a/n: For weeks now, I've been unable to get the idea of an idealistic, overachieving lawyer!Peeta out of my head. And so here we are.

This story will *eventually* turn into a multi-chapter fic, but I have absolutely no idea when I'll have time to expand on this little scene. This takes place approximately two-thirds of the way through the story. Just putting it here for now to gauge readers' interest in a story like this. So if you have feedback, don't be shy.

"Peeta," she says quietly, folding her arms against her chest and leaning across the table. "You've been at this for hours."

It's two in the morning, and they're sitting across from each other in the firm's large library that overlooks the Chicago river.

Peeta looks up from his book at her words, his reading glasses pushed halfway down the bridge of his nose and his hair mussed from the hours he's been absentmindedly running his hands through it as he reads.

"I know," he tells her, nodding. "I know. I just — I just know the answer is here. Somewhere." He gestures to the pile of books in front of him and rubs his eyes

Katniss shakes her head at him. "It doesn't matter. You need to get some sleep. You're no good to that family if you kill yourself with overwork before you can even take a single deposition."

He looks up and gazes at her wordlessly for a long moment.

When he finally speaks he doesn't respond to what she's said. Instead, he adjusts his glasses and whispers to her, "Come here."

She complies, slowly walking around the table to where he sits. And he pulls her into his lap and kisses her.

It's been ages since they've been alone together. Between Peeta's obsession with this new case and her own work they've hardly even seen each other in weeks. It feels strange to be sitting here with him, on his lap, like this — in the fucking law firm library of all places — but she just misses him too much to protest.

She's the first to break away. "Do you promise me this will work? That we'll stop them?" she asks, her breath coming a little heavily. She runs her fingers through his hair, kissing his temple.

He leans up and kisses her cheek. He nods. Smiles at her. "I do."