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Chapter 8:

"It's been 7 months Hermione. Seven long months and there's nothing from him…" Harry sighed and dropped down on the couch of Hermione's living room.

"He's fine Harry. He-"

"I know that you are lying. He didn't even call you for the last couple of months, did he?" mumbled Harry, staring dully at the coffee table.

Hermione sighed and sat, rather awkwardly, beside Harry. Being five months pregnant was wearing on her, and she was already huge. "Harry, you have to understand that he's got his own life now…he wants to live a separate life from everyone."

"But he can't," said Harry. "He can't because, we are bonded, and we have kids…how's that even possible?"

"Which one?"

"The "having kids together" part?"

"Oh…" Hermione scratched the back of her neck; this was going to be a long conversation. "Okay…I'm going to tell you this, but you'll have to promise me not to freak out."

"I'll try not to."

"Are you sure about this Harry?" asked Ron, as he fidgeted with the belt of the airplane.

"Yes," came Harry's simple reply.

The two of them were leaving for Russia. Hermione couldn't come with them, for being pregnant, and Ron had his reasons. One of them was 'I have never been outside England, this should be fun.' Harry looked at his friend and smiled to himself. As much as he disliked Draco, he was still supportive. Ron had told him that he was not supportive of their relationship in the beginning, but now, that he had seen his friend's anxiety for the past months; he had to step up and do something.

Harry got comfortable in his seat, and closed his eyes, remembering what Hermione told him about how their kids were…created.

"Because of the high race of Homosexuality in Wizarding world, there is an ancient magic, in every pureblood male that allows them to get pregnant. As you know, every pureblood wants to have an heir for their name, so, the night they get bonded, they have to consummate with their partner, in order to get pregnant."

"But, Hermione, I don't understand."

"Which part?"

"He...Draco, was always a top he never bottomed in his life, as far as I knew…or remembered."


"So, you mean, that… he was waiting for the right one to be a bottom, so he could…"

Hermione nodded.

"Harry," Ron's voice woke Harry from his nap. "You fell asleep, mate. And we are about to arrive to Russia."

Harry nodded and rubbed a hand over his eyes. He didn't know what he was going to say to Draco when he saw him, but…in his heart, he didn't know what the feeling was, but in there, he was impatiently waiting to see his kids.

"Ron…" said Harry, as if realizing something.


"I'm a dad…"

Ron looked at his friend's faraway look and didn't say anything. Only, he knew that what will happen in Russia would be for good.

"Yes Harry. You are."

"Scorpius, fetch me all Lermontov's books, please? We need to count them."

"Yes dad," Scorpius walked towards the front of the shop and started browsing. Siria soon joined him and the both of them started collecting them.



"Do you think daddy will be happy?"

"He isn't?"

"Of course he's not," said Siria, with the role of her eyes. "I meant, dad isn't with us anymore, and daddy seems pretty down about it…"

"Oh…" was all Scorpius managed to say. He tried not to dwell on the fact that their daddy smiled so little when they got back from England, but when Siria mentioned it… Scorpius sighed and grabbed some books from the shelf; he turned around and stopped dead; the books flying down from his arms.

"Scorp, what ha-oh," Siria lost the ability to talk as she saw why Scorpius behaved like that.

There he was, their dad, standing with Ron at his side, looking down at them nervously, a small smile on his lips. "Hello." He said awkwardly.

"Hi," the twins replied back.

"How are you?"

"I-we are good. How are you da-Harry?" Siria asked a little nervously. She silently scolded herself for her almost slipping.

"I'm doing great, Siria," Harry was looking at them with a new eye. He now could feel the love and possessiveness that he was feeling towards his kids. He always cared for them, that were for sure, but now…it was different. Now he knew that he somehow got a part of creating them, he was feeling deep emotions that he could not control. In a second he was down on his knees and was crashing them to his chest, to a deep hug. He felt his heart race as the two of them hugged him back just as equally tight. "I love you so much," he whispered to them.

"I love you too, dad," whispered Siria.

"Me too," said Scorpius, following his sister's lead.

Harry kissed both of their temples and pulled back looking at them. The two of them beamed at him, their faces exactly like his and Draco's. Definitely their kids. Speaking of Draco.

"Where's Draco?"

"In the back of the shop, there's a staircase which will lead you down to the cellar and his office," said Scorpius quickly.

"Thanks," Harry got to his feet and looked at Ron who only nodded to him, indicating that he was fine. Harry nodded back, and turned around walking towards the stairs.

Harry's heart was thumping in his ribs, his palms were sweating, and he was taking calming breaths. He walked down the stairs, and took the final deep breath, before knocking on the door.

"Come in," a muffled voice replied and Harry opened the door. Draco was nowhere in sight. The office was filled with boxes and books; at the right side of the room was a heavy looking desk, filled with papers and books. Harry walked in and closed the door, he turned around and bolted it, closing it a good measure.

Harry turned around and walked a bit more into the room and his heart nearly stopped as Draco came out from behind one of the boxes and stopped on his track. The two men looked at one another and said nothing. Draco looked so different from the last time he had seen him; he looked a bit taller (if that was even possible), his hair was short, but long enough to grab, and he looked sexy as fuck. Harry's cock pulsed at the thought, and he nervously run a hand through his hair. This was awkward.

"Uh…hi," he said and looked at Draco for some reaction. None, great. "I…uh…that is to say…you…you look good," still nothing. "I-I talked to Hermione. Sh-She explained to me, about the…ah…the…"

"Potter, stop stuttering and get down to business, I don't have much time for it."

Potter, not Harry. Well, bugger. "Hermione told me all about our bonding and about how you got pregnant," Harry took a step forward, "It freaks the hell out of me, and I still can't wrap it around my head how it was even possible, but…I don't know why, but I feel connected to them. I feel connected to the kids that I barely even know, and you know what the freakiest part is in this whole thing? Is that they accepted me. I didn't say anything-"

"What do you mean by saying 'they accepted you'?" asked Draco sharply.

"Well, I didn't tell them anything, they just hugged me, and I told them that I love them, and they said they love me too…and added 'dad' in the end."

Draco's mouth opened up in shock, and then snapped it back, frowning. He pursed his lips and turned back to work. Harry allowed himself to sigh in relief before walking towards the silent blond.

"Draco," he waited for him to look at him, "I'm sorry for not believing in you. I know it's too late to apologize, but… It will never be late for me, because, I'm slowly losing it…and I…" Harry's eyes dipped down to Draco's lips, and then looked back at Draco's silvery eyes. He took another step closer and bit his lower lip. "I want to kiss you, but I don't know if it's appropriate."

"If you don't know, maybe take a risk and try it?" said Draco, his voice a low rumble.

Harry closed the gap between them in a second and Draco sucked in a breath as he felt Harry's lips on his. It's been too long, and he's done with waiting. Draco turned around and brought Harry closer to him by wrapping his arms around his waist. Harry moaned at the contact. Draco cupped his cheek and tilted his head up, licking his lower lip, demanding an entrance to Harry's warm cavern, and Harry opened his mouth, and the kiss deepened.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and stood up on his toes to get closer. But it wasn't close enough. He tugged Draco's blond hair and ripped his lips off from his lips, nipping harshly on his chin. Draco moaned and dropped his head back as Draco kissed his way at the base of his neck and then licked his way back to his mouth.

Draco turned them around and made Harry sit on his desk, scattering papers and books to the floor first. Draco kissed Harry's nose, closed eyes, temples, everywhere he could kiss. He missed this so much. He rested his forehead on Harry's and took calming breaths. He had to think rationally. He had to think about Harry, and if Harry wanted it.

"Yes, yes don't stop. Please Draco, don't…" Harry let out a strangled cry as Draco dived in and nipped at Harry's warm neck, leaving a bruise there. Harry started to tug on Draco's pants, Draco was doing the same.

"Damn these pants," Draco muttered under his breath as he tugged on Harry's pant one last time, "Aha" he cried out in triumph and Harry wiggled a bit to help Draco off his legs. Once free from his own, he opened Draco's zipper, slipped his hand inside Draco's underpants and brought out his hard leaking cock. He wanted to taste it, but knew there was no time for it right now… right now, Draco was pulling him forward a bit, placing his legs over his shoulders, and was positioning himself at his entrance.

It was a really, really weird feeling something inside of him.

Harry's eyes snapped open. He knew this…somehow. The sensation of Draco over himself, and easing himself in… Harry's eyes rolled back and his back arched up as Draco pushed in. He gripped on Draco's shoulders tightly and he was sure that he was going to leave bruises, but he really didn't care about that, because Draco was moving, with slow, deep, thrusts. He never felt this full in his life, and he welcomed the familiar feeling.

"God," Draco moaned as he leaned forward, stretching Harry a bit more, taking a deeper access to his body, and moved his hips a bit faster.

"H-harder," Harry choked out and moved his hips, meeting Draco thrust for thrust.

Draco gripped the edge of the desk and pounded into Harry mercilessly, God he had missed this. He missed hearing Harry's whimpers, begs, a breathy moan that would escape his lips as he'd touch him. He missed Harry's dark lustful green eyes as they bore into his like he did right now. And he knew that when Harry would clench his muscles tightly around him, and would fist himself as fast as he could, was the sign of him coming.

He moved back and opened his legs wider and looked skyward groaning loudly. He was so close, so close to coming.

"I'm coming," Harry whimpered and he had a time to look down as Harry came into his hand and his cum cover a part of his exposed stomach and shirt, and Draco thought that he'd never be tired of seeing Harry come un-done under him, ever.

Few seconds later, Draco was coming. He never had come that hard for the last seven years of his life. Draco rode his orgasm and sighed in relief as he leaned forward and kissed Harry. He rested his head on Harry's shoulder and tried to calm his breathing, his breath tickling Harry's ear.

Harry on his part was stunned. He was getting these snippets of memories that he had no idea what it meant. A groan left his lips and he closed his eyes.

"Is this the book you wanted?" Draco asked him, making sure his voice tickled the side of Potter's ear.

Harry nipped his lip again, and Malfoy purred.

Harry quickly took Draco's face in his and looked into his eyes, he pulled Draco down and nipped at his lower lip, and Draco purred.

"What are you doing?" Draco practically whimpered.


Harry turned his head to the side and his eyes landed on a Golden Galleon sitting neatly on a thick book.

'I'm sorry Malfoy, but I still can't tell you who I am, because…' Harry stopped. He looked side-ways at Malfoy, who was still sitting to himself looking down at his hands.

'Because what?'

'Because…' Harry swallowed. His hands shook as he tapped his wand at the coin once again, before placing it back into his pocket. 'Because I don't want to lose you, not yet…'

Harry looked up at Draco with wide-eyes.

"I can't lose you, not yet…"

"You are incredible…"

"You are gorgeous…"


"Harry Potter, I want to be with you, until the very end of my life, will you do the greatest honor of accepting this ring of bonding?"

"You asked me to bond with you?" Draco nodded.

Draco licked his lips and waited for Harry to elaborate but he didn't get another answer from him. He huffed out a breath and scratched his forehead, "Harry, I know I acted like a jerk-"

"-Yes you did-"

"-but because you acted like a small child!" exclaimed Draco, at the bridge of a full blown rage. "You are acting as if it's the end of the world! As if, if you tell Granger about our engagement, which you did tell her, she was going to celebrate it with you," said Draco. "She is a Muggle-born, she doesn't understand about this, it's a lot for her to take in, that a boy can marry another bloke. Don't look like that. I know she is not against gays, but it's not something that is welcomed for Muggles. It's a normal ritual for us, for Wizards. Gays and lesbians get married all the time. We are getting married in a few days-"

"We had a fight about me being all childish and fussing over the wedding?" Draco nodded, his face beaming. Harry was remembering. "I was such a sap."

"You bet."

"And here comes the bonding ceremony…I still can't believe you kept the secret about you being able to get pregnant."

"Yeah, well I wanted to tell you about it, but I didn't have the courage to do so."

"And I wonder why…" Draco simply shrugged.

"Hermione and Blaise did a great job… and here comes the sex. Oh yes…" Harry moaned the last part and wrapped his arms around Draco tightly, kissing his forehead. "God it's hot…"


"Oh yeah…"

'He is kind of glowing, but I wouldn't call it a glow. He looks happier.'

"Hermione tells me about your 'glow'…"

"When did that happen?"

"In Potions class?"

"What? No way."

"Oh yes, and she was right too. You were glowing."

Draco punched his arm, laughing.

"You know what? We are over. I don't want to have a relationship with someone like you!"

"Harry, please, you can't do this,"

"Ouch, I kind of walked all over our relationship because of you being a Death Eater and talking to Snape about assisting you to allow the others into Hogwarts."

"Yeah…not the best memory…"

"And here comes my favorite part I think…"

"Come on," Draco grabbed him by the hand and stirred him to the back of the Room, getting the both of them away from the Cabinet. When they were at the safe distance, Draco brought Harry to his chest and kissed him on the lips. "Harry, you have to listen to me, okay? I know that we are both scared of what is going to happen, but I'm asking you to please, please, be careful. You know how Death Eaters work. They have no mercy whatsoever. And I have to act on their side in this battle that will start when they'll be in completely. I've to do cruel things to you and your friends, but you have to remember that you are the most important thing in my life, okay? You are my sunshine, and please be careful, because I don't want my sunshine to be taken from me. You are the only reason that makes me happy and see the best in this world," he paused here to let Harry register what he had said so far, then continued. "And just so you know, I'm not going to be the only one that will wait for you in the end, when everything's over." He took Harry's hand and placed it gently over his stomach. Harry's eyes went wider, if it were possible.

Harry pulled Draco and kissed him slowly and softly. He pulled back a minute ago and looked at Draco. "How could I be so stupid and not know that you were carrying my kids? You practically told me that you were pregnant and I didn't even realize it."

"Well, we both know that you aren't the brightest person on this planet." Harry punched him again.

"But I should've guessed it-"

"What difference would it make? I mean, after that you kind of lost it…"

"Yeah, but still," Harry was feeling guilty of not guessing it quickly in the first place.

"Hey hey, listen," Draco cupped Harry's face and forced him to look at him. "It's in the past now. Okay? And now is the time to live in present. I don't care what happened in the past. I want to live from now to the future."

"And I want to as well."

"Then let's live together, from now on."

"But…you do realize that I still have problems, I'm broken, I-"

Draco kissed Harry softly, shutting him up. "And I'll be there with you until the very end."