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Any references to people, places, businesses etc is entirely fictitious.


Helen enjoyed her new position on the faculty of Central Metropolitan University, but she didn't like the tiny little apartment she rented. And she certainly didn't like battling the morning rush hour traffic.

The university maintained lovely homes for the married faculty in a cozy little neighborhood adjacent to the campus. Really, she thought, it just wasn't fair. She would have to see what she could do about that.


The faculty meet and greet party was not quite up to Helen's standards, but she supposed she would manage to suffer through it. A group of professors was listening to one man. Helen eyed him appreciatively. He was good looking, tall, blonde, blue eyes and that voice. Helen quite liked listening to that accent.

Helen tugged her blouse down a little lower and sauntered over to the man. He didn't seem to notice her many charms, but kept on spouting his theories. Answering questions, it was almost as if he was giving a lecture not chatting with co-workers at a social function. Hmmph, thought Helen with annoyance. What's the best way to get this man's attention?

The man, Professor Nicholas Cutter, according to his name tag, spoke again.

"Oh," said Helen in a sultry voice "but, I disagree."

The man looked at her in surprise, he was paying her attention now. "But why," he spluttered "surely you must believe…"

He's hooked, thought Helen with a self satisfied smirk. She could work with this… play the serious scientist card.

Poor Nick. He never knew what hit him.


Stephen Hart was one of Helen's better pupils, and one of her more attractive pupils she would admit. But, it wasn't until she saw the papers on Nick Cutters desk that she decided Stephen might be of interest to her.

Her husband had an opening for a lab assistant, and Stephen had applied for the position. Really, Helen thought, it would be good to have some additional insight into Nick's work. Nick certainly wasn't sharing his theories with her since she had published her last paper: his theory, her byline. Nick had been throwing himself into his work more and more as their marriage crumbled. It wasn't hard to mislead Stephen.

Poor Stephen, he never had a chance.