The first line of this is from K9, Season 1, Episode 2: Liberation. It was too tempting to pass up on!

"I cannot just sit here, waiting to be dismembered!" Watson shouted, throwing his hands up in the air.

Holmes sat back in his chair and watched, smoking his pipe. "My dear Watson, sitting here is your only reasonable option. If you leave the house, you will immediately be caught. I'm afraid you cannot help but sit here."

"But what of my patients, Holmes?" Watson asked, pacing the room. "I must care for them, many of them cannot afford another doctor."

"I fear that there is nothing you can do about it, Watson. You cannot leave this room."

Watson whirled in Holmes's direction. "What if one of my patients dies, because I did not go and care for them, and instead remained here? I can not let that happen."

"And if you go to care for them, and are killed?" Holmes asked, springing up from his chair. "No, Watson, I cannot let that happen. You must stay here."

Watson, surprised by the uncharacteristic display of affection, sat down on his chair. "Very well Holmes, I will stay."

Holmes took up his violin and started to play. Watson heard the unspoken thank you hidden in the music.

"You're welcome, Holmes," he murmured.