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Five years later Christine came back to Paris with Raul and a little figure hidden in the darkness holding her hand. Annie greeted them and looked down at the little thing behind Christine. "Hello" said a tiny little light voice coming out of behind her mother.

"Hello little one" said Annie looking at the small girl with pink lips and hair so dark and curly like her mothers, big blue eyes like her fathers, and skin so pale she looked like Christine when she was a child. "This is Bella" Christine said to Annie

Christine heard footsteps when Erik appeared next to Annie. Christine's eyes started tearing up, for she had missed Erik and was happy for him and Annie. Erik stretched his hand toward Raul and Christine and they shook hands. Annie took Christine Raul and Bella to their room. Meg was waiting there for Christine and she gave all of them a hug and welcomed them.

It was getting late so everybody went to bed. Except for Annie and Erik. Annie was talking to Erik about Bella. Erik asked Annie why she was so angry that Christine had a child. She answered back "Because Erik, I want a child too." Erik stayed silent until finally "If you want a child, then we'll have a child." Annie's face lightened up as if the sun shone on it again.

The next morning they had operand ballet practice. Annie told Meg about it and she was so happy. About a month later, Annie found out she was going to have a baby. Months and months passed until the day came. Annie and Erik had a baby boy and they named him Erik Jr. but everybody calls him little Erik.

Annie, Erik, Meg and Erik Jr. were happy together and they continued living in the opera house. How will Erik Jr.'s life turn out?

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