I was sitting in my room when someone came in.

"Alice, the master needs to see you." They said

I nodded. I got up from my bed and followed the person who told me that the master needed to see me. We stopped at his doors. I opened the doors and walked in. I closed the doors and went up to the master. I bowed to him and put a hand over my heart.

"Yes Master?" I asked still bowing.

"Alice, I need you to protect someone for me." He said turning to me.

"Who master?" I asked him

"Your sister, Cheyla." He said

I gasped. Cheyla? I doubt she even remembers me.

" Of course master. Where shall I go?" I asked him

" I am going to roll you into Shapleigh Middle school, that is the same school she goes to. Your fake name shall be Brieana Jackson." He said

"Yes master. When shall I leave? I asked him

"You shall leave tomorrow. Please pack your things. You will walk. I already have an apartment for you to stay in." He said

"Yes master." I said getting up to leave

"Oh, and one more thing. The reason you are protecting your sister is because she has the Shinrobaunso." He said turning from me

I was shocked to hear this. Now I must protect her.

I left the master's room and headed down to my room to pack my things. Tomorrow I am going to Shapleigh Middle School. Damn am I nervous about seeing my sister again.