Flying Away

When Corporal Maddock signed up, he didn't expect this.

He never thought it would end with an energy sword in his gut.

But here he was, impaled on the elite ultra's sword as it chuckled.

He couldn't see any blood, but that's normal.

Any energy sword victim he saw never bled too much.

The blood coagulates when the plasma burns through.

Better not think too scientifically. Might make it hurt.

He didn't want this feeling to end. It was too strange.

And yet...he didn't feel any pain. It nothing. They say you could see a light before you die. He saw one alright, just not that bright white one. No, he saw a blue-white light, from the elite's energy sword. His vision blurred as he felt like gravity was pushing up. He looked up at the elite, and smiled.

He felt like he was flying into space...flying...flying...gone.