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Chapter 1.

He knew what he was doing. He knew he was hurting himself. He knew that he should've forgotten about him, but he didn't.

Draco Malfoy was sipping his morning coffee while cooking some eggs on the stove. He looked out of the window and saw the beautiful sight that greeted him every morning he made breakfast. Moscow Kremlin was as beautiful as every morning. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lip. Considering the fact that Moscow was widely known to be the most cold city in the world (despite the fact that it was spring), he still liked the idea to live here.

When Draco left school in his sixth year, he never went back. He went to his mother that night, told her everything that had happened between them, told her about his condition, and asked her to swear that she won't tell anything to his father. She swore and he believed her. And Draco told her, that he had to leave the country, and for good. He couldn't simply stay there, with all the memories still fresh in his mind. So he chose the only place that he knew would bring him safety and comfort. Russia.

He remembered the first day when he and his mum flew here. The apartment looked ghastly and smelled like a troll has died, and been there for years. But Draco loved it. He knew he'd been silly when he begged his mother to buy this exact apartment for him, which now looked a very beautifully made home, but he got what he wanted. And he was happy here.

He was back to present by the pills of laughter that erupted from the closed door of the small bedroom. His small smile turned into a full blown grin as he heard the door to the bedroom open and heard the soft padding of feet behind him.

They were trying to keep quiet, but the small giggles that left their lips, gave them away. Draco stood there, tense, waiting for them to strike. He slowly closed the fire of the stove, in case they got wild, like they usually did, and he was just about to turn around when with a great shout both of them attacked him and pulled him down to the floor. Hands running wildly of his waist, Draco couldn't help but laugh loudly as they tickled him.

"Хватить! Прекратите!" (Stop it! stop it!) Draco gasped out and struggled to get free from their hands, but failed miserably.

"Нет нет нет!" (No no no!) Siria jumped up and down where she stood, her little bare feet making slapping noises against the tile floor of the kitchen; her Russian as perfect as it should've been, considering she had grown here.

"Скорпиус, ну давай же прекрати!" (Scorpius, come on stop it) Draco begged his son.

"Нет!" (No!) cried out Scorpius, his son, and continued to run his hands over his daddy's belly and Siria continued to giggle with Draco and clapping her hands excitedly.

"Ну все, все дажай те я сдаюсь," (Ok ok, I give up.) Draco gasped out and lied down fully on the floor, breathing hard through his mouth. He looked at his children as they lay on his chest, looking at him with mischievous emerald eyes, so similar to the ones he had so missed. He quickly ignored that thought and looked at them.

Scorpius was the copy of him; lean frame, sharp nose and chin, high aristocratic cheekbones, white-blond, fine hair. His eyes weren't grey as his, but emerald as their dad's.

Siria's eyes were dad's too, and she looked like Harry too, round innocent face, wide curious bright eyes. Her body was growing in a very beautiful way. Her hair was black. Just like his dad's.

Draco sat up and looked at his kids. They looked and didn't look like each other, but they were different too. Scorpius was shy and quiet, whereas Siria was loud and bright. Scorpius was a bookworm, whereas Siria was into jokes. But Draco forbade her to do any pranks that would upset him or Scorpius. He loved the both of them so much that it hurt sometimes when he would leave the house for his job.

He owned a bookstore which was right in the corner of the street, his kids would go with him to the store too, but it still never gave him enough time to spend with them. Now it was Sunday, and he was planning to spend it with them.

"Alright, play time is over," said Draco as he stood up, Siria and Scorpius following his step. "Go wash up and we'll have breakfast."

Both of them, without another word jogged to the bathroom and he heard the splash of the water. He sighed and leaned against the counter, watching the beautiful sight in front of him more, and then he tore his eyes away as he heard his children coming back to kitchen, looking fresh now. He smiled softly, as they silently sat across from each other on the round kitchen table, leaving the middle one for him.

"Что на завтрак?" (What's for breakfast?) asked Siria swinging her legs back and forth with anticipation.

"Pancakes," said Draco and placed her plate in front of her and Scorpius.

"Yay!" Siria cried out with excitement. Draco knew that she liked pancakes, knew that Scorpius did too, but he would never tell him that. He was too proud, just like him. Draco, with a plate of his own, sat between them and they all started to eat. Few minutes into it, and they were all laughing and talking about some not important stuff. The phone rang. Draco walked towards it, where it was perched at the wall, still laughing at something Siria said, and answered it.

"Да?" (Yeah?)

"Draco?" a female voice said from the other end.

"Hey Hermione," answered Draco. "It's Aunt Hermione kids." He held up the phone and the kids shout out "Hi Aunty!" When Draco placed it over his ear, Hermione was laughing quietly.

"Hey, so what's up?"

"Nothing much, Severus is at the apothecary, so I thought I'd call you."

"How's Eileen?" asked Draco, referring to Hermione and Severus' 5 years old daughter.

"She's been great actually. She's been asking a lot about her Uncle Dray actually."

Draco laughed softly, knowing where Hermione was heading. "Tell her she'll have to come and visit me."

"And I was thinking it'd be the other way around."


"Draco, you can't keep hiding there all the time," said Hermione patiently. "And Sev missed you too, but won't tell you that, you know him, but I can feel it. He is talking about you a lot now, about your-"

"Hermione please stop," Draco closed his eyes and leaned his head on the wall, and then whispered, "You know that I can't come because of him."

There was silence; Hermione knew to whom he was referring to now. "I haven't seen him for weeks," whispered Hermione, "I was hoping he'll come for Eileen's birthday in a month, but I can't get hold of him. Ron tells me he is alright, and he's working, but…" Hermione trailed off.

Draco could hear the desperation and need to be closer to her friend. Draco understood her completely. He had missed him too, and he wanted nothing more than to see him again, to be able to talk to him, touch him, hold him, kiss him… Draco shook his head and sighed. It wasn't good to think about it right now, when it was still morning, and the kids were awake.

He knew that he shouldn't have but he couldn't stop the words that tumbled over his lips, "I will be there for Eileen's Birthday," there was silence, and Draco added, "I will bring the kids too."

"Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter you are the most brilliant person I have ever known! I could kiss and hug you right now!" Hermione's delighted cries of excitement were enough to put Draco in good mood and not think of what he had just agreed to. "Oh my God, Eileen is going to be so happy."

"I bet she would," there was a crash of something being breaking, Draco turned around and saw Siria and Scorpius on the floor, cleaning the floor off the glass. "Hermione I have to go."

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, nothing major. Talk to you later?"

"Yeah, sure."



The connection ended and Draco quickly walked towards them.

"What the hell are you two doing? I can't even leave you two alone for a second and you do this?" Draco angrily waved his wand and the floor was clear once again. Siria and Scorpius shuffled to their feet and backed away from Draco, looking fearfully at Draco's wand. Draco closed his eyes and breathed in and out from his nose, calming him down slowly. He shouldn't have gotten angry. He rarely used magic these days, especially in front of his kids, but this sudden anger was not acceptable or excusable. With last calming breath he opened his eyes and dropped his wand, kneeling down in front of them he started to talk to them calmly. "I'm sorry babies; I didn't mean to be like this. I was just a bit angry, but not at you. I promise. I didn't mean it to happen. Come here," Siria was the first one to run into his waiting arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face at the crook of it and sniffling. His other arm was still open for Scorpius, waiting for him to come to him. Scorpius still looked at him with guarded expression, his eyes filled with unshed tears. "Scorpius," Draco whispered softly, begging him.

Scorpius slowly walked towards him then hugged him. Draco let out a soft sigh of relief and squeezed them close to him, closing his eyes and silently begging them to forgive him.

Siria kissed the side of his neck and pulled back, Scorpius following suit. The both of them were sniffling. Draco swallowed hard and reached out, with a trembling hand, to wipe away their tears.

"Why don't you go and get ready so we can go to park?" asked Draco, his voice low and gentle.

"Да папа," (Yes, dad.) said Scorpius and took Siria's hand in his and the both of them walked towards their bedroom, closing the door after them softly.

Draco puffed out a breath and ran a hand over his mussed hair. He was only 23, but he looked incredibly tired and felt older than he was. He had raised his kids alone, without his mother's help, but now he wished he had someone at his side, to help him at least get off the floor.


Where was he? Why didn't he make any contacts with Hermione at least? And what the bloody hell was he working on? Draco shook his head and stood up; looking around his kitchen to make sure it was clean before they had to go out. He looked down on what he was wearing and scowled. Outside clothes were more presentable then his worn out pajama pants and the white T-shirt that he never wanted to pull off of him, but he knew that he had to change. He walked down the hall, to the first door on his left side, was his bedroom. It wasn't large, nor it was small, it was in comfortable size that would hold one bedroom, a wardrobe and a drawer. Draco walked towards the small armchair that he had on the far corner of his bedroom and wore the grey T-Shirt with dark grey pants from yesterday. Then he walked out of his bedroom, running his hands through his hair few times, and towards his kid's room. He knocked softly then opened the door.

Whenever he would walk into their room, a sense of calm would engulf him suddenly and he'd forget about his worries. The room had an airy feeling to it. The ceiling was colored with baby soft blue, small clouds were littered here and there, the walls were painted with trees and flowers, you could see a brilliant shining rainbow splattered over them, and small Matryoshka dolls at the bottom of the wall. They were Siria's favorite dolls. She had them in all sizes and in all colors. She would take care of them daily talk to them, but never allowed anyone to get closer to them. The Matryoshka dolls were at Siria's side. Now, on Scorpius' side of the wall, you could see small bunnies. He even had a small bunny, and called him Butch. Scorpius simply adored him. Who would've thought his son would be such a Hufflepuff.

Their beds were green. They wanted it to match, so Draco got the both of them the same styled beds. They had a walk-in bedroom and drawers too. Draco made sure that the both of them were comfortable in their bedroom. He didn't care about him, as long as his kids were happy, he was happy with them.

"Поехали?" (Let's go?) Draco asked them as they finished tying their sneakers.

"Да пап," (yes, dad) Siria said and bounced off her bed, she rolled her eyes at Scorpius who took a little longer than her and walked out of the bedroom.

Draco grinned at her back and walked towards Scorpius' bed; who was clearly having some problems with tying his sneakers.

"Need help?" asked Draco as he kneeled down in front of him. Scorpius didn't answer, but simply sat back and waited for his dad to do the job. "Are you alright?" Scorpius nodded. Draco finished tying his sneakers and then, sat beside Scorpius and nudged him by his shoulder. "Скажи мне, что случилось?" (Tell me what's wrong?)

"Dad, I kind of heard what you were talking about with Aunt Hermione," he mumbled into his chest, and Draco strained his ears to catch what he was saying, while willing his wild beating to calm down. "Are we going to leave Russia?"

Draco licked his dried lips and looked at Scorpius' profile, "I don't know yet, but maybe…yes."

"Я не хочу…" (I don't want to)

"Почему?" (Why?) asked Draco softly, he placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and squeezed it.

"Потому что отец меня не любит," (Because father doesn't love me) his voice was small, a mere whisper as he said it, but Draco caught everything that left his lips.

His heart was beating even faster and he didn't know how to answer him. He knew to whom Scorpius was referring to, after all his kids knew about their father. Draco turned his head to the side, where the bed-table sat and his breath left him in one big whoosh. He knew that it was there, he himself placed it there, but it never failed to leave him breathless. Harry looked at him with a brilliant smile on his face, and he would wave occasionally at him with one hand, while the other stayed in his pocket. He was full of life in that picture, and he never looked as beautiful as he did in there. There were other pictures of him too, but this one…this one was everything to him.

Hermione had sent him some pictures that she had with her, and Draco would look at them hungrily, and would place them all over the house, so he could have the smallest of comfort that he still had Harry with him. His kids adored him, and they wanted to meet him, but knew that they still couldn't. Draco was proud to tell that his kids were mature enough to understand the seriousness of the situation. But before they had to leave for England, he had to talk to them once more, but now it wasn't the time.

Draco swallowed hard and gave Scorpius a one-armed hug and kissed the crown of his head. "Nonsense, everyone loves you, and I'm sure dad's going to love you too when he'll meet you."

"But he doesn't even know that I exist!" whispered Scorpius and looked at Draco, with huge grey eyes.

"Can't you remember the story that I have told you about me and your dad's life love? You and I both know that deep inside of his heart, he still can remember you, and it just needs more time to help him get back his memories. He'll remember you. I'm sure of it."

Scorpius sniffled and turned his head towards Draco, burying his face into his dad's chest. Draco wrapped his arms around his small frame and squeezed him.

"Promise?" his daughter's small voice snapped him out of his musings and he looked at where Siria was standing; her eyes bright with unshed tears and lower lip trembling. Draco held out one hand and Siria run towards him, hugging him. Draco placed a soft kiss on her forehead and whispered. "Обещаю." (Promise)

Draco didn't know if he did the right thing of promising his kids something that was so out of his hand, but he had to keep their hopes up. Like he had to keep his up, because, he was sure, in the end everything would be good, and he'd have Harry back in his life in no time. He was never one for dreaming, but when his babies were born he knew that he couldn't stop the dreams that would assault his brain whenever he was relaxing or talking to them about Harry.

Harry. His one and only true love, didn't remember him.

A heavy sadness crashed over his heart and he tightened his hold on them and kissed their heads quickly, while willing himself to stay strong for his kids; to not show his weak side.

The side that still missed Harry.

The side that would never forget about Harry.

The side that felt empty.

And he wanted nothing more than to fill it once again with warmth that was his Harry. And he would go to Eileen's Birthday party no matter what. If he'd see Harry there, he'd act normal, if not, well, that was his destiny.

With that thought in mind, he placed one last kiss on his kids foreheads and stood up in order to leave for the park; his mind already planning their trip.

Why did he agree to this?