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It was another week before I finally built up enough nerve to call a family meeting.

And even then, my calling of a meeting was something more along the lines of a text sent to everyone saying, 'We need to talk. Living room.'

Close enough, right?

One by one, everyone filed in, taking their seats.

I took a couple minutes to figure out how to ease into it before giving up.

"I'm pregnant."

They were all silent for a minute, studying me. Then dad laughed.

"Oh. I get it. It's like what they do online, right? You say something that would be bad, so that the lesser bad thing you did doesn't seem so bad. What is it? Do you need summer classes?"

I bit my lip slightly. "No. I don't need summer classes. I need to give birth in about 7 months."

Another moment of silence.

Mom slowly put her hand to her throat. "Oh, my... you aren't kidding."

"No. I'm not."

Regina slowly shook her head. "Bay... who?"


"Did anyone know? Oh, you're going to need a doctor, and... and those vitamins." Mom was suddenly up, ready to go into action.

"Daphne already got me a doctor, and I had an appointment last week."

Regina frowned. "Daphne knew? Does anyone else?"

"Angelo found out."

"Angelo?" She swung around to him, and he looked vaguely sheepish.

"I had faith that she would tell everyone when she was ready. And she has."

Dad was quiet. Through all of their talking, he just watched me. He stared at me with that disapproval in his eyes. After a couple minutes, he turned and left the room.

I was scolded for my irresponsibility, and I was quick to defend myself. We had used protection, because I hadn't wanted this to happen. I suppose in this case, it didn't matter, though. I was lectured on what was to come, on what I would need to avoid and do more often.

"Look, I know. Ok? Daphne did a ton of research, and my next appointment is in a couple weeks. I have the vitamins."

"You'll still need the help of women who have been pregnant before. And you have two right here," mom said.

Regina ran a hand through her hair. "Grandparents. We're grandparents. We're too young to be grandparents."

Evidently, that was an aspect my mom didn't want to look at. "Have you told Emmett?"

I was tired of that question. I was tired of the argument that always followed. And I would avoid them at all costs if I could.

Daphne was paying attention, but I highly doubted she would believe me, anyway.

"Yeah. Yeah, I've told him."

There. I had prevented the argument, and I bought myself more time of not telling him without being pestered.

"And?" Regina prompted.

"What did he say?"

"Ah... nothing, really. He just got pale and left." Only half of that was a lie. A guy can't say anything about something he doesn't know about.

"Ok... Ok." Mom nodded. "John, you haven't-" She turned her head and cut herself off. "Oh. I'm going to go find him." She got up, leaving the room.

Regina studied me. "We're here if you need help, Bay."

"I know. Thanks."

With that, I was alone. Alone in the room. Alone with my thoughts.


No matter how much I tried to contact Bay, nothing seemed to work.

I knew that I messed up. I know that I cheated.

But I love her. I will do anything to get her back. The only problem is she has to let me in at least a little before I can do anything.

I texted her between every class I had, and now that it was lunch, I just stared at my phone. At some point, I went from apologetic to desperate. I'm not entirely sure when the transition occurred.

Someone sat across from me, and I looked up. Daphne. Before I could say anything (who am I kidding myself... before I could ask her about Bay), she was already signing.

'How do you feel about it?'

About Bay not answering my texts? Horrible. And she already knew that, so she had to be talking about something else.

'About what?'

'About the baby, Emmett.'

Baby? What baby? I didn't know anyone with babies. I had nothing to feel about any baby.

'What are you talking about?'

'You know what I'm talking about.'

'No. I really don't.'

'Bay's baby. Your baby.'

I paled. Bay's baby? My... my baby?

She was pregnant?

Daphne's eyes widened slightly. 'She didn't tell you.'

'She can't be pregnant. We... We used protection.'

'That doesn't always work, Emmett.'

No. No, I suppose it didn't always work.

Why wouldn't she tell me this? Why wouldn't she tell me I was a father? I knew that I had cheated, but this...

Before I quite knew what I was doing, I was already up and running.

So, I'm finally getting Emmett involved.

Tell me what you think.