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The exciter...

"Sa-so-ri." Pein cooed in a sweet voice, grinning when the tone made his boyfriend make an annoyed grimace.

"What?" sharp and grumpy, Sasori hadn't lost his charm. They had been kind of together for a month now.

It wasn't really working out all the time...they had argued countless times and they had been awkward with each other most of the times. Pein didn't mind...he was sure it was because Sasori wasn't really experienced with relationships. And the fact that Pein was a guy was one of the awkwardness causing factors.

Since the time he had pinned Sasori against the counter in the kitchen they hadn't moved any further, quite the opposite... the most he got from the petite redhead was unsure kisses and touches and whenever Sasori did touch him it almost felt as if the redhead was trying to figure out did he really was into this...that too Pein could understand and besides those touches felt good anyway.

He wasn't allowed to touch at his free will... he wanted to touch and it took him all he had not to get annoyed when his hands were pushed away and Sasori growled at him telling him to stop... that he couldn't understand because even though Sasori told him to stop he could see his touches were enjoyed.

So all and all they hadn't moved much further than they were one month ago... they were moving backwards...

"I have something for you." He answered kicking off his shoes as he just returned from outside, Sasori was feeling like at home in his apartment, sitting on the couch with a note book on the coffee table, probably studying.

"It's not my birthday." The redhead stated plainly not even looking at him. Pein grinned wider... he liked Sasori...no matter the mood or the level of coldness, he himself wasn't a sensitive type of guy either but with Sasori he didn't care about any of that... it just didn't matter.

"It's not a present and you're ruining it, I just wanted to give you a hug and a kiss."

It was cute how it was enough to see Sasori fidget on the couch nervously, the pretty cheeks dusted with faint pink as he scooted closer, his hand automatically going into crimson locks tugging at them to get the redhead to face him.

The kiss started slow and sweet, still unsure on Sasori's part. But when they got into it he could feel the petite body beside him relax, Sasori's tongue sneaked out to play with his, it always felt so good, Pein couldn't believe how much he was enjoying kissing with Sasori. And the fact that he wasn't pushed away certainly meant that Sasori was enjoying it too...

A month of encouraging seemed to be worth it when he pulled Sasori on his lap to straddle him. There was a surprised sound and then a displeased one but Sasori stayed on top of him. Not pulling away Pein moved his mouth for the soft neck just brushing his lips over the skin, loving the feeling of it.

Sasori's hands were on his shoulders, supporting the weight there while Pein did his very best to taste and appreciate everything he could get... Sasori's shy and cold nature was why Pein gasped in surprise feeling the delicate hips on his lap grind forward into his.

Sasori made a sound, barely there but undeniable...a sound that asked for more, a sound that Sasori surely didn't plan to let out.

Apart from the time when Sasori was drunk he hadn't had the honour to see his boyfriend needy, he pulled back, his mouth forming a light smirk, the sight was lovely. Sasori was sort of divine on his lap, wriggling and looking at him shyly with the big brownish eyes just slightly open.

Putting his hands on the little jean covered ass cheeks he was prepared to hear an order to stop as usual...but this time it didn't come, most likely because Pein sealed Sasori's lips with his own before the redhead got the chance to object.

Sasori squirmed as he squeezed and growled approvingly about the well shaped forms his hands got to touch, wanting to feel everything his hands moved on Sasori's thighs rubbing, while his tongue pushed deeper in the hot mouth.

Another sound from Sasori and they parted, Pein wanted to see if he could continue...but Sasori was just sitting there, eyes closed, cheeks red and the chest heaving.

The realisation that this was moving surprisingly well and that he might actually get more than usual sent all his blood for his already aching crotch.

"I missed you..."

"No, you didn't."

No matter how he loved the feeling of Sasori close to him he took hold of the lithe shoulders pushing the redhead back enough to give him an annoyed glare. "Why do you always do that? Is it that hard to just accept what I say? If I-..." and for the first time ever Pein didn't really mind Sasori shutting him up in the middle of his speech.

Didn't mind one bit, the kiss used to shut him up erased everything he wanted to say from his mind anyway. So he did what he absolutely had to do... kissed back and used his hands to bring Sasori closer if possible.

After few long kisses Pein decided to risk it, he grabbed hold of Sasori and stood up, making sure his lips were still over the plump ones, because he didn't doubt there would be tries to stop him as soon as the redhead would realise where he was headed.

But when he got to his bedroom and placed Sasori on the bed it was too late to protest, he was already laying over the little form, his hips rolling into the smaller ones, forcing the slender legs to spread widely to give him room, he could feel how they were both excited about this even if Sasori didn't look ready to admit it.

Apart from that Sasori started to look downright freaked out, Pein was removing the black shirt from the perfect body when almost desperate hands tried to stop him and when he fought the shirt off getting to the jeans, Sasori was growling out 'stop' and kicking at him... what started good led to the same old thing... he wasn't allowed!

Pein's shoulders sagging a bit he sat back on his hunches between Sasori's legs, his hands still grasping the belt. "Sasori...are you worried that... you will hate it and then 'we' would have a problem?"

Sasori looking to the side, avoiding his eyes gave a tiny nod.

It made sense, and if he wouldn't need to be the encouraging one here he might even admit that he had been thinking of the same thing...been worried over the same thing.

He could say that it shouldn't be a great problem since Sasori seemed to have a natural talent for blow-jobs and he could easily be satisfied with that, but he didn't feel like receiving a fist in his gut right now.

Instead he laid over the half naked body. "Don't think about it...seriously, just don't. Try to relax and concentrate on what you feel, not what you're supposed to feel." He finished the sentence with a growl, he had cupped Sasori's crotch and that had caused the most perfect sound coming from his boyfriend.

It had to work! There was no way that this couldn't work...for Pein Sasori was perfect. They would make it work...simple as that.

Sasori didn't try to stop him anymore when he undid the belt, his hands trembling just slightly, he wasn't sure from nervousness or anticipation, he pulled down the zipper and before he could get ready for it, he was looking at the naked perfection under him... he couldn't say it, because Sasori wouldn't like it, but he really thought Sasori is beautiful.

He had seen it all before so Sasori didn't seem very shy about it, of course there was the red cheeks but Pein was somewhat certain the redness was there because of a different reason and it was even better.

So far they had nothing to worry about, the erection his boyfriend was sporting was proudly standing there, asking Pein to make sure it really was as hard as it looked...and it was, he took it in his hand, giving a soft squeeze, Sasori's breathing hitched and sped up, the reddish eyes looking at him, the lower lip worried with white teeth.

"Don't move!" he got off the bed, casting a worried glance to Sasori making sure that there were no attempts to get away from him now, he hastily got out of his shirt and socks, kicking the jeans off while he was rummaging in the drawer for the lubricant.

With the tube in his hand he got back on the bed and in his previous position, he quite enjoyed the sight of the lean pale legs spread for him...enjoyed it quite a lot.

"Relax... I'll go easy on you." He joked with a grin to chase away some of the tension, for a tiny second Pein thought Sasori will laugh but all he got was narrowed eyes, it was something like a challenge... as if Sasori wouldn't really believe he would go easy...well all he had to do was prove the little sexy creature wrong.

Taking more from the tube of lubricant that was entirely necessary he warmed it up in his hand while kissing Sasori's flawless neck, the body under him jerked when their erections rubbed together but it just made Pein roll his hips harder and gently bite on the neck, Sasori's hands grabbed on his shoulders, pulling him close and holding him... he wasn't about to go anywhere but it was still a very nice gesture... it encouraged him.

It wasn't exactly easy for him and when he guided his hand between Sasori's legs he realised that maybe Sasori was right and he won't be able to go easy. Everything else was okay but the sounds... the sounds Sasori was making as he wriggled his finger deeper and deeper was driving him mad, his cock twitching and his breaths coming too short and too erratic, his fingers trembling as he forced another one inside the heat.

"It feels gross."

With his face pressed in Sasori's neck Pein growled. "Shut up...it will get better, what did you expect."

"So it was supposed to feel gross?"

Sasori was ruining it... and Pein acted on an impulse, he pushed himself up a bit to look at the pretty flushed face of his boyfriend and then pushed a third finger along the other two and did it rather hard, first Sasori's hand smacked him right in the face and then it was in his hair pulling as Sasori moaned wriggling the narrow hips under him. Sasori's eyes grew big and a surprised 'fuck' left the parted lips.

It seemed he had found the right spot.

With a victorious smirk he abused the spot, pleased to see his usually so cold and collected boyfriend go wild because of his ministrations... the lean body was jerking, the hips snapping up, asking for more...

He loved the pleasured expression on Sasori's face, loved the short sounds... yes, Sasori was most probably right... he won't be able to go easy.

Pein removed his fingers and he would smirk about the disappointed sound Sasori made if only he wouldn't be so needy himself.

He gripped his length, stroking, covering it with the wetness and even though he could hardly think while Sasori was looking at him with those bedroom eyes, he still made sure he is being careful, otherwise this would be the first time and the last one as well...

Pein's arms were trembling as he hovered over the pale body, the anticipation was getting to him, a thin layer of sweat covering his skin. He leaned down to kiss the pouty lips as he nudged Sasori's legs wider apart guiding his erection for the right place, feeling the tip rub against the wrinkled skin.

His hips pushed forward... Sasori bit his lip, hard but he didn't stop... couldn't stop... in the end Sasori was right.

He cursed inwardly when Sasori let out a rather pained sound...but he was feeling so damn good! He just put his muscled arms around Sasori, embracing the small form, pressing inside slowly but all the way...stopping to gather himself and to let Sasori breathe since it seemed the redhead was forgetting that part.

Wanting to see the reaction he pulled back, there was blood on Sasori's lips, the blood was his though so it was okay, he didn't mind... if anything Sasori looked even hotter.

Sasori's face was pained, the eyes squinted shut, he tried moving a little... rolling his hips carefully and slowly, breathing heavily because it was maddening how pleasurable it was for him... how good Sasori felt around him, squeezing him... he was as close to Sasori right now as he would ever get, physically and mentally... that thought was making him ecstatic.


Sasori didn't look at him, didn't open the eyes. "It hurts."

"Come here." Pein carefully rolled them around so he was on his back with Sasori on top.

Sasori's eyes bulged. "What! No!"

"It's for you, not me... trust me, this way you can move the way you want... you're in control."

What a liar he was... it really was for Sasori, but only partly. But Sasori visibly liked the part about being in control, at least it stopped the redhead from jumping off of him, instead the slender hips moved in small circles, Sasori's cheeks flaring up as little hands pushed on Pein's chest and Sasori sat up straight, looking down at him...

Pein was completely dazed by the sight of his boyfriend sitting there riding him slowly and sensually, his cock rubbing against the soft walls as Sasori took him deeper, relaxing.

It was amazing...all of it and judging by the small pleasured sounds this was where Sasori was starting to enjoy this too.

"Better now?" his voice was shaky and raspy, his hands greedy...grabbing on Sasori's hips, stroking the thighs just to go back for the hips and help Sasori move, he added in his own movement, snapping his hips up when Sasori was unprepared for it.

He got the same surprised moan he did the first time when he hit the spot with his fingers, his mouth parted in pleasure, because Sasori wriggled on top of him and all Pein could do was watch and enjoy the ride...and that he really did, it didn't take long for Sasori to start bouncing on him, forgetting about everything else.

The choked sounds of pleasure got louder, their sweaty skin smacking together got louder too...Sasori's movements turned aggressive, that's when Pein wrapped his fingers around the pink erection, he couldn't take much more of it... he was so close, his brain trying to imprint everything he was seeing and hearing... each whimper and moan. Each drop of sweat rolling down the beautiful skin... Sasori was such a sweet perfection...everything about Sasori was exciting.

The movements got chaotic when he stroked the hard flesh in his palm, but it didn't matter anymore, he was coming and so was Sasori.

Pein's name was whispered lowly and it was the best sound for him... he sat up, his hips still jerking, he put his arm around Sasori's shoulders pressing the lean form close, his other hand still stroking as they both were coming.

He just couldn't let go, he could just clutch on Sasori and enjoy the feeling... it was the best he had ever felt, his heart racing so hard and his skin tingling all over, Sasori shivering and gasping in his lap...

Pein had expected a lot of things... but it still managed to leave him amazed once more... all was Sasori's doing of course. It shouldn't be allowed to be so amazing.

It took some while for them to calm down, Pein was waiting for Sasori to say something... anything would be okay right now, there was no way Sasori didn't like it, but he still needed some sort of confirmation.

"So?" he mumbled, his lips parting just slightly but once they did he kissed the sweaty neck they were pressed against.

Sasori murmured something he didn't understand, but it was a good, pleased sound and nimble fingers were playing with his orange hair...

In the end he didn't really need to hear anything, Sasori pressing against him and hugging him was an answer good enough.


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