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Pairing: Pillar pair and Seigaku friendship

Part 2/2

It was nearing the cafe's closing time when Atobe stood up with a smirk causing everyone to turn towards him, "Did you have something you wish to say, Atobe?" The vice captain of Seigaku's tennis team questioned.

"Usually host cafe's such as this would have entertainment for their guest, yet you have none. I propose you have someone do something for us and if we think there good, I'll give your club a million yen." the Atobe heir smirk, "But it has to be good."

Whispers broke out and several grumbles of 'rich bastard' were heard but ignored as Atobe stared at Tezuka waiting for his response to the challenge that was set forth. He turned and glanced at his team, "We'll talk about it first." he stated, turning and guiding his team towards the backroom. "So what do you think about the offer."

"Well that's allot of money Tezuka, and it will help our club greatly. We could take a team vacation somewhere, perhaps in America." Oishi stated, "The only problem is that we have nothing that could entertain the crowd." A shadow fell over them and they turned towards the source and blinked at the monk standing at the door frame.

Ryoma glared, "What do you want?" he hissed, still annoyed at his fathers earlier actions. "Go away your an eyesore." the only response his words got was a chortle as Nanjiroh reached over and ruffled his hair, while the rest of the team stared in surprise, wondering who that guy was and why he was here.

"I couldn't stand that pompous attitude of that guy and the only person who can embarrass my bishounen seishounen is me." Nanjiroh pointed at Ryoma when he said bishounen seishounen and at himself at the last words, "So I came to tell you that Ryoma here can sing, and quite good at that, he'll knock that smug smirk right of that rich kids face."

Everyone turned towards Ryoma who flushed and glared at his father, "Get out!" he hissed kicking his father in the butt, quite literally, and slid the door closed with a slam before turning to glare at his teammates. First they wanted him to dress as a girl and now he bet anything they wanted him to go and sing. He didn't want anyone knowing he could sing, it was kinda humiliating especially since he was often told he had a beautiful feminine sounding voice and match that up with his looks and it really pissed him off, especially when people kept pointing it out to him. 'One day' he vowed, with a determined glint in his golden eyes, 'I'll make that old man cry.'

"You can sing?" was the unified questioned, which he did nothing to deny or approve the statement, and the group took that as an affirmative, "So you'll sing and win the club the million yen from that smug faced Atobe." Momo cheered.

Ryoma crossed his arms and glanced at Tezuka, who stared at him, "It's for the clubs best interest Echizen." was all he said and a pout crawled across Ryoma's face. "But when it comes to deciding where we go for the trip, we'll let you decide." at that the first year blinked and thought about it for a second before giving a nod of agreement.

"Fine, I get to choose the location we go for our vacation and the team has to pay for a month supply of ponta for me as well buying me burgers or sushi when we go out for dinner." he bargained. The team shared a look and nodded their heads. A month wasn't too bad, Ryoma could have made it longer. "I'm going to need a piano from the music room brought in." he stated and Momo ran off saying he'd get it, while the rest of the team walked back to the room.

Tezuka cleared his throat, "We've decided to take your challenge Atobe." adjusting his glasses, the brunet glanced towards the crowed, "All of you will be the judge. If our entertainer gets an encore then we win and if he doesn't then we don't."

Atobe gave a nod, "So which poor fool are you choosing to embarrass himself in front of not only half of his school but also half of the middle school tennis circuit Tezuka, ahn." the purple haired teen smirked, crossing his arms. He was positive that no one on Seigaku had what it took to be an entertainer for a host cafe. The team glared at the Hyotei captain for his words but chose to ignore him.

Ryuuzaki smirked and glanced at Nanjiroh, who was snickering in his corner, while Nanako smiled at what was going to happen. Turning she directed her stare towards the annoyed looking Ryoma and couldn't help but feel sorry for Atobe. He had no idea what he had done by issuing that challenge and to Seigaku who had Ryoma on there team. Oh well, the club will now be a million yen richer plus whatever they made at the cafe, so all in all it would be a good day.

Momo appeared pushing a piano, "Here Ryoma." he panted, "Go kick ass and win our club that money. You can't lost, no you can't." the second year stated, while Ryoma shot him an annoyed look before walking towards the piano, ignoring the stares he was getting from everyone, along with the whispers.

"Here Ryoma." Ryuuzaki called out, sliding a swivel chair towards the prince who nodded his thanks and dragged it in front of the piano before sitting in it. He took a deep breath and glanced at his teammates only briefly before placing his hands on the keys and began playing some chords that captivated the crowd.

'Dare mo ga omoi egaku yume no yo da koi yori

Futsu ni arikitari na koi de ii kimi to nara

Kaze ni fuka re tara sugu ni me wo toji te shumau okubyo wa kimi mo

Dare ka no tame ni kokoro kara namida nagaseru kirei na kimi mo

Iro na kimi no kao wo itsumademo mite itai

Iro na kimi no kao wo itsumademo kitte itai

Iro na kimi no yume wo futari de kanaete ikitai

Iro na kimi kara do ai wo zutto kanjitai eien ni

Zutto datte ii omoiinda tomedonaku afurete

Yagate kotoba ni kawari koe ni naru

Ai Shitteru

Dore dake jikan kakete mo tarinai kimi he no ai wo arawasu no wa

Shiawase sugite fui in ni kowkaku naru dakara

Boku wa tada

Nigitate no nukumori nandomo tashikameteru

Minareta kimi no egao itsudemo kamishimeteru

Setsunai hodo itoshii kurushii hodo koishii

Kotoba ni dekinai kono omoi wa eien ni eien ni

Tatoe koe ga karetemo kono inochi ga hatetemo

Kimi ni wa mienai kutemo minna mo taku yo zutto

Nagareru toki no naka de kawa te yuku mainichi

Bokura no kono ai dakara itsumademo kawarazu ni

Setsunai hodo itsoshii kurushii hodo koishii

Kotoba ni dekinai kono omoi wa

Eien ni, Eien ni

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Stunned silence. No one could say anything as the music came to a stop. The silence was broken when Aoi and Kintaro began cheering for their self-proclaimed rival, shouting, 'encore' over and over again which caused their teams to cheer as well, followed by the other more outspoken bunch. Eiji and Momo bounded over glomping their smallest friends. Atobe's drop jaw was quite priceless and Fuji chuckled clicking his camera at the sight. Maybe that will remind Atobe never to mess with Seigaku.

"I don't recognize that song. What is it called? Who sings it?" were voiced, mostly from the girls who had stars in their eyes at not only hearing the beautiful voice but also hearing such beautiful words spoken.

Ryoma stood up and made to leave when he was pushed back down, "I believe you got an encore, so you have to sing another song for the people, yes you do. Who knows maybe Atobe would double the money." Momo grinned.

"I doubt that, Momo-senpai." Ryoma snorted and with a roll of his eyes, knowing he wouldn't be able to leave unless he gave an encore, he sighed and began playing another piece, this one much softer and a sadder then the previous one. He glanced towards his father to see him blink at the familiar tune, before he turned towards his teammates, who moved to sit at the table directly in front of him, "This is a song I wrote a while ago and it's dedicated to my team." The Seigaku students seemed surprise by that and stared at the boy in shock.

'Jibun to no tatakai
Kodoku to iu na no FIGHTER
Wokime mo furazu ni iku ze
Furi kaeru hima nado nai sa

(It's a fight against myself, I'm a fighter named 'Solitude'

I'll keep moving on there's no time for looking back)

Mainchi no tatakai
Makete wa naranai PRESSURE
Chouten ni tatsu tame ni wa hashiri tsuzuke nakyo ikenai

(It's a non-stop fight. I cannot be defeated, it's a pressure.

In order to stand tall at the top, I must keep on running.)

Chi no nijimu youna doryoku wa kirei na hitosuji no ase ni naru
Kitto sonna ase wa CRYSTAL
Eikou wo atsumete niji kagayaku

(A hard working effort will turn into a beautiful sweat

Yes, that sweat is called crystal

Gather the glory and it's shinning on the rainbow.)

Aite wo uchi makasu
Yousha wa shi nai ze GET YOU
Shoubu ni chuucho wa nai sa hijyou na okite ga aru dake

(Defeat the opponent. I show no mercy to anybody. I'll get you

No hesitating in my game. Only the heartless rule exists.)

Shounu ga tsuita toki
Aite wo tataeru BLESS YOU
RIVAL wa taisetsu da ze
Kimi ga ita kara gambareta

(Bless you. Praise the opponent after the game.

Rivals are important. I couldn't have gone this far without you.)

Nikushimi no youna jyounetsu
Sore wa itsuka yuujyou ni kawaru
Dakara ima wa kimi wo itsumeru
Dochira ka ga shouri wo tsukami toru made

(A passion that burns like hatred

Will turn into a friendship someday.

So I'll pressure you

Until one of us grabs a victory.)

Chi no nijimu youna doryoku wa kirei na hitosuji no ase ni naru
Kitto sonna ase wa CRYSTAL
Eikou wo atsumete niji kagayaku

(A hard working effort will turn into a beautiful sweat

Yes, that sweat is called crystal

Gather the glory and it's shinning on the rainbow.)

Kitto kitto sonna ase wa CRYSTAL
Eikou wo atsumete niji kagayaku'

(Yes, the sweat is called crystal

Gather the glory and it's shinning on the rainbow.)

Eiji was wrapped within Oishi's arms, tears falling from his eyes while the rest of the team looked sad but there was a glow in their eyes that spoke of happiness and their unyielding love for the younger boy who had poured everything he had into the song.

Aoi and Kintaro were sobbing quite loudly in their respective spots and when the music came to a stop the two attached themselves to the younger boy. "That was so beautiful Echizen-kun!" Aoi screeched, while Kintaro said 'Koshimae'.

The Seigaku team glanced at each other with smiles before staring at the younger boy as soon as the two first years were pulled away from Ryoma, courtesy of Saeki and Shiraishi, the team advance upon their rookie and embraced him. "That was really nice, Ryoma-chan." Fuji stated.

"Hoi! Hoi! It was a really sad song, Ochibi." Eiji whispered, "But it was beautiful all the same, nya." he glanced towards his partner with a bright smile, "Ne, Oishi?" the vice captain nodded his head in agreement, smiling.

Ryoma would have tugged his cap down, if he was wearing it, "Domo" he replied

Atobe grunted and stood from his seat, "You did get the encore, so ore-sama will follow with my deal." turning he motioned for his team to follow, "Ore-sama shall give you the money at the end of the week." with that said Hyotei left with Shishido and Gakuto snickering at Atobe.

Yukimura smiled and stood up, "Your full of surprises boy-a." the blunet directed a stare towards his team which caused them all to stand, "Thank you for having us, the food and drinks were delicious and the songs were quite beautiful." he bowed, his team following his example before leaving the room.

The rest of the teams followed their example though Kentaro and Kintaro seemed reluctant to leave only doing so when Shiraishi made a silent threat to his rookie by holding up his bandage hand and Saeki told his captain that he could see Echizen later. Once everyone was gone, the Seigaku team along with Ryuuzuki-sensei, Nanjiroh and Nanako helped clean the room up.

After the festival, the Seigaku team decided to go to Kawamura's for some sushi and to hang out with each other. Tezuka and Ryoma was behind the rest of the team, while Oishi and Fuji made everyone walk a head to give the two pillars of the team some privacy and hopefully their stoic captain will finally confess his feelings to the apathetic, cluelessly oblivious rookie.

Ryoma frowned wondering what his senpai-tachi were up to this time, they were acting weird and the only time they do so was when they were hiding something, he wanted to question them but decided against after seeing the mischievous smile painted across his sadist senpai lips, and knew he wouldn't be getting any answers.

Tezuka rolled his eyes as the rest of the team, sans Ryoma, practically took off ahead of them. Really, could they make it anymore obvious. He glanced at the younger boy and saw that Ryoma was perfectly aware that the team was up to something, "Don't mind them too much Echizen, you know how immature your senpai-tachi can be."

Glancing at the older boy, Ryoma nodded his head, "Un." he narrowed his eyes as Eiji and Momo glanced towards them every now and then, smiled and turned to face the front again, he could be mistaken but he was sure he wasn't, that the both of them were giggling only stopping when Oishi, Fuji or Inui would say something to them, most likely a threat of some kind.


Turning towards his captain, "What is it buchou?"

"Would you like to accompany me this weekend?"

Ryoma blinked confused at the question, before glancing towards the others, a smile curling his lips as he returned his attention towards the older teen, finally understanding what was going on, "Like a date?"

"If you want to call it that."

Ryoma nodded his head, "Alright, we'll go on a date on Saturday." with that said, the prince picked up his pace to catch up with his other friends. Pulling his arm back, he smacked both Eiji and Momo, "You two owe me some sushi, let's go." he stated dragging the two away.

Fuji chuckled as he spotted the small boys pink cheeks. "Kawaii." he glanced at Tezuka. "I take it he agreed to go out with you." Tezuka nodded his head. Oishi smiled and congratulated his best friend, while Kaidoh and Taka blushed, offering their own congratulations. Inui nodded his head, scribbling into his notebook.

As the rest of the team entered the Sushi bar, Fuji couldn't help the contented smile that graced his face. Really the day was full of interesting happening; they found out Eiji and Ryoma made good girls, Ryoma has another talent instead of tennis and annoying his opponents and it was all thanks to Atobe trying to embarrass them, Tezuka finally confessed to Ryoma, they had a vacation to look forward to after they returned from a cruise where some guy was funding them so they could play against his tennis team. He was looking for the days to come.