"What is thou doing now, daughter?!" She heard Winifred shout. Yes, Jezebel Sanderson, daughter of Winifred Sanderson. "Mother, thy just thought of instead of sucking the life out of this little girl..." Her mother wanted to hear no more. "Thy will not have that talk in thy own house!" Jezebel cracked her neck and looked at her black fingernails. Not painted, they were naturally that way.

But her sense of smell kicked in... It wasn't just the little girl in the house... A boy. Jezebel looked up and saw a boy on the balcony above the roof. He quickly ducked down when she looked up and she smirked. Climbing up a ladder, she went up there and the boy was turned the opposite way, not looking at her. So she went over to him and covered his mouth. He nearly jolted up but Jezebel simply turned him to look at her, removed her hand and put one finger to her mouth. "Keep quiet or thou's life is over." She whispered.

"Jezebel!" Her mother called. "Yes, mother?" She looked up, pretending to grab a piece of paper off the wooden boards. "Get down here." Winifred said. "Yes, mother." She climbed down the ladder. Jezebel was not like her mother, or aunts at all... She didn't like to suck lives out of children... She did everything she could to help her. But once her mother breathed in a child's life force, it affected Jezebel as well.

She did not like it one bit. Winifred chanted the spell to make her potion, in order to suck out the child's life force. Jezebel sat in the corner, brushing out her long, black hair. It was straight and shiny. She washed it twice a day. But today, only once. Just then, Jezebel saw Mary and Sarah, her brainless aunts, throwing something around. One flew near Jezebel and she caught it in her hand... A dead man's toe. She just threw it across the room and into the bowl with the others. One hit her mother in the back of her neck.

"Will you two stop that!" She snapped, throwing the wooden spoon down. Sarah squeaked. "I need to concentrate!" Winifred turned back around and stirred the potion again. "Right... She needs to concentrate." Mary mocked. A minute passed before she heard Mary shout out, "I smell a child!"

"What does thou call that?!" Winifred pointed to the little girl. "A child..." Mary said. "Humph!" She tossed her hands in the air. "SISTERS! Gather round. One more and all is done; Add a bit of thy own tongue." Jezebel heard her mother and aunts bite off part of their tongues and she flinched once the potion turned an ugly shade of green.

"Oh Winnie... thou are divine." Mary kissed up. "Tis' ready for tasting... One gulp of this, and her life will be mine.- I mean, ours." She corrected herself. Jezebel got ready to feel the terrible feeling of the unaging process. It was an uncomfortable feeling and slightly painful. The sisters turned around, potion filled to the rim of the spoon, and approached the little girl. "Alright girl.. Open up your mouth..."

"NO!" It was the boy. Jezebel gasped. "A boy!" Sarah exclaimed, delighted at him. "Get him, you fools!" Winifred shouted. "I got him! I got- I knew I smelled a boy!" Mary boasted. He circled around the still bubbling cauldron. "Get away... Get away from my potion." The cauldron swung back and fourth as he shoved it at Mary and Sarah, knocking them over. He then lifted it upside down, and the contents spilled onto the floor. Winifred screamed in terror, "My potion!"

"Emily!" He darted towards the girl but lightning flung from Winifred's fingers, shocking the poor boy onto the floor. Jezebel flinched and watched him hit the floor. Mary sat up, barked and looked at Emily..."Winnie... Winnie, look." She pointed to her. The girl's life was now sitting outside of her body, letting any willing spirit take it. "Sisters prepare thy selves. Tis her life force! The potion works! Take my hands... We will share her." Winifred held up her wrists and Jezebel ignored her mother, running over to the boy and helping him up. "Is thou alright?" She whispered. "No..." He shook his head and lifted himself onto the ladder she had climbed up earlier.

Just then, Jezebel could feel her muscles tighten and her hair become longer... The the pain in her insides. "Ah!" She whimpered but then looked at her hands... The nails became more black and her lips turned bright red. "It's done... Thee sister is gone... I'm so sorry." She placed her hand on his shoulder and he hung his head low. Before her mother saw, she jumped back and stood there, with a look of hate on her face towards the boy.

"Lets brew another batch," Winifred hissed at the boy. "You hag! There are not enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful." He spat. "Uh-oh... Sisters did you hear what he called thee all... Whatever shall we do with him?" Winifred smirked. "Lets barbecue and fillet him." Mary suggested.

"Hang him on a hook and let me plat with him-" "No!" Winifred said to Sarah. "Book, darling... Come to mommy. Yes," Jezebel growled. She treats that book more like her child than her own daughter!

"His punishment must be more fullsome. More lingering... Dazzle me my darling." The book flipped to a page of punishments. "Lets see, Amnesia, Bunions, Chilblains, we can do better than that I think! Lets see what we have here-Oh!" She stopped on a page and smirked. "Perfect... As usual." She closed the book and twisted her hands. "His punishment shall not be to die... But to live forever with his guilt." Jezebel flinched. "As what, Winnie? As what?" The two sisters said. "Jump back!" They did as told and Jezebel backed into a corner, fearing for the boy.

"Twist the bones and then the back,"


"Trim him of his baby fat,"


"Give him fur black as black,"



"Thisssssssss." That 'S' went into a hiss as the boy cringed on the floor, quickly morphing into something all witches fear. A black feline. He hissed at the sisters. They all withdrew their hands and when Sarah tried to touch him, he hissed and clawed furiously. And then there was a banging.

"Witches! Guarders of darkness, open this door!" Someone shouted. "Hide the child!" Winifred said. "Hiding the child. Witches? There'll be no witches here, sir!" Mary said, draping a blanket over the dead girl. Jezebel crawled out of the corner and got on her knees in front of the boy. "I'm so sorry." She said, trying to touch his head. He meowed and rubbed against her hand... Her sympathy grew for the boy.

He allowed her to pick him up and she was ready to face her punishment... Doomed to die. "Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist! We are just three kindly old spinster ladies!" She didn't include her daughter. Jezebel sighed. "Spending a quiet evening at home!" Mary said. "Sucking the lives out of little children!" Sarah said. Jezebel screamed and pulled on her blonde hair. "You brainless trollop! Now we'll all die!" She shouted.

The door broke from the hinges and all four of the witches were dragged out. But Jezebel fought furiously, keeping hold of the cat but once outside, she was thrown down the steps and the feline tumbled from her arms, running across the underbrush. "Get the witch!" The man shouted. Three men grabbed her and held her back... She was, of course, doomed to die.

~Page Break~

"Winifred Sanderson," He spoke. "Yes?" She answered. "I will ask thee one final time," "Yes?" She pressed. "What has thou done with my son, Thackery?" He said. "Thackery, hmm..." She stalled. "ANSWER ME!" The man shouted furiously. "Well, I don't know! Cat's got my tongue!" She cackled with her sisters as the lightning struck again. Jezebel saw Thackery hiss on the rock. He jumped from it and ran to her feet by the barrel. He clawed at it and Jezebel sighed.

"Thy has failed again... Be gone." She told him. Thackery ran from her feet and back to his perch on the rock. "Sisters, sing," All three sisters starting singing a chant and a curse. Jezebel stayed out of it. "Cover your ears! Listen to them, not!" Thackery's father shouted. Someone threw the book on the ground and it flipped to a page, revealing the truth to Winifred. "Ah! Fools, all of you! My ungodly book speaks to you! On All Hallow's Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground! Oh! We shall be back! And the lives of all the children, shall be mine!"

The three sisters cackled with laughter. Jezebel knew what came next. "I'll meet you soon, Thackery... I'll see you again." She whispered and blew out, carrying the message to the feline's ears.

The barrels were knocked out from under their feet and all of their necks snapped. They dangled there, dead... For now.