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Mark, Meredith, and Derek are talking as they stand by the main entrance of the hospital. This time, Chief Webber had decided that this year's welcoming of the new interns party would be held right there at the hospital and that every doctor that wasn't on-call had to attend.

They are talking about Meredith becoming a second year resident when she stops talking and stares right ahead.

"Mer?" Derek calls waving a hand in front of her face, but as his eyes look in the same direction as hers she realizes what's going on, "Is that Lexie?" He asks.

Meredith rolls her eyes.

"Who is she?" Mark asks

"Thatcher's favorite and annoying daughter." Meredith replies.

Derek shakes his head, "Meredith met her twice when Susan invited her for a dinner to celebrate Lexie graduating from med school and coming back to Seattle. I met her once for lunch that Susan wanted Lexie to get to know Mer and me. I think she's nice, Meredith on the other hand can't stand her."

Meredith scoffs, "She's a bitch... and a whore. She couldn't stop whining about leaving to Mass. Gen. and having to leave Thatcher and Susan again, then she couldn't stop talking about Harvard Med." she shudders when she sees Lexie talking to Chief Webber and then she walks away to Alex, "Just look at her," She groaned, "I'm just gonna go." She mumbles walking away.

Mark looks at Lexie's direction, "Is she the one with the long hair, in the blue, short, one shouldered, hot, dress?" Mark asks, he immediately feels stupid about being so descriptive.

Derek nods and looks at Mark with a serious face, "Don't make a move on her," he orders him before walking towards the chief.

Mark scoffs as his friend leaves, "Wouldn't think about it, Meredith said she's a bitch, I like nice and fierce."

Derek simply shakes his head as he keeps walking away.

Lexie walks up to Alex and hugs him from behind, "Hey!"

"Hey! So you did get accepted into the program in the end," he notes.

She nods, "Yes, I'm glad I'll be able to be close to my family now. Now they can help me out and stuff." She tells him.

"What about me?" He asks her making her laugh.

"Oh yeah, cause I'd stay in Seattle for a guy I met in high school thirteen years ago." she says sarcastically.

He laughs, "You know you are into me." he plays along, "That's why we have never stopped texting or meeting whenever we can ever since."

She places a hand on his chest and sighs dramatically, "Yes babe, you got me from the beginning."

They both laugh at their little inside joke and Lexie turns around were she sees him.

"Oh my god," she says grossed out, "Is that guy flirting with all those girls?"

Alex turns around and places his hand on his hips, "Oh Sloan?" He asks her and she shrugs, recognizing that last name from somewhere, "He's a manwhore. Probably going to sleep with them all before the even ends." Lexie is not a prude, but she's not a big fan of one-night stands, not anymore, "You know he slept with Derek's ex-wife while they were still married."

Lexie's eyes widened, "That's…" She thinks for a second, "just weird." She looks at him and then sees the bar, "You know what? I'm gonna go for a drink. One won't hurt. Be right back," she says before going over to the bar located against the window where she knows the waiting area is usually located.

She orders a champagne flute and checks on her phone quickly making sure she hadn't received any messages from her mom.

She reaches out for the flute and her hands collide against someone else's. She quickly pulls her hand back and looks up.

"Sorry, you can have it," the doctor she recognizes as the manwhore says to her.

They look at each other for a second and then she answers, "Thanks…" she stays there awkwardly.

He checks her out quickly, but realizes by her raised brow that she noticed it, not knowing what to say so he makes quick conversation, "Saw you were talking to Karev," he points out, "You're friends?"

Lexie nods, "Um, I guess."

He nods back at her, "You know he just wants to get into your pants, right?"

She laughs bitterly at his hypocrisy, "Apparently he's not the only one." She grabs her flute of champagne and begins walking away, then turns around and tells him, "And by the way, he already has." This time she does keep walking away towards Alex.

Mark stays there perplexed not knowing what had just happened.

Derek comes next to him noticing Mark and Lexie were talking, "Do you still think she's a bitch?" he asks

Mark snaps out from his thoughts, "I have no idea what just happened," he says, the unspoken words being But I want to figure it out.

When she comes back Alex sees her a little shaken so he asks her, "What happened?"

She scoffs, "Sloan's a manwhore who checked me out and then said you wanted to get into my pants." she tells him

"What did you tell him?" He asks her.

She brings the flute close to her lips and murmurs, "Tht you 'lready hd." He hears her say.

He raises her brows reprimanding her and she pulls the flute away from her lips. "He pretty much asked for that answer… Plus it's not like he actually cares."

The music starts playing and Lexie pulls Alex into the "dance floor", seeing the guy she likes with someone else, Izzie decides to pull Mark into the dance floor with her too.

Mark stares at where Lexie and Alex are dancing, and thoughts begin to cloud his mind. Maybe that's why things with Izzie and Alex didn't work out. Alex has been with Meredith's sister all along. Mark soon notices that Alex is scowling at him so he scowls back.

"Sloan is pouting at us." Alex tells Lexie. They both laugh at Sloan's sour faces.

When Mark sees them laughing he gets pissed off, and he doesn't even why, but he does. He grabs Izzie a little closer and begins dancing more. Izzie not knowing what the hell is going on just follows through.

Alex turns them around so that Lexie can face Mark, as soon as they do this Lexie sees Izzie's face getting closer and closer to Mark's. Soon they are just a few inches away from kissing.

Mark is caught off guard when he sees her face inches away from his, but just as the blonde had done before he follows through.

Lexie tells Alex what's about to happen and before she knows it Alex is walking towards them with his hands into fists. Soon he punches "Sloan" right in his forehead and they both are on the floor, punches flying everywhere.

Lexie begins stressing when she sees Izzie run outside of the hospital; she tries to stop them by calling Alex's name but nothing works. Not knowing what else to do since no one seemed to try to stop it she pulls Sloan off of Alex.

"What the–" Lexie begins but is interrupted.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" The three of them hear Chief Webber yell behind them. "Sloan! Karev! Get the hell out of here and go to the ER to get those injuries fixed. Grey! You go with them and you fix them up!" As he walks away they can hear him muttering, "Lord this is a damn zoo!"

Mark, Lexie, and Alex all walk into the ER and enter one of the trauma rooms.

Lexie begins assessing the injuries. Alex has a black eye, and his hand is most probably injured. She hands him an ice pack and then moves to Mark. He has a laceration in his forehead and another across his lips. She moves to get suturing kit and begins opening, but Mark stops her before she can do anything else.

"What?" she asks.

"Sloan is the best plastic surgeon in the country." Alex tells her.

She nods and begins cleaning his cuts, and then she touches his lips carefully and gets closer to get a look. She doesn't notice him when he is also looking at her. Her eyes. Her lips. Her slightly noticeable freckles.

Alex notices this and gets a little uncomfortable; he stands up and excuses himself saying he has to go follow Izzie. He kisses Lexie on the side of her head and grunts at Mark before leaving.

Mark also stands up to stitch himself up. Lexie takes his sit and watches as his hands work in such a synchronized manner.

"Why did you kiss Izzie?" She asks him not knowing what else to say. She knows that leaving would be inappropriate since she had been asked to take care of their injuries, but she didn't enjoy the deafening silence.

He looks at her as he works on his forehead in front of the mirror, "We didn't kiss, and I don't like Karev so I wouldn't care if we had."

She nods, "Why are you doing a square knot suture instead of a one-hand tie?" she asks him deciding to change topics.

He looks at her, "You know about sutures?" she nods in response.

"I was the best in my class," she tells him proudly, "Never left any scars on anyone."

He hands her the suturing kit once he's done with his forehead and takes a sit next to her, "I like my lips and many other women do too. Don't ruin them."

She nods and works on them carefully and slowly, "Just tell me if it hurts."

He doesn't answer; he isn't really feeling much pain at all.

As she is finishing she stares at his bluish gray eyes, "I didn't sleep with Alex, in case you were wondering. I don't think he would actually want to sleep with me," she tells him wanting to clarify the blatant lie she had told him earlier.

Mark looks at her and raises his brows, but lowers them realizing it hurts, "I'm sorry, but why wouldn't he want to sleep with you? I mean you are good looking," he tells her.

She blushes when she hears him and turns around placing the tools on the table, actions that don't go unnoticed by Mark. When she turns back around a little less blushed she tells him stuttering, "F–Firstly, Alex is into Izzie, my "good lookingness" isn't really the problem, secondly I can't have sex at the moment, and thirdly, is that really what you guys look in a girl before sleeping with them?" She asks him, not realizing she was asking him a question she had had in mind ever since her last one night stand.

Mark thinks for a second and then shrugs, "If it is just for sleeping then yes, we just care about your hotness, but if it's for an actual relationship we look for the whole package." He tells her.

"Which would be…?" She asks.

"You know, someone with a good heart, smart, funny, loving, good looks are usually just a bonus." He tells her.

She nods trying to wrap her mind around what he just told her, "Well I seem to only be good looking then." she murmurs.

He furrows his brows this time not really caring about the small pain, "Why can't you have sex?" He asks, but then corrects himself, "You don't have to tell me, I'm sure that's personal thing you don't have to answer me."

She shakes her head, "It's not really that much of a personal question, and much less how gossip seems to spread faster than diseases around this place. I mean I had come once and many people already knew I was getting accepted here instead of going to Mass. Gen." she rambles, but swats her hand in front of her face, "Anyway, I can't have sex because I just had a baby. He's one month and a half." Mark's eyes widened and his mouth almost hits the floor, "I know… Poor Lexie Grey has a bastard baby and has to stay in Seattle so that she has someone to help take care of him from time to time since she seems to have forgotten what a condom is."

Mark tries to talk but he can't seem to make up any words.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my son, I just wish I knew who the father is so I could just tell him. That's why I'm so close to Alex, other than being best friends since high school he was the first person to get to Harvard to help me out in my last months of pregnancy." She tells him

"You just had a baby?" He asks dumbfounded.

She nods, "I guess that's what I've been saying." She says softly as she checks the sutures in his lips.

"You don't look like you just had a baby," he notes.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment," she tells him.

"That's what I meant, I know people who don't recover from pregnancy until years later, and yet you are wearing a skin tight dress." He tells her.

She smiles, "Thanks… I guess."

"How old are you?" He asks her.

She tries to avoid the question, "So you are friends with Derek and Meredith? What has she said about me? That I'm a bitch? A whore?" she asks.

"Both," Mark tells her, "But honestly you don't seem like either."

Lexie shakes her head, "I don't think I'm a bitch, but I'm beginning to think I might be a whore."

"Having one-night stands doesn't make you a whore." He tells her, "Not anyone at least, my case is different most definitely," he tells her. She shrugs, "You didn't answer my question… How old are you?"

She swallows, "Twenty-four," she tells him.

He nods, he couldn't believe that this smart, beautiful, young girl had a baby and was standing up for what happened, taking responsibility about it. "What's his name?" He asks her.

She smiles as she thinks of her baby boy and he can notice her eyes begin to glow, "Zack. Zachary," she tells him.

"That's a nice name, I actually really like it," he tells her. "Did you give him your last name?" he asks.

She shakes her head, "I remember his father's name, but he didn't seem like the kind of guy to settle down and have a kid so his life is probably better off not knowing–though I guess he deserves to know–but I still gave Zack his father's last name." she looks at him, "He's actually also a plastic surgeon, he came to Boston during August for a conference and I was at the bar were he went afterwards… we hit it off immediately."

He nods remembering that conference; there had been many plastic surgeons there, "What's his last name?" He asks, "Or maybe it's too personal again…"

She's about to respond when she feels her phone vibrating against her leg, she takes it out and reads the message, "I should get going. My mom's tired and Zack is being a bad boy, he's probably hungry," she mutters as she heads to the door. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow…?"

"Mark. Mark Sloan." He tells her.

Her face goes pale and she can feel her hands begin to tingle as they seem to begin going numb. She nods quickly and without looking back she hurries off to her car.

He tries to go after her but she's gone before he gets to the door, "I hope I see you tomorrow," He whispers.

Mark. Mark Sloan. The name can't stop ringing through her ears.

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