Lukes POV

"Finch…" I whined.

"Why do I have to wait with you to meet your sister?"

Finch rolled his eyes, "Because."

"Because why?!"

"It would be nice,"

I sigh, "Fine!"

Finch was my best friend, we had grown closer since the incident with Ravi, and, this was important to him, I should at least try to be there.

"So, what's your sister look like anyway?" I ask tediously.

Finch raises an eyebrow, "Me."

I frown, "Really?"

"Err, Kind of, she has green eyes and curly hair."

"Oh, Cool." I didn't tell Finch, but I wondered if she was hot. Snap out of it Luke! You didn't even let Finch near Emma for three months, you can't have his sister! I think to myself.

We enter the airport, nearly getting smothered by all the people.

We go to her gate, and she gets off.
She runs over, balancing a light blue jansport backpack on her shoulder.

"Finchy!" She says, engulfing him in a hug.

"Hey Kat!" Finch says, returning the hug.

She lets go, and turns to me. "Hi! I'm Kathryn, call me Kat."

"Luke." I say as I shake her hand.

You know, I thought I wouldn't like. That was going to be harder than I thought.