Okay! So like I'm back you guys! HAHA missed you all! I was fairly busy during summer with some issues and stuff going on but like I'm back now! So I've been wanting to write a Shikixoc story for quite a while now but just never worked out so hopefully this one goes well. (:


3rd Person Pov:

"I need you to listen alright? There's a boy I want you to meet. We'll be seeing him and his family quite often from now on so I need the two of you to become familiar with each other, do you understand?"

"Yes mother." Came a response from a young girl. Her mother smiled and placed a delicate hand on her daughter's cheek before stepping aside revealing a young boy behind her. "This is Senri from the Shiki family." She gestured with a warm smile.

"It's nice to meet you Shiki-kun." The girl bowed which he bowed back respectfully. "Why don't you take Shiki around for a tour?" A tall noble looking man suggested as he approached the group. The girl nodded, "Yes father." "Shiki-kun, I'll show you the garden." She smiled happily as she took the boy's hand and lead him to the back of the mansion.

When the two children were far enough to not hear the couple, the young girl's father spoke. "Are you sure that boy would be fit for this position?" With the question, the mother sighed and gazed at the two children ahead. "Certainly, with the boy's mother being an aristocrat and his father being a Kuran it is without a question that the Akatsuka blood would be carried out gracefully. Senri's place is above most aristocrats but he isn't a pureblood himself so it wouldn't be too much trouble." "Besides, our little girl is the last of the lineage with so little, if we were to extend the Akatsuka bloodline then it would be them who would keep the blood strong and flowing." The mother explained. The father sighed and gazed in the direction of where the two children were. "I understand that their breed is strong, but I'm afraid it would be too much on her, she's barely a half."

"This is the garden Shiki-kun." The young girl of 6 smiled as she dropped the boy's hand. She took a few steps forward admiring the view of all the different colours of the garden. "Do you like this place?" She asked turning around face the maroon haired boy. He gazed at the young girl for a moment with a blank face, before slowly nodding his head.

"Eh? Are you tired Shiki? Do you want to rest somewhere?" The girl asked when she noticed him yawning. "No, thank you." He replied politely.

For a moment the two didn't exchange anything and the girl's gaze dropped to the ground. "Um, Shiki-kun?" her voice sounded uncertain and soft. Shiki awoke from his thoughts and turned his head to the direction of the small girl. "D-do you not like me?" She asked her voice barely a whisper as she asked. The young boy gazed at the girl for the longest time before turning his head as if embarrassed. "No, I like you." He mumbled.

Alright so uhh this is like the first chapter, short I know, but don't worry! The rest will be longer! It's been a while since I written so I'm sorry if there was anything that bothered you TT^TT BTW please leave a message cause I really want to know how you guys think! 3