till Pein let go of the red hair and gave out a shuddering breath.

Sasori's hands did a quick job of tucking Pein back in the jeans but then Pein had to help Sasori back on the feet, the lithe redhead swayed and stumbled forward crushing against Pein's chest.

Hidan didn't think on it much, he just went for his friends because Pein sure looked like he's ready to do more and Hidan wasn't ready to witness that.

"Oh hey guys... having fun?" with a straight face he observed Pein's satisfied features and when Sasori dived out of Pein's chest and looked at him dreamily he passed the redhead his whiskey. Needless to say Sasori gulped it down like water.

"I think we should head home." Pein stated already dragging the drunken minx for the exit.

"Yes, sure..." was all Hidan retorted.

Hidan knew Pein, they were buddies for ages already, he really knew the guy better than anyone else and that's why he could see on Pein's face that despite everything the guy was shaken and unsure.

Hidan could see it on Pein's face, Pein was sure Sasori wouldn't remember this tomorrow. And Hidan was sure of it as well, Sasori was way too drunk to remember anything.

Hidan just wondered how Sasori will react to the video he just took with his phone... oh yes, Hidan had it all... starting from the first lick and ending with the tucking back in the pants.


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