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True Amity

Chapter 3: Nightmares

I woke up, lying inside this mysterious glade in a forest. It was night time and the only light source were these small glowing balls of energy and beams of lighting hitting the forest floor. I couldn't recognize the area, but I had this odd feeling of being there before. I called out for anyone, but no one answered.

I stood up and began walking through the forest. What felt like minutes turned to hours of walking. I had no idea where I was going. Wherever I looked, all I could see were trees and plants everywhere. There was no sign of an opening or exit.

My pace began to quicken. I began running on all fours, desperate to get out of the forest. I felt lost. All I wanted was to get out of the forest. I hadn't realized until much later that something was chasing me. I turned back and all I saw was this purple figure within the darkness. Before I could blink, a beam of light shot from the figure, blinding me.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" I screamed. I sat up from my bed, breathing hard. A variety of emotions filled me at that time. Surprise. Confusion. Fear. Anxiety. What had I just dreamed about? I looked over to my friends around me. They slept peacefully in their beds. Piplup had his mouth open, creating a pool of drool on his pillow, while Chikorita snored soundly.

"...what was that all about?" I asked myself. I felt a sudden feeling of dizziness in me. I laid back down on my bed, trying to think straight. Why did I dream of what I dreamt? It wasn't like I was thinking about forests or anything before I slept. And what was that figure I saw? The fact I didn't get a clear image of it haunted me.

I tried going back to sleep, but it was impossible for me, as I could only think about my dream. I didn't think of it as much, until I had the exact same dream the next night. It kept going on and on every night to the point that I couldn't get any sleep. I became desperate for answers. In the morning, I asked my friends for advice.

"That seems really strange," Chikorita said as we were having breakfast in the lounge area. I had just told my dream to my friends. Charmander, Chikorita and Mew were wondering about my dilemma, while Piplup was scrambling on his food with no interest on my dilemma.

"I can't really say anything to you Pikachu. I've never had a dream like that." Charmander told me, taking a nibble on his food. "Is there anything bothering you at all? I know what does to me." He gave a quick glance at Piplup, who noticed him.

"Hey, watcha looking at me for?" Piplup argued to him. Surprised by his outburst, Charmander fell back out of his chair. "Hmph! That's right, you better look away."

"I just don't know what to do now." I said. I wasn't hungry at all for breakfast. I was hungry for answers. Answers to why I dreamt that mysterious dream.

"I suggest going to the Center and talking to Audino." Chikorita told me. "You remember her, don't you? She's the doctor who helped Piplup recover from his food poisoning after eating that two-week old sushi I told him not to touch."

"Hey, I didn't know it was spoiled!" Piplup argued at her.

"I kept telling you every five minutes you asked me!" Chikorita sassed back, giving him a furious look. Seeing this, Piplup smiled nervously and backed down from fighting, resuming to his breakfast.

"I guess that's my only choice." I said, referring to Chikorita's suggestion. "I need to know if this means anything at all."

I walked through Vitality Town, making my way up the stairs to the Center just outside of the marketplace. It was a hospital where Pokemon could get healed and treated for any injuries. It was mainly a white, cube-shaped building with many windows on the side, a pink spherical rooftop and a first-aid logo above the doors. Mew tagged along with me, while my other teammates were out doing a mission.

"What kind of bad dream did you have again?" Mew asked me curiously as we reached the Center entrance. I told her everything I that happened. She simply gave me a look of wonder. "That really is strange. Why did you dream that, Pikachu?"

"I don't know." I answered, shrugging. "But we came here to find out."

We reached the front counter and asked for Audino, who was our team's doctor in case of an emergency that we couldn't handle. After waiting a few minutes in the lobby, Audino called me over for my check-up. I told Mew to stay put. She nodded to me as she sat in her chair upside-down, knowing she would be stuck in boredom for awhile.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Pikachu." Audino greeted me as she led me to her examination room. It was a simple room with a bed, a window, counters and a desk. I propped myself on the bed, while Audino sat behind the desk opposite of me. "So tell me what your problem is."

"It's hard to explain but, lately I've been having these strange dreams." I explained. Audino listened carefully as I recapped on what my dreams, or should I say, nightmares, have been about.

"Well, let me exam your body condition first to see if it has anything to do with your dreams." Audino said. She began doing these various medical procedures that I won't go into detail about. Believe me, it's embarrassing for a Pokemon. Afterwards, she explained my results. "Well, I don't think anything is wrong with your body that's triggering those dreams."

"Then what's making me dream these nightmares?" I asked her. I waited eagerly as she came up with an answer.

"I have a friend who specializes in dreams," Audino began to explain. "she told me that our contents of our dreams are based on our emotions and through past experiences. I believe your dream could be a memory of your past."

"You're saying my nightmare is something I've experienced in the past?" I asked. I felt both shocked and confusion. "But...why don't I remember it? I've never seen that monster in my dream before in my whole life."

"My guess is this memory of yours happened while you were very young." Audino explained. I thought about her statement for a moment. My childhood was a blur to me. I have no idea what it was or how it was like. Could it have happened while I was young? It was the only theory that made sense to me.

I thanked Audino for her help and walked back to the Center's lobby where Mew waited for me. She floated in the air and spun around me, happy to see me.

"Hooray! I'm glad you're back. I was getting really bored waiting for you for hours!" Mew exclaimed.

"It's only been fifteen minutes." I reminded her.

"And your point?"

We walked out of the Center, wondering what to do next while we waited for other teammates to come back from their mission. I still had Audino's words stuck in my mind. Not only did it make me wonder more of what my dream was, but it triggered a boost in interest to what my past was as well, since both seemed to be connected in a way. Everyday I was interested about my past, but not as much until now.

"Hey Mew, do you ever wonder what your past was about?" I asked her. Knowing that she had come out of no where to our team with absolutely no recollection of her past, it seemed like we could relate to one another in terms of unknown origins. Mew shrugged towards me.

"I don't really think about it. I'm just really happy I have great friends like you, Pikachu!" Mew said. She giggled and spun in the air once again in glee. I don't know how Mew always seemed this happy. Not even the worst of days brought her down. She was the definition of optimistic. "C'mon Pikachu, let's play tag around town!"

Suddenly, Mew poked me with her tail and began to float through town quickly. I laughed and chased after her. She was one of the quickest on our team, but not as quick as me. We took sharp turns through town, making sure not to collide with the residents. We neared the lake area, and taking the opportunity, I sped up and tackled Mew, causing both of us to tumble across the ground.

"Gotcha!" I exclaimed, lightly tagging her on the belly. She laughed and floated back in the air, preparing to tag me back. Just before she could, we heard laughter a few feet away from us. Turning to the source, I was "This old orphanage."

Sitting metres away from the lake coast, was my orphanage. It was a huge building made out of red bricks and had three floors to it. It had a white patio in the front and a white chimney. There was a large front yard with a steel fence around it. Inside was a garden full of lush plants. Right now, many of the young orphans were playing outside.

"Let's check it out. I want to see someone." I told Mew. I walked towards the orphanage, with Mew following me with no question. As I walked into the front yard, many of the orphans looked at me in curiosity, while others ran away. Near the building entrance, was a Togekiss. She saw me and recognized me instantly.

"Oh my, Pikachu! It's been such a long time since I've seen you." Togekiss greeted me, giving me a hug. She was the owner of the orphanage Charmander and I grew up in. "My how big you have grown. Where is Charmander? I've never seen you two apart."

I explained to her what Charmander and I had been doing since we left. Everything about our rescue team, our base we made and the adventures we'd been through. Togekiss looked at me with proud eyes, as if glad to know I was doing okay after my time under her care.

"You've grown into a real strong Pokemon ever since you left. I'm very proud of your efforts, Pikachu." Togekiss said. I smiled. She was like the mother I always wished I had. She cared about all the Pokemon in her orphanage like they were her child.

"Togekiss, I know I've always asked you about this when I used to stay here, but do you have any idea about my past?" I asked. Her expression turned from joyful to glum.

"I'm so sorry Pikachu, but I have no clue. You and Charmander are both a mystery to all of us in this town." Togekiss answered. I couldn't blame her. All she knew was that Charmander and I were found on the front steps of the orphanage on separate occasions. "Well, on the other hand, may I get you and your friend over there some refreshments while you're here?"

"Don't worry, we're fine." I assured her. I turned over to Mew, who was playing tag with most of the orphaned Pokemon in the front yard. It was a warming sight to see. Mew, someone who had no recollection of their past, getting along with Pokemon who may have never gotten a chance to know their family.

We decided to head back to base just before sunset. Climbing back into our tree house, Mew and I were surprised to find no one inside. We assumed our other teammates we're still doing their mission, but that was all proven wrong when we received a

"Mail delivery!" a voice shouted from outside. I rushed to open the door and was surprised to found the town's mail deliverer, Dragonite. He had a brown shoulder bag slung around his body. He waved at me. "Why, hello there Pikachu. It sure is a pleasant day, isn't it?"

I smiled and asked what sort of mail was being delivered to our base. Checking through his bag, he took out a single envelope and handed it to me. Waving good-bye, he hopped off the patio of our base and flew at an extreme speed back to Vitality Town, where his office was.

"What did we get? I hope it's another mission we can go on." Mew asked in curiosity. She looked over my shoulder as I teared open the envelope and read the letter. Reading it, I was shocked to find out what the contents was about.

Please! We need help right away! While on our mission, we were ambushed by this strong Pokemon. They overwhelmed us and now we're trapped! Pikachu! Mew! Hurry!





To be continued!

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