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They Were Kids That I Once Knew

Chapter Nine

November 19, 2012

Danny never got the chance to actually speak with Sam about his problem. He was planning to, on the very next day actually, but as usual, everything went very, very wrong.

It started out innocently enough. Sam's parents and grandmother were going out of town, giving Sam the rare opportunity to have the house to herself. Before, when this sort of chance happened, she would spend all of her spare time sprawled out on Danny's bedroom floor, studying or watching television with him, or in Tucker's office. Anything to distract herself from the loneliness of a giant, empty house. But now, it excited her. Danny was invited to stay over for the weekend almost immediately after her parents specifically warned her not to sleep over with Danny. It was stupid for them to tell her not to let him come over, really. They all knew he would be here from the moment after they left to the moment before they returned. Sam grinned smugly at the pained look on her father's face.

Danny arrived at Sam's house at 7:04, precisely three minutes after her parents pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the airport. He did not bother knocking, opting to phase through the back door instead. He heard her in her room directly above where he was standing, singing along to her music, which was blasting loud enough that he could hear it down the street. He grinned and slipped through the ceiling, solidifying as his feet passed through her floor. She turned sharply when he landed on the carpet with a low thud, her smile blinding. Without a word, she stalked toward him, practically leaping into his arms as she crushed her lips to his in her excitement. He returned her enthusiasm with as much force as he dared, prying her lips apart and running his tongue across her teeth. She moaned when he hooked his hand behind her knee and hitched it up around his hip, pressing his growing erection into her warmth.

She starting making these wonderful groaning sounds as he pushed into her. His other hand found her straightened leg, and as her arms locked around his neck, he lifted her completely from the floor. He never broke the kiss as he moved blindly toward her bed, wondering how opposed she would be to doing it on the floor. Her fingers plunged into his hair as one of his hands moved to her rear, using the leverage to lift her a bit higher. He found her bed, finally, dropping her and grinning when she giggled and pushed her hair out of her face. He crawled across her, letting his chin skim across her stomach, her chest, and finally his lips met hers in another kiss. He was just starting to pull her shirt up over her head when his ghost sense went off, shooting directly down Sam's throat.

Danny jerked away quickly as Sam coughed. It was the first time they had ever been interrupted by a ghost. He growled and ran his hand through his hair, ignoring the way it stood up at odd angles in his fingers' wake.

"Go. I'll be right here when you get back." He could see the disappointment in her eyes, masked behind a thick veil of lust. He leaned toward her, cupping her breasts over her shirt and squeezing gently as he planted a firm, open-mouthed kiss on her lips.

"Ten minutes." He said, his voice husky. She nodded, eyes half-mast. He flitted out of her room, assuring himself that whatever ghost dared to interrupt them would die a terrible second death.

Twenty-five minutes later, after a lengthy chase around the park and an incredibly violent shaking of the now-full Fenton Thermos, the Box Ghost was detained and Danny was rocketing back to Sam's house. He was running over his conversation points in his head; how he would tell Sam that he felt the urge to be violent when they were together, but he would die before he let those urges reign free. He would never willingly hurt her. All she had to do was tell him when he was being too rough, and he would stop immediately. He was beginning to think that he might just be able to convince her that everything would be perfectly fine, when her house came into view. And his heart dropped from the five-story altitude he was flying at.

One of Walker's cronies was floating outside of her bedroom window, glancing left and right, obviously keeping watch. Danny's vision nearly went black as sheer panic burst in his mind. He heard himself bellowing "Where is she?" before he was inside her room. He glanced out the window, catching a glimpse of the now-unconscious guard lying on the street below, before turning his full attention back to her room.

It was empty. Someone had shut off the music. He could feel himself whining, instinct pulling him forward to search for her. She was not in her closet, beneath her bed or desk, or behind her wardrobe. "Sam?" He shouted, loud enough to be heard from anywhere in the house. "Sam!"

Silence met him. His growl ripped through his throat, coming out as a feral snarl, as he turned on his heel. Before he was aware of moving, he was on the street, crouched beside the guard. He seized the front of the guard's uniform, yanking the ghost into a sitting position and slapping his face until he awoke. "Where is she?" He growled, baring his teeth at the guard. He knew his eyes were alive with fire, burning a bright, acid green with the fear and fury he felt pounding through his veins.

"I don't -" Danny punched the guard, hard, across the face.

"Don't bullshit me!" He roared, yanking the guard up so that their faces were mere inches apart. "Where did he take her?"

"To the prison!" The guard gasped. "He's waiting for you there!"

Without another word, Danny had the guard crammed into the Thermos, ignoring the Box Ghost's shouts of protest. He was off again, the world around him blurring as he sped toward his house. He phased through the walls and floors without pausing, shooting directly into the Ghost Zone when he emerged in the lab.

Five minutes later, he burst through the front doors of Walker's jail. He paused, his ears pricked, listening for any type of sound. A territorial predator within him was very much awake, prepared to take down the entire Ghost Zone in his search for Sam. Even the rational part of his mind whined for her. He was about to give up listening, resigned to searching the entire building, when he heard it.

Her scream pierced him, shooting through his body, paralyzing him. It was long, drawn out. Every organ in his body turned inside out and attempted to evacuate in order to escape the turmoil her scream left him in, and for a moment, his eyes were swimming as he fought the urge to vomit. And then that predator within him took control, sending him shooting through a series of hallways, following the sounds of her screams, which were beginning to mingle with gut-wrenching, heaving sobs.

He burst through a side room, skidding to a halt with one hand beneath his body, bracing himself, as he took in the scene. Sam was supported by her arms between two guards, hanging between them rather limply, as Walker paced the floor before her. At the sound of his entrance, her head lifted, giving Danny a clear view of her neck. Which was currently choked in Wulf's collar.

"Well, well, look who decided to pay us a little vis-" Walker's gloating voice was cut off as Danny lunged at the ghost's throat. He could feel strange snarling noises ripping through his chest, making his vision turn red as he attacked Walker.

Walker managed to shove Danny away, flipping the halfa onto his back. Danny used the momentum to roll into a crouch, still spitting and snarling at the ghosts. The guards were gaping at him, using a weakly struggling Sam as a human shield in case Danny decided to attack them. Walker was staring at him, wide-eyed, backed against the far wall. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, green ectoplasm oozing from a cut above his right eye. "How dare -"

"Shut the fuck up!" Danny roared. He lunged again, seizing Walker by the neck. He planted his feet against the wall and pushed, using the leverage to throw Walker to the opposite side of the room. He landed in yet another crouch, one hand cocked into a fist, as Walker struggled to sit up. "You don't use her! You don't touch her! You don't look at her!" Walker was in a sitting position, scrambling backwards, his eyes wide in fear. "If I catch you even thinking about her, I'll destroy you, your guards, and your entire fucking jail! Do you understand me?"

Walker nodded, apparently too afraid to speak. Danny turned sharply toward the guards, who released Sam's arms immediately. He stalked forward and gathered her against his chest, closing his eyes briefly as he bent his neck to breathe into her hair. He could feel her shaking against him as he moved her away from the guards, a spot on the right side of his chest growing warmer and wetter at an alarming rate. She was crying. And in that moment, he realized that nothing made him feel sicker than knowing that Sam was crying.

"Get this fucking collar off of her, now." Danny snarled. One of the guards came forward immediately, his pale, sickly hands working quickly over the device. It fell away from her neck, landing on the prison floor with an echoing clatter. Danny looked around the room, giving each of the ghosts within one last warning glare that could blister paint, accompanied by a low, territorial growl, before he had Sam in his arms and he was flying away from the prison. He held her tightly, planting soft kisses in her hair as she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck. He could feel her calming, perhaps more so when they were officially out of the Ghost Zone. In truth, he was a bit shaken as well; this was the first time any of his enemies had ever used his relationship with Sam against him. He was beginning to think that Sam was sort of off-limits to them. That maybe, even though they were his sworn enemies, they had enough respect for him to not even consider bringing harm to her.

He made a mental note to speak with Clockwork about the possibility of a conditional truce with the other ghosts, or to negotiate a deal in which Sam would no longer be in any danger.

Danny was reluctant to let her go once they were back in her bedroom, but he forced himself to pull away after she was settled back on her bed. He scanned her quickly, cupping the left side of her face, where a substantial bruise was beginning to form. She winced, but did not pull away from his feather-light touch. Other than that bruise and the fading marks the collar left around her neck, she appeared unharmed. He released a breath he did not realize he was holding, long and slow, as his eyes fluttered shut for a moment. He opened them again, though, once he felt he was calm enough to speak without going completely ballistic. "Are you okay?" He asked, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

She nodded, leaning into his touch, apparently still too shaken to speak. Danny rose and perched on the edge of her bed, longing to crush her into his chest, but afraid of scaring her off. "What did he do to you?"

"Just the collar," Her voice was scarcely louder than a whisper. She refused to meet his gaze.

He hooked a finger beneath her chin and forced her face up, so that her eyes flickered up to meet his. "Sam," He murmured. "It's okay. You can tell me."

"You'll leave," She whispered.

He shook his head emphatically. "No. I won't. I'm not going anywhere, not for a long time. I promise." He leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her forehead, before pulling away and gazing at her expectantly.

"It's not...anything...bad, I guess..." She mumbled, both hands rising to cling to his wrist. He moved further back on her bed, situating her so that she was leaning against his legs. His hand moved into her hair, gently rubbing and massaging her scalp as her hands drifted further down his arm. She sighed. "They came into my room, and he asked me where you were. I told them I didn't know. Walker got pissed and started saying that if I didn't tell him, he was gonna kill me for harboring a fugitive. That's it."

Danny felt himself freeze, despite his best efforts at staying calm. Sam was eyeing him warily. "He...he threatened...to kill you?" He was vaguely aware of the fact that his voice was dangerously low, bordering on a growl. Sam nodded slowly.

"Please don't leave me right now," She whispered, her voice full of unshed tears. And just like that, Danny was back to reality, setting aside his half-formed plans of murder to focus on Sam. "I don't think I could stand it if you left right now."

"I'll kill him later." Danny muttered. "But that's all he did?"

"Well, he hit me, to subdue me, 'cause I wasn't about to go quietly." Danny felt a swell of pride at her spit-fiery nature. "And then there was that whole thing with the collar. But, yeah, that's about all he did to me."

"Good." Danny felt some small relief, recalling that Wulf healed incredibly quickly from the after effects of wearing the collar. Granted, Wulf was about six times larger than Sam, and a brute at that, but it was still comforting to know that the collar did not leave any lasting effects.

"We were in the middle of something, before," Sam said, bringing Danny crashing back to reality yet again. He blinked in confusion, before he suddenly remembered what they were doing before the Box Ghost rudely interrupted.

"We don't have to, now," Danny said quickly. "I understand if you would rather just lay here. I'm all for cuddling right now."

"Danny," Sam breathed, and he was surprised to see her eyes swimming in tears. "I don't want to cuddle."

He did not speak again. He stood, yanked his shirt off of his head, and stepped out of his jeans quickly, moving to hover over her in nothing more than his boxers. She was squirming beneath him, doing everything she could to escape the pleasure his hands were bringing to her while simultaneously undressing. Soon, she was wearing nothing more than her panties, writhing as his fingers dipped below the elastic and sought her center.

"Oh, shit," She squeaked when he finally found her. He kept his left hand braced on the mattress while his right explored her, fingers twisting and turning and bending, drawing as many noises from her as they could. Using his ability to fly to keep himself balanced, he pulled her panties down with his left hand and tossed them to the floor, quickly yanking his own boxers down and sending them to the floor as well. Within moments, both hands were braced on either side of her head, effectively caging her beneath him, and with a final grunt, he pushed himself forward. He felt Sam stretching around him, and he paused for a moment to let her adjust. He was latched onto her soft spot, lips and teeth and tongue working together to leave her marked as his own. She would complain about it later, but he truly had never cared any less. He heard her whispering his name repeatedly, her hands drifting to the muscles of his back to his hair and down to his rear. He felt her pulling against his rear, pushing him further inside of her, and he took this as her sign to move.

He began that same slow, steady rhythm, focusing on the way she mewled and arched into him in pleasure. He curled his head down, latching on to her breast with his mouth, nibbling and sucking on her most sensitive area. She was making one low, continuous moan, something Danny rarely heard, which pleased him greatly.

And suddenly, the urge was back. The urge to ravish her, to attack her, to mark her as his own so that no man, alive or dead, would ever dare touch her. It burned in his mind, white hot, and suddenly he was no longer able to resist.

"Sam," He gasped. He leaned up, eyes watering with the effort it took to hold off just a moment longer. Her head fell back, her eyes half-mast but alert. "I'm sorry,"

"Wha- oh!" She squeaked as his hips suddenly bucked up, almost violent in the movement. And like an animal finally released from its' cage, Danny went wild. He bit down on the place where her neck curved into her shoulder, licking and biting and sucking as hard as he could. He was almost positive he was drawing blood, but he did not care. Sam was silent, but her arms were around him, pulling him closer, so he guessed she was okay.

"Mine," He growled against her shoulder, nibbling and suckling on that same spot. "You're mine. No one else can touch you. They can't hold you. They can't hear your noises," He ground his hips forward and turned slightly, feeling himself rubbing against an inner wall that made Sam shout something completely unintelligible. It was like a cross between a curse and his name. "You are mine."

"Yours," He heard her gasp. In any other situation, he would have stopped, leaned away, and asked repeatedly if she meant it. Then again, in any other situation, Sam probably would not have labeled herself as his. That single word was all it took for him to renew his energy, determined to render her unable to walk the next morning. She sighed woozily as his thrusts grew faster and more shallow, his focus on her left nipple. She was focused on that sensation, which was exactly what he wanted her to do. He reached up blindly until his hands found her wrists, which he seized and pinned above her head.

He began ramming into her repeatedly, his thrusts long and deep, unable to stop the animalistic growls vibrating in his chest. He pushed up, extending his arms, desperate for a new angle. He looked down and saw Sam sprawled beneath him, her eyes closed and mouth open, the poster child for pure ecstasy. He saw the mark, his mark, on her shoulder, and a wave of perverse, caveman-like satisfaction washed through him. With more force than he ever would have dared to use in his normal state of mind, he rammed forward, grunting as his hips crashed into hers.

A noise Danny had never heard before made him pause. It was like a cross between a grunt, a gasp, and a scream. It had come from Sam. And it was the most incredible sound Danny had ever heard. Sam herself seemed shocked that she produced the noise, her eyes wide as she gazed up at him in dazed confusion. Danny arched an eyebrow, pulled his hips back so that just the tip of himself was inside, before ramming forward again, making sure he hit the same spot.

She made the sound again, and that was all it took. He slammed into the spot repeatedly, and soon Sam was making a string of noises similar to that squeal. He could feel her closing in, her entire body shuddering and convulsing around him, and he grinned manically. He was not even close.

A sudden idea came to him. He pulled almost all the way out again, ignoring Sam's whimpers of protest, and latched onto her soft spot. He bit, hard, as he rammed forward again. He rotated his hips at an agonizingly slow pace, sucking almost absently at her soft spot while holding her arms down above her head, content to just listen as Sam nearly drowned in wave after wave of ecstasy. With one hand still holding her wrists, he ran his other hand up and down her body as she slowly returned to earth, nipping at her pulse point. He could feel her erratic heartbeat beneath his lips, and another wave of carnal pleasure washed through him when he realized that he was the one doing that to her. He was the one making her feel that way.

The urge seemed to be quenched, so after she seemed to collect herself again, Danny set out at a slow, steady rhythm. Her head fell back, neck arched, and open invitation for him to kiss. He traced his tongue over her throat, blowing lightly over the trail he left and chuckling when Sam gasped. He kissed along her jaw line, to the right side of her neck, trapping her earlobe between his teeth and gently tugging. He could tell she was exhausted; her hands were nearly slack against his back as she struggled to hold on.

He felt himself nearing the edge, and with three more thrusts, he was pushed over. He groaned and buried his face in the crook of her neck as he emptied himself inside of her. He lowered himself slowly on top of her when he was finished, not quite ready to break their connection. He propped himself up on his elbow, rocking into her gently, and finding her glazed eyes on his face. "Hi." He murmured.

"Hi." She breathed. They were quiet for another moment, listening to the sounds of their bodies slowly calming.

"Did I hurt you?" He palmed her breast, still rocking into her, though he could feel himself softening.

"No-o," Her voice hitched as he buried himself deep inside of her, ceasing the rocking movements to enjoy the feeling of her surrounding him. Her eyes closed and he wondered if she liked the way he felt inside of her. "No," She breathed again, tracing the muscles of his lower abdomen.

"How do you feel?" He asked, finding her leg beneath the blankets and hitching it up over his hip.

She smiled serenely. "Like...um...like I don't, uh, I don't have any...bones," She giggled, sending dull waves of pleasure through his body. "And, um...and like, my whole body is made of Jell-O," She hiccupped, still giggling. "Oh, and, like I love you. Yeah, I feel like I'm falling in love with you. Which is kind of weird," Her voice was soft as she adjusted her head on the pillow, trying to get a better view of his face. "It's kind of weird. 'Cause I already love you, but, now, it's like...it's like I love you even more. And I didn't even know I could."

Danny leaned forward and captured her lips with an open-mouthed, but calm kiss. He felt her responding beneath him, her hands rising to his neck to hold his face to her, but he pulled away. "I fall more and more in love with you every day," He admitted in a low, husky voice. Sam's eyes were wide with wonder. He kissed her one last time, before rolling onto his back, pulling her on top of him. They fell asleep in that position, with Danny still inside of her, her head on his chest. He stayed awake long after Sam dropped into oblivion, though, watching the way her lips parted as she breathed peacefully. And suddenly he understood why men lied, cheated, and stole for this. He would destroy the world to be there with her, to ensure that no one else touched her where he touched her, that no one kissed her the way he kissed her, that no one heard the sounds only he could draw from her. He fell asleep rubbing her back possessively.

They woke twice in the middle of the night, making love lazily in the moonlight, only half awake. And in the morning, when Danny rolled to his side to find her sound asleep on her stomach, face peaceful and turned toward his, he realized that he never wanted to wake up alone again.

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