The nurse's voice was kind, but her face revealed her boredom and resigned patience. "Mrs Williams," She began.

"Pond." Amy corrected instinctively, then paused, flinching. Despite being married to Rory for quite some time, she still wasn't used to her changed surname. She was a Williams now, but she still preferred being called Pond- the name suited her

But refusing to switch her name to Rory's would have hurt him, confused him, so Amy had reluctantly become a Williams. It wasn't so bad actually- it had surprised her how easily it fit with her name.

"I mean, no, you're right, sorry. Mrs Williams, yeah."

The nurse blinked once. "Very well. Mrs Williams, I understand it you wish to have children?"

Amy shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably. "Yes, we do." She confirmed, and the nurse nodded.

"Well, I'm very sorry to tell you it isn't possible. Now-" The nurses voice faded into nothing, and the mint green walls swum before Amy's eyes.

"Would you want kids, Mels?" Amy asked her, fiddling absently with her toy TARDIS. "When we're grown up." She added.

Mels was stretched out comfortably on the floor of Amy's bedroom. She sat up to give Amy a disdainful look. "No," She scoffed. "Why would I?"

Amy shrugged, whooshing the TARDIS through the air. Mels appraised her carefully. "Would you?"

"Maybe. 'Pends. I'd name him Doctor."

"Doctor?" Mels asked with a snort. "What sort of a name is that? He'd get teased a bunch."

"He would not!" Amy fired back, eyes blazing. "It's a brilliant name. 'Sides, the Doctor never got teased."

"I'd tease any boy named Doctor." Mels muttered, rolling over. "Ridiculous." She murmured, more softly this time.

Amy chucked the paper TARDIS at her best friend's face, then remembered Rory, sitting quietly in the corner of the room.

"What about you, Ror?" She asked cheerfully. Rory's eyes lit up. "I'd love to have kids when I'm grown up! I love playing with the little kids at school!" He spoke enthusiastically, and Amy rolled her eyes. "That's why we're you're only friends." She sighed to the ceiling. "Cool kids don't pay attention to the little ones."

"Cool kids don't have imaginary friends either." Mels pointed out swiftly, and Amy stiffened. "He's real, he is!" She spat.

"Of course he is. Hey, let's play Raggedy Doctor." Rory soothed. Amy smiled happily. "Okay, you'll be-"

"Mrs. Williams? Are you all right?" The nurse asked, and Amy realized she'd drifted into a sort of daydream. "Yeah..." She said distantly. Without listening to the other woman's words, she wandered out of the long, wide hallway, in a daze, her head roaring. She found herself in her car, starting it up without even realizing it.

Soon she was driving, not paying attention to the roads that shimmered wetly with the morning's rain. She turned down a familiar street and parked outside her house, stumbling inside, forgetting to lock the door behind her.

She sank down at the table placed center in the kitchen, staring numbly at the gleaming white floors. Nine words repeated in her head, over and over, like a song stuck in a reverse loop.

I'm very sorry to tell you it isn't possible.

I'm very sorry to tell you it isn't possible.

I'm very sorry to tell you it isn't possible.

Isn't possible.

There's the first chapter of my threeshot thing based on what Amy said in Asylum of the Daleks. That she can't have children. This story will detail what happened, how she kicked Rory out, Amy's feelings, and will finish up when Amy and Rory kiss at the end of AoTD. Please favorite, follow, review, tell me what you think! ~Jez