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Set after Season 9 in the world of Red vs Blue.

Story background

The Guys go back to Valhalla to face each other once again. Doing what they do best lol. While due to the death of wink Church wink .Caboose mange to contact the real command .To get them to send a new person ,to help them fight the Reds.

Unknowing sending a rival person, to once person on the Blue team.

Teams at the moment

Red : Sarge, Grif, Simmons and Lopez.

Blue: Tucker, Caboose and Agent Washington.

New Blue member

Name : General Ox. (Short for Oxford)

Real Name : Stuart David.

Age : 29.

Group : Part of the Commonwealth project ( Basic copy of the Project freelancer.)

History : Secret will be unlock through the story.

Height : 6 ft 2.

Main weapons : Spartan Lazar, katana sword and Battle Rifle.

Alien weapons : Gravity Hammer and Needler.

Spartan Armour: Black as the main colour, with red going though it. (Recon Armour) With a Lion head logo,with the English flag under it. As it appear on both of his arms. While the katana sword was on his back.

Armour special ability: Armour Lock and Sprint.

AI : Nala (Adult Nala from Lion king) She is a very smart A.I like Delta,but she was also a very strong A.I as well. She can Ox strategic advice,as well increasing his power and speed by 50% .

Chapter 1 New Blue

It had been 2 weeks from the final battle with the Meta. The Red and Blues had finally got back to their war. If War is sitting down and doing nothing. Then yeah they were, at war with each other.

At the Red base Sarge was yelling at the top of his lugs, barking his orders. Mostly at Grif while Simmons and Lopez ,just sat on the sofa in their living room area. Of the base,after Sarge had rebuilt Lopez. Who was still speaking Spanish,much to Reds annoyance.

" Grif how many times,do I have to tell you. About looking after your weapons and our weapons." Sarge said shouting at the lazy Orange solider.

Grif sighed rolling his eyes in his helmet, as he was biting his tongue. At the so called leader, which he wanted to punch his lights out.

" What the point ,who are we going to use them agents. Since the Blues don't exist any more, so there is no army to fight." Grif said lazy to Sarge.

" That isn't the point meat shield ,there is still those dirty Blues. They will use any dirty tactics, to defeat us. " Sarge said arguing his point, to the lazy fighter.

Grif sighed knowing it was going to be a long day. An their was no point arguing,with him. Since it would be easer on his body and mind.

Blue base

Tucker and Washington both look at the most dumbest, solider to walk the earth. Sighing deeply, wondering what he had done this time.

" What have you done, this time Caboose" Tucker asked the Blue solider.

" Well a man called me and ask me if, we need a new member and I said yes. Since we need some one to replace Church." Caboose said happy but was sad now. Because about losing his best friend.

"Wait a new solider ,Caboose did the man tell you. Who this person was?" Washington asked slowly, to the dumb solider.

" Yes , he asked if we like person like Tex. " Caboose said to them.

Both Tucker and Washington ,both look at each other. This was not going, to be good for them. As Caboose looked on,not knowing what problems. He may of cause,to them.

Inside a pelican heading towards Valhalla

A Black and Red solider sat on a seat, with a hologram of a Lioness chatting to the Spartan .

" Are you sure, this a good idea Stu." asked the A.I.

" Im sure it be fine ,it just a bunch or reds. Training to us ,what the worst that could happen. " The Spartan said to the A.I.

End of chapter 1

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