What's up everybody? My name's Azurixx and this is my first Pokémon fanfic story. It will borrow elements from various Pokémon games, such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and even Pokepark Wii. I wanted to write a story about friendship and what someone would do to keep their bond with their friends intact. You probably guessed that from the story's summery. Oh well, I'm just reminding you.

So then, let's get started!

True Amity:

Chapter 1: Beginnings!

You meet many people in your lifetime. You may call many of them friends, but there are only a handful of them that you can refer to as "best friends". Unlike your average friends, you could trust and depend that they could be by your side no matter what. They would listen and not judge your opinions, whether good or bad, and they cared deeply about both your physical and emotional states. They would cry when you cry, they would laugh when you'd laugh, it was like you and them were connected with each other. Through life, you'd experience many joys and disappointments with them. It's those moments you cherish and make you glad they were with you throughout that time. You could never think of any better person to fill that role than them.

I was lucky enough to find a group of these friends. Here is my tale of friendship, and the troubles and adventures we overcame with each other during our time together.

It was just another regular day for our rescue team. I was on duty, along with my friend, Charmander. We had accepted a wonder mail request to find and escort an Eevee who was lost within Aerial Forest, which was home to many Flying Pokémon. The forest was located on a group of hills next to the base of a mountain range, with trees towering high into the sky and a small breeze that whistled through the area.

"Are you sure we'll be able to find Eevee before dusk, Pikachu?" Charmander asked me nervously. He wore this unzipped maroon-coloured vest, while I sported a green backpack, which carried some of our team's supplies. I assured him we'd finish our mission before the sun would set, which would be more than half an hour from now.

Charmander and I had known each other ever since we were kids. You see, we were both raised in the same orphanage in our hometown. We assumed our parents never cared about us, since they dropped us there as infants, not knowing who they were. But we had each other to fill in that empty void. Charmander was shy when I had met him. Luckily, I enjoyed making friends and I was actually the first Pokémon who spoke with him. This bond started growing between us that day and ever since then we hung out all the time, even after our days in the orphanage. One day, we decided to create a rescue team, which we've done ever since.

"The Eevee has to be here somewhere." I said. I kept my eyes open, looking past every tree and bush we passed. There was no sight of him. I don't think Charmander was doing any work, because aside from the gentle breeze heard in the forest, I could hear his teeth chattering from fear.

Charmander had a tendency to get scared easily. I guess it didn't help that our other rescue team member, Piplup, always enjoyed scaring the daylight out of him.

"WAAAAHH!" Charmander suddenly screamed. I jumped in surprise, asking him what the big deal was. He began pointing to a bush a few feet away from us. It was moving. Something was hiding inside it. Cautiously, I approached the bush and poked my head through it. Inside, I found our client, Eevee, curled up in a ball.

"Hey there," I greeted him. "We're here to rescue you."

"Are you...Team Amity?" Eevee asked me. I nodded. His face lit up in relief. He jumped out of the bush and began hugging me. "Oh, thank you so much for rescuing me! I thought I'd be stuck in this forest forever!"

"No problem, it's our job." I said, smiling at him. I introduced him to Charmander, who nervously waved to him. I asked Eevee why he had gone into the forest in the first place. He handed me this odd-looking skeleton key, which had a shiny-gold color to it and had this crown-shaped head. It's teeth simple had two knobs at the end.

"I was playing around here when I saw something sparkle in the corner of my eye." Eevee explained to us. "I went into the forest and this is what I found. You can have it if you want. It's the only thing I have on me anyway, heheh."

"Oh, thanks." I said, putting the key into my backpack. I was hoping for some cash reward in the end, but I guess a key was better than receiving nothing at all. "Well, we better find our way out of this forest now and get you home."

"Boy, I thought the day would never come." Charmander said, giving me a relieved expression.

We started our way out of the forest. The forest grew dark within a few minutes, which surprised me. I'd thought we had more time. The only light that guided us was the moon's rays that shot through the tree's leaves. I wasn't worried though, most of the Flying Pokémon would be asleep by this time. Eevee didn't seem bothered by the darkness either. I can only say the opposite for Charmander.

"Oh no, it's dark! We're never getting out of the forest in this darkness!" Charmander quivered as he held on to my backpack.

"Calm down, Charmander, I know where we're going!" I told him. I shook my head in annoyance. Sometimes I wished he could tone down the nervous mode a tiny bit. Is that too much to ask?

Everything seemed well, until we heard a loud swooping noise behind us. Panicked, we turned around, seeing no one behind us. We quickly dismissed it and moved on. That was, until a large bird Pokémon swooped down and landed in front of us. It spread its wings out and let out a loud roar from its beaks. I'll be honest, I think I screamed just as loud as Charmander had did.

"Well, what are you three doing out here at this hour?" the Honchkrow asked us, giving us this intimidating look. I didn't know what to say, as I was still frozen in fear from the surprise jump scare. The Honchkrow focused on me, then began eyeing my backpack. "What contents do you have in your bag?"

"...my lunch?" I answered, trying to pretend nothing important was inside it. I guess that wasn't a good excuse since it was way past noon, and Honchkrow gave me a confused look. I quickly took in the courage to talk back. "What do you want with us anyway?"

"Hmph! Unlike you lying scumbag, I shall tell you my purpose," the Honchkrow told us. I have to tell you, his deep, raspy voice added to the freakiness in his appearance. And did he just call me a scumbag? Really? "I am the leader of a malevolent group called Team Sinister. Our goal is to take control of the world with an immense power that is able to wipe out an entire planet if we decided to. The only way we can have that power is with that key you have in your bag!"

Wait, how did he know I had the key? Did he really know I was lying? I probably should have been more shocked to the "world domination" plan he just told us. But I guess Charmander took care of that for me.

"W-we won't let you take control of the world!" Charmander shouted at him. For a shy guy, he was pretty direct with that comment. Honchkrow gave him a furious look. Suddenly, he backed away and shot a beam of purple circles at Charmander, causing him to fly backwards and landed against a tree.

"Charmander!" I called out to him. I gave Honchkrow a furious look. "Hey! You can't do that to my friend!" Sparks began charging in my cheeks and I shot out a blast of Thunderbolt towards Honchkrow, painfully shocking him. Eevee and I quickly rushed to Charmander's side. "Charmander! Are you alright? Speak to me buddy!"

"Yeah...I'm fine." Charmander assured me. Even though he was shy guy, he had the brute force of a Golem and could take on almost any hit with ease. He pointed towards Honchkrow, who was charging at us with a Wing Attack. "Look out! He's coming!"

Seeing the attack, I reacted by charging towards Honchkrow. Sparks began to charge through my body, soon engulfing it in golden electricity. I jumped, landing my Volt Tackle directly into Honchkrow's stomach. The force of our attacks colliding caused a mini-explosion to erupt within the forest. I flew back, landing near my friends, who quickly helped me back up. I felt minor pain on my sides, due to the recoil damage of Volt Tackle. I looked to where Honchkrow was before.

He was gone.

"Where do you think he went?" Eevee asked us. Charmander and I simply shrugged. Did I defeat him? Did he flee? Whatever happened, we didn't care anymore. We were just glad were were done with him.

If only we knew it was only the beginning.

We escorted Eevee out of Aerial Forest and dropped him to his home in Vitality Town. We said our goodbyes and soon headed our way back to our rescue base. Our orphanage was located in Vitality Town as well. The town itself was found within a small valley made up of lush hills, with a mountain range surrounding it in the distance. A river flowed from the hills, through town, and into a giant lake residing beside it, which always seemed to sparkle under the light, no matter what time of day it was.

Located outside of town near the river, was our rescue base. Unlike your average base, ours was built within a treehouse. We had built the treehouse a few days after Charmander and I grew out of the orphanage. It was big in size, and had a gazebo design to it. There was a porch that circled the outside, which also had our mailbox. Windows were built on the sides. A lookout tower was made on the rooftop. Propped on top was our team flag, with our logo painted on it: a metallic white letter 'A' in front of a blue star..

"I still can't believe we were able to build this on our own." Charmander said as he climbed into the base's porch. He helped me up. I nodded to his remark as we entered our base.

The room was large, and took over most of the space inside the base. The whole floor was covered in a maroon carpet. The left half of the room had our lounge, which contained a few couches, potted plants for decoration, a small kitchen area in the back and even our very own fireplace, while the right half had our bunk beds and various cabinets where we kept our supplies. The tree's trunk shot out from the middle of the room, with the branches sprawling across the rooftop. A spiral staircase circled around the trunk, which led to the rooftop tower.

We were wondering where our other rescue team members were. We shortly got the answer to that question. Not in the way we expected, though.

"BOOOO!" Piplup screamed behind us. His shout caused us to jump in surprise. Charmander even jumped into my arms. Piplup fell to the floor and began laughing his head off. "Oh man! Did you see the look on your faces?! It was hilarious! Hahahah!"

Remember when I said Piplup loved scaring Charmander? That applied to all of us. He is an avid prankster, who never misses a chance to get a good laugh from someone. He was a trouble maker, and sort of clumsy as well. Nevertheless, he provided our team with endless amounts of entertainment through his jokes.

"Piplup! Why do you have to always scare us like that?" Charmander complained. Piplup was still laughing on the floor. Annoyed, Charmander kicked him, causing him to roll out the base's door and fall off our base. We could hear him groan in pain from outside. "What? He was getting on my nerves?"

"Hey, I wasn't complaining." I answered.

"Hello boys," Chikorita called to us. She was walking down from the base's lookout tower. I waved to her, while Charmander suddenly began blushing. She asked how our mission was, then noticed the bruises we had from our battle. "Oh my, you look hurt. Hold on while I get the berries."

Chikorita always watched out for us, making sure we were in tiptop shape for missions. She knew all the remedies and cures for any status ailments. Most of the time she spoke in a well-mannered tone, but that didn't mean she never got angry. Trust me, she is scary when she's furious. Consider yourself lucky.

"Thanks for the Oran Berries, Chikorita." I said as Charmander and I munched on the berries, feeling refreshed afterwards. At the same time, Piplup had climbed back into our base. I wasn't surprised of the angry look he had.

"What's your problem, pushing me off our base?" Piplup argued as he fixed his navy blue bow tie around his neck. Charmander tried to apologize, but Piplup ignored it, instead threatened him in a teasing way. "Don't look at me if you wake up tonight with a wet bed. Heeheehee!"

Charmander gave an alarmed look. He wouldn't be sleeping easy tonight.

"Please Piplup, there's no need to threaten Charmander like that." Chikorita told him. Piplup rolled his eyes as he made his way to the couch. Noticing this, she gave a serious look. "Excuse me, but did you just roll your eyes at me?"

"Uhmm...of course not! Heheheh..." Piplup nervously laughed, hoping Chikorita wouldn't blow her head at him. Smart move on his part, I guess.

I decided to change the subject and showed them the skeleton key we received from Eevee. The glow astonished Chikorita, while Piplup showed disappointment hearing there was no cash reward. I suggested we could hang it somewhere in the base, when the key suddenly floated out of my hand and into the air. I simply chuckled.

"Make sure you don't drop it, Mew." I told her. Mew suddenly appeared out of nowhere, holding the key. Mew began to giggle and started flying around the base with it. That was Mew for you. She always loved playing around with us and didn't have a care in the world. She was a mystery ever since she joined our rescue team. We had no idea where she came from. Neither did she.

"This key is so shiny!" Mew exclaimed, spinning around with the key. She handed the key back to me, asking me what it opened.

"...I don't know." I answered. It never came to me what the key exactly opened. Remembering Honchkrow's words, he said it would unlock immense power that could wipe out the entire population if anyone wanted to. Was this locked power a weapon of some sort? Or was it a dangerous type of energy? Whatever it was, we couldn't let Honchkrow or any members of Team Sinister get this key.

"We need to keep this key safe." I told the others. Noting the serious look on my face, they nodded. Charmander took the key and placed it under his bed mattress. I guess it was better than nothing. His stomach suddenly grumbled. Giving an embarrassed grin, he asked us if we wanted to go eat out. We all agreed and headed our way to Vitality Town.

That was our rescue team. A Pikachu, Charmander, Chikorita, Piplup and Mew. It may seem like a strange combination, but that didn't matter to me. These guys were my friends. We cared about each other like we were my family. I'd even do anything for them.





To be continued!

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