Written for the Fanfiction Tournament and the School Subjects Competition :)

Challenge: Write something experimental i.e. something you wouldn't normally write :) I have never written Lockheart before, I don't normally write friendship fics and I never imagined I would write Narcissa/Lockheart friendship fic :) That said, I have written this and I believe this is something I wouldn't normally write.

Phrase: Everyone Lies

Setting: Hogwarts' Grounds

She was a sly little princess, who stole breaths as she walked and hearts as she laughed. She played these games, the smiles&laughter games and every time she stopped, she made another heart drop. She acted oblivious, oblivious to the scattered hearts that lay all around her, because she just couldn't let go of any of her boys, or toys, because she never really treated them as boys, did she?

But he knew her games; each and every one of them, just like she knew his.

They were masters of secrecy, lies and deception - both of them.

She saw through his memory charms & acts of heroism and he saw through her games & broken promises.

"Everyone lies," she told him one day, as they sat in the Hogwarts Grounds. The Grounds were filled with horde of students on a good, bright, sunny day but today, they were cold & empty, like the weather.

"True - it's just that we lie a bit more than everyone, don't we?" he replied and she smirked, the ends of her lips twitching but not quite smiling.

"Yes, we do - especially you, Lockheart - you should have been a Slytherin!"

"I suppose, coming from you, it's a compliment, isn't it? Well yes, the hat did want to put me in Slytherin, I confess - "he admitted, turning sideways to look at her reaction, "but where would the fun be in that? If I was a Slytherin, everyone would have seen through me easily, it's like a label -"

"I don't think so. Nobody sees through me though, do they? They think I'm naive and stupid and dumb and quiet -"

"I did," he interrupted her, "I saw through you. In fact, you didn't see through me. You caught me at it - but you didn't actually see through me."

"Well that shows your stupidity, doesn't it?" she smirked, "You really should have been a Slytherin - We have stupid maroons like you all over our house," she said, shrugging her blonde hair off her shoulders.

"Can I quote you on that, Black?" he asked, his eyes twinkling with laughter, "I don't think your house would take it too kindly if they hear you speaking against them so openly."

"When did I speak against them? Lockheart, stop imagining things, for heaven's sake, before I wipe your memory swift clean," she replied chastely and he caught the dark humour in her voice. He laughed and she half-smiled and he realized, years later, that she had been, in a way, his best friend at Hogwarts; she had known him, the true him and she was the first person he always went to, if he wanted to share anything; happiness and sadness. It had been an uncanny friendship, a weird relationship, between a Rawenclaw & a Slytherin, at a time when house divisions had been at its peak, but it worked for them; then and now.