Kululu stretched his arms when he got up. Parara rolled over to meet his gaze.

"Kuku...I have an idea..." he said.

"What?" He whispered his plan to her.

"Aaaaw! Let s do it!" Kululu got two empty syringes and went into Keroro's room. Hey, they were sleeping together already. Cute. He stuck the needle in Keroro's arm and pulled out the plunger. Then he did the same to Tamama.

"Ku kuku." He ran out of the room. Parara waited until he came back.

"Okay, I got their DNA. Let's combine them."

1 hour later a dark tadpole lay on the table. It's symbol was a circle with a line, showing how two became one.

"Aaaw! She's so cute!" Parara gushed. Kululu picked it up and put it in Keroro's room. They sat back in front of the monitor.


"What's wro- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The baby looked at her screaming parents, and then screeched. Tamama finally calmed down a little.

"How?! We didn t- uh, do...anything!" Keroro stopped.

"Kululu." Parara and Kululu shot in.

"You called?" Keroro held up the tadpole.

"Care to explain, Sergeant Major?" Kululu giggled.

"I might've combined your DNA..." Tamama smiled.

"Yay! We got a baby!" Keroro looked a little less than thrilled.

"How do we take care of it?" Tamama grabbed the little baby.

"We gotta name it! I vote Kemumu!" Keroro smiled.

"I like it. Hey, Kululu, are you and Parara gonna have a tadpole?" Parara giggled.

"Not a bad idea, huh, Senpai?" He shrugged.

"I will have...TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD! KUKU!"

Parara jumped back. "Oh no, Kululu's a vampire! Keroro, save me!"

He ran over and shouted, "Oh, mighty vampire, go back to your musty coffin, or I'll shine this flashlight upon you!" Tamama grabbed it and shone it at him.

"Noooooo! Remember, I ll be back, kuku!" Kululu lowered to the floor. "I melted. Kukuku."

Parara laughed. "That was fun!" She grabbed an empty needle and stuck it in Kululu s arm.

"OW!" She giggled.

"Going soft, Kulu-chan? He stepped back and shook his head.

"No way. Not me." Parara used the other needle to get her blood. She didn't even flinch.

"This proves my point. I am tougher than you are." Kululu sprang at her.

"THAT S IT! IMMA GET YOU!" She squealed and jumped at the air.

"I'm faster, too!" She ran to the lab, and mixed the blood together. Yes! She suddenly felt less connection.

"What is going on? I'm not leaving, am I? NO! KULULU! DON'T GO!" Her spirit flew up to heaven.

"No! NO!"

Kululu ran in, and saw Parara's form get up. "Are you okay, Parara?" he asked. Red, unfamiliar eyes turned towards him.

"There is no more Parara..." the owner said.