"They're subtracting love." The Doctor paused, his words hanging in the air, and he gritted his teeth.
"Don't let them."

And he was gone, racing deeper into the labyrinth filled with insane Daleks, charging ahead and not looking back. Amy stared at the ground, her fingers tightening into fists. Did the Doctor really think they could subtract her love for Rory? Because if he did, he knew absolutely nothing about her or her relationship with Rory.

Anger filled her, turning her vision a deep red. She was furious at Rory, too- after all the times she has told him she loved him, risked her life for his, after everything they'd been through together... He would just let go because of a few angry looks, unkind things shouted in a harsh tone of voice?

Amy wouldn't have. She would have fought for their relationship kicking and screaming all the way. She would have refused to leave Rory alone, tried everything she could. But she was a fighter.

And Rory wasn't. Rory the nurse, Rory who wasn't the flames, but the cool water to douse them.

Amy's fury faded to a grey dismay as she realized kind, gentle Rory hadn't held on because he had thought Amy didn't want him to, and he still loved her, enough to want what she wanted. Amy squeezed her eyes shut, to rid them of tears, and then opened them again, noticing Rory crouching down to meet her eyes.

He looked quietly sad, but determined. "Right." He said firmly, in the tone of voice he used for his patients at the hospital. "I'm going to be logical. Cold and logical. I'm going to take this off my wrist," he paused, letting it sink in. "and put it on yours."

"Why?" Amy said quickly. "Then it'll just start converting you as well, how is that better?" She kept her words stiff and cold, and shot him a glare for good measure.

"Because it'll take longer with me." Rory told her, his tone short, as if stating a known fact. Amy stared.

"What?" She asked him blankly, and Rory sat back. "Amy-" He began, then cut off, struggling for words. "Amy. We both know it, we've both always known it. Basic fact of our relationship is that I love you more than you love me, which today, is good news, because it might just save both of our lives." Rory's tone turned sour.

"How can you say that?" Amy whispered, numbing pain spreading over her. Rory laughed, a short, humorless bark. "Two thousand years, waiting, outside a box."

The sharp CRACK of Amy's slap echoed around the room, and Rory reeled back, shock written all over his face. A red mark was already beginning to appearing his cheek, but Amy didn't feel guilty. Her eyes blazed. "Don't you say that to me, don't you ever dare say that to me." She snapped, and Rory narrowed his eyes. "You kicked me out!"

"You want kids!" Amy shouted, her voice rising over his, and he stared at her in astonishment. A sob rose her voice. "You have always wanted kids, every since you were a kid. And I can't have them."

Rory's incredulous face softened. "I know. Amy, I know..."

"Whatever they did to me at Demon's Run," Amy said thickly, collecting herself. "I can never have your children."
Rory opened his mouth, dumbstruck, and once Amy would have laughed at his fish expression.
"I didn't kick you out." Amy stated flatly, dully. "I gave you up. So don't ever talk to me about waiting outside box, because that is NOTHING, nothing compared to having to give you up." A note of hysteria entered her voice, and Rory lunged forward with the band on his wrist.

Amy jerked back. "Don't touch me." She spat, but he had already pulled up her sleeve.

The Doctor's band was resting on it.

Rory's eyes flicked to Amy and then the wristband. He sat back, swallowing hard.

"This has been amazing, Rory." Amy laughed in wonder, and put her arm casually around his. Rory's eyes lit up and he began to pack away the plates and dishes into the seedy little picnic basket.

"It is beautiful, isn't it?" He asked eagerly, and Amy nodded, staring at the sparkling lake. "It's like somewhere the Doctor would take me, except with him it'd be an alien planet."

Rory's face fell.

Amy noticed and she frowned contritely. "Don't worry, Ror. I'm not knocking it. This is far better than the raggedy Doctor and things that never will be. I'll help you pack up." She leaned over and tossed bits of cutlery into the basket, and Rory was quiet.

"Did I offend you, with the Doctor stuff?" Amy asked suddenly, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Rory, his hand in his pocket, started. "What?" He asked stupidly.

"Oh, no. I know how much he meant to you when you were a kid. I'd never stand between you two." It had obviously been meant as a joke, but Amy's eyes flashed. "If you think he's more important to me than you, you're-"

"No! No, I wasn't saying that at all! No!" Rory spluttered, feeling helpless, and Amy heaved a tired sigh and studied him carefully. "Then what are you trying to say?"

"Will you marry me?"

"What?!" Amy gaped at him, certain she'd heard wrong.

"I said," Rory was excited now, and his eyes were hopeful. "will you marry me, Amelia Pond?"

She was still lost for words, and Rory, seeming panicked, began to blurt almost senseless phrases.
"I prepared a speech. I thought you deserved that. I was going to sit you down, and look into your eyes. I was going to tell you how I'd loved you ever since we were kids, and I had never even thought about chasing someone else. I was going to pledge myself, dish washing services and all, to you. But I'm not the greatest with words, and it all came out wrong, and I-"

"Williams." Amy growled fiercely. "Shut up."

She leaned forwards and kissed him.

Rory was acting like a dazed man in the desert without water for three days. He flailed his hands about, and Amy smiled at him. "Yes, I will marry you."

"How long do we wait?" Rory asked loudly. Amy stared at him, almost blindly. She walked slowly towards him, and memories flooded brought her.

Rory laughing, smiling, crying, angry, the look of steel in his normally gentle eyes. She opened her mouth.
It was selfish of her, really, but she couldn't just stop loving Rory Williams. She would never, ever, be able to manage it. So she gave in.

"For the rest of our lives."

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