Hey guys! I want to start by saying that I love you all and that thank you so much for reading and favoriting me and my stories, I also want to say that I wish I would have told you guys this before but until today I made my final decision. This world has been amazing, I grew to love the characters more and more and every time I wrote I had so many ideas and outcomes as to what I could do with these characters and so much more. I started this story with so much hope, although most of it was gone, and I don't know if I would keep on writing about them whether they were still alive or not, but my final decision has been to leave this fandom as it is. I enjoyed my time in it but I really think it's my time to let it go and keep on with my life without them because no matter how many time we write about them all we are doing is just bringing back memories of what could have been and not what it is. I hope you guys understand and that you stay in this fandom for as long as you want without any bitterness or sadness about them not being on the show anymore. You might see me maybe with fiction about books or another tv show sometime, I don't have any plans on writing fan fiction for anything at the moment but who knows, I might start sometime soon, what I do know is that I'm not coming back to the Grey's world, at least not for Mark and Lexie as much as it may hurt at first.
Also take your freedom on continuing this story in your minds however you would have liked it to continued and ended. Also I don't want you guys to think that it was because I ran out of ideas because it didn't, I had written up to chapter 23 or 24 but I won't post them.
I love you guys so much and once again I'm sorry.