Fragility was such such an interesting concept. The things that one would conceive as the most fragile, such as glass and ice and porcelain, were ambiguously items and substances that could cause cutting and lethal injury once broken in any way.

Another thing those words had in common other than their shared danger and fragility was that each and every one could accurately describe Miranda Priestly. Once hurt or provoked, the editor in chief of Runway magazine could wound fatally with a disturbing lack of force or effort on her part. Anyone who dared touch her in any way inevitably came away bloodied, feeling as though they had been cleanly cut from stem to stern.

The whole thing was rather funny, because no one who interacted with Miranda Priestly would think of the word fragile to describe her unless they were speaking unequivocally about her temper.

But she was. Miranda Priestly was more infinitely soft and fragile than any would ever know, Andrea Sachs thought to herself as she proofread the next article she was due to submit to her editor at the Mirror newspaper where she now worked after leaving Miranda in Paris 5 months earlier. Fragile, frigid, flawless…

This is the only way to make the story work - with this little into spiel, I mean. Next chapter will prove much more wordy I promise! And to all those waiting for updates on my other stories, they ARE coming I promise! Especially for SVU, once the new season starts I'm expecting the inspiration will hit and hit hard.

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