Ok, everyone! This is a very slightly AU. Not much. *Spoiler for... well, everything* This is after Emmett cheated on Bay. However (this is where the AU comes in), before he cheated, he slept with Bay. Everything after that (Bay going on vacation, etc.) has still happened. Oh, also, the boyfriend guy, Alex, doesn't exist.

Summary: Life already sucks. I was switched at birth. I was learning an entirely new language, and a new life, and then he cheated on me. But this... I don't know if I can handle this. Slight AU. Spoilers.

"Bay! Oh, thank goodness you're finally back!" My mom-not the woman who birthed me, but the one who raised me-folded me into her arms.

"Hi, mom." I loved my mom, I did, and I was happy to see her again. But hugs... not really my thing. They're just kind of awkward.

The next couple of hours seemed to blur together. Questions about my trip, and how was everything, and did I take a lot of photos, and did I miss everyone. I didn't pay much attention. For the past couple weeks, I haven't been feeling too hot. Today was certainly no exception.

One particular question got my full attention, though. "Emmett said he was trying to get a hold of you. Have you heard from him?"

No, I was busy hating and ignoring him, thank you very much. Because you see, mom, he ripped my heart out. You don't know this, but he slept with my worst enemy from elementary school. And oh, yeah, my brother's girlfriend. So no, I have not 'heard from him', and I don't want to. "No, I didn't get anything from him. Weird. Must have had sketchy service or something."

My mom frowned slightly, getting that 'mom look'. She knew something was up, but she didn't know what. She didn't know how to piece it all together. All she knew is that we broke up.

"Yeah... you should check and make sure you didn't miss anyone else."

"I should. I'll go do that now."

I really wasn't feeling good. I needed to get away from people and lay down. I sprang up from the couch, jogging from the room and heading to my own.

I knew that I missed my crazy family, but I didn't realized how much I missed my own room until I was in it. I probably would have an even more intense reaction going to my 'studio', but that could wait. Right now, all I could do was crawl into my bed and collapse.

When I peeled my eyes open, there wasn't as much light shining through the window, and my stomach had settled slightly. I'd fallen asleep? Slowly sitting up, I came to the conclusion that yes, yes I had. I took a moment to look around at my pictures, and my art and music.

Standing, I traced my hand along the mural on my wall before leaving the room, going back downstairs. For dinner time, it was much quieter than usual. The kitchen was empty. The table clear. I slowly made my way from room to room before going down to the guest house.

I could see Regina through the window, but she was talking to her boyfriend. I couldn't quite remember his name. P something. Patrick or Peter or... something. Either way, I decided not to bother them and went out to my 'studio'.

Opening the garage door, tears came to my eyes. There it was. There was my peace and solitude. My art. I slowly stepped in and dropped into my chair, picking up one of many sketchbooks, flipping mindlessly through the pages. I paused when I came on the drawing of 'ax girl'. I studied her, studied what she had meant to me, and what she now reminded me of.


Ax girl now reminds me of him. I'm still too made to even think his name. I just can't do it. I gave him my vegetable and my heart, and he cheated on me with her.

I can't think her name, either.

I think if I saw either of them, I'd hit them.

Ok, so, Bay is most likely OOC. I don't do very well with staying in character. Sorry.

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