Thackery is going to do anything to stop this brainless boy from resurrecting the Sanderson Family. So before he could make a move, Thackery jumped on him and clawed at his neck. "Ah! Ah!" Max fell on his shoulder, throwing Thackery. "Stupid cat!"

His sister, Dani, was freaking out. She knew that this wasn't good... Her brother was going to bring back hell itself. "OK, Max. You've had your fun. It's time to go, Come on Allison," She tugged on Allison's sleeve. Allison was Max's crush. He was gonna do anything to impress her. "Oh come on! It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!" Max smirked. "Max, I'm not kidding this time! It's time to go!" Dani shouted. But Max lit the lighter in his hands.

"Max, no!" She shouted. But the flame touched the wick and shed the color black. A cold breeze came and everyone got scared. "Uh-oh." He realized that he made a... Serious mistake. Just then, every light in the building exploded and Dani's hat fell off her head. The chandelier swung back and fourth and Max tried to cross the floor to get over to the two girls but it started shaking wildly, glowing green through the cracks. They all fell onto the shaking floor.

The tremors ceased and Max was dumbfounded. "What happened?" Dani groaned and put her hat back on her head. "A virgin... Lit the candle." The picture made a whole and then every candle sprung with fire, all around... A loud laughter came within the distant forest and everyone hid as the door swung open. There stood, Winifred, Sarah and Mary... But Jezebel was no where to be found.

"We are home!" Winifred smirked. The other two brainless women jumped up and down with joy. "Oh, sweet revenge. You see sisters! My curse worked perfectly!" She smiled. "Oh, that's because thou are perfect." They all cackled evily. Mary walked to the cauldron. "I knew I left this fire on, didn't I tell you, Winnie?" Sarah reached up and pulled something down. "My lucky rat tail! Just where I left it!" She smiled. Dani cringed at the hags and wanted to bash her head it.

"But who lit the black flame candle, hmm?" Winifred said. She then turned thoughts, looking at her book. "Wake up!" She tapped on the holding glass. "Wake up sleepy head. Yes, oh I missed you... Did you miss me too?" She said. "Winnie... I smell children." Mary whispered. All heads were lifted.

"Sick em'!" Winifred said. "It's a little girl." Mary said, sniffing. Dani raised her head. "7... maybe 8 and a half." They cackled happily. Sarah started singing her linger song. Winifred covered her mouth. "Come out my dear. We will not harm thee..." Winifred said. "We LOVE children." Mary banged on the counter and Dani jumped up, giving up on hiding. "I thought thou would never come, sisters." Dani acted the part.

"Twas I who brought you back." "Imagine... such a pretty little... child." Winifred cringed at saying it. "Look at her... She's so well fed, isn't she?" Dani jumped. She started poking and prying at Dani, who screamed every time. "Tell me darling, what is the year?" Winifred wrapped her hand around Dani's as she was pushed into a seat.

"1993." Dani said. "Sisters... We have been gone 300 years." Winifred said. "Oh Winnie, how time flies, huh? When your dead!" They made a joke and cackled at it. Dani joined in, trying to loosen the tension, but failed. Mary clamped down on her arms and barked. "Heh, it's been great fun. But I- I guess I'd better be going..." She tried to stand up but Winifred pushed her back down. "Oh, stay for supper."

"I- I- I'm not hungry." She said.

"Oh, but we are." Mary said, eyes full of evilness as Dani tried to run but they all grabbed her. "Hey!" Max jumped up and everyone looked at him. "Let go of my little sister." He growled. "Roast him Winnie!" Mary said. "No, let me... Let me play with him." Sarah said. Winnie sprung out her hands and shocked him with lightning. Max fell on his back.

She touched her temples and waltzed over to his side, sending more electricity through him. He was sent down the floor. "You, there!" She pointed to the wall and Max was thrown against it. "Max!" Dani tried to reach her brother but was grabbed by Mary. Allison grabbed a witch's broom. "Mary!" She yelled. "Well hello, Ah!" Allison hit her in the stomach and threw her down. Grabbing a pan, she hit her upside the head, making her fall over.

Winifred sprung more lightning, making Max look at her. "Hello... Goodbye." She shot it in his stomach and lifted him off the floor. Dani ran across the room. "You leave my brother alone!" She hit Winifred with a bag full of candy and then Sarah. "Max!" She reached for her brother but Winifred grabbed her, only to be pounced on by a black cat. She screamed.

"Get out of here, both of you! Go!" Max said, right after he stood back up. While the witches were occupied, Max climbed onto the balcony above the roof. "Hey!" He shouted. They all looked up. "You've messed with the great and powerful Max. And now, you must suffer the consequences... The Burning rain of Death!" He said, cracking the lighter. They all were dumbfounded. He struck the lighter and the flame appeared, surprising them.

Max held the flame up to a sprinkler and water poured out of all of them, scaring the sisters. They all ran under the shelter.

Max jumped from the balcony and then slipped on the water. Thackery jumped on him. "Nice going, Max!" The cat snapped. Max was freaked. "You can talk..."

"Yeah, no kidding. Now, get the spell book." Max still stared. Thackery swatted him across the face. "Come on! Move it!" He jumped up and bashed the glass where the book was held. Winifred screamed with terror but was held back by her sisters. Max and Thackery darted out of the house. "Max! Max, over here! Come on!" He heard his sister yell. He ran, following the voices and Thackery, hot on his heels, was following him.

Just when they were out of view of the shack, Max was pounced on. "How dare you light the Black Flame Candle?! Do you know what thou has done?!" Thackery knew that voice. Max turned over and saw a girl. His age, straddling his waist. "Your- Your-" He stuttered. "Jezebel Sanderson. You thick idiot! Why did you do it?! My mother will destroy every child in Salem!" She shook him by his jacket. "Jezebel! Stop!" She looked up at the black cat. "Thackery?" She asked.

"Stop shaking him...He didn't believe... So he did it out of idiocy." He told her. "Fine..." She let him get up. "But just once..." She punched him clear in the nose. "YOU IDIOT!" She screamed. He then started to strangle the teenage witch. "Max! Stop, what are you doing?!" Thackery growled. "She's one of them! We can't trust her!" Max said. Jezebel coughed and grabbed at his hand.

"She won't hurt us, Max... She doesn't have that kind of magic." Thackery said. "What?" Max let Jezebel go. "She's a good witch. The Sanderson Sisters are pure evil. She's not near evil..." Jezebel nodded. "I can't spring lightning, I can't brew potions... I can't make linger calls... I can whisper to the wind, I can... Call upon the dead, I can... Walk on hollow ground, and bring lives back... But I'm not my mother." She told him... "Max! What's going on?" Allison said. They all saw Jezebel and freaked. "Max, move!" Allison said. "No! Stop! She's a good witch..." He felt something drip down his face and knew he got a nosebleed from her hard fist. "Thanks." Max growled.

"Don't mention it. Come on, we have to move!" She yelled, running down the sidewalk, not really knowing where she was headed. "Jezebel! Do you even know where we're going?" Max said. "No! This place has changed so much since I last saw it." She said, still running. They faced a graveyard. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Max said. "Oh, come on, it's a graveyard." He added on.

"It's hollow ground. The witches can't set foot here." Thackery said. Everyone stared except for Max and Jezebel. "What? He talks." Max said. He jumped through the fence. "Follow me!" They did as told, even Jezebel... Once the gate was closed, she was very careful on where she stepped. "You won't turn to stone, will you?" Thackery said, joking to Jezebel. "Ha ha, your hilarious... I told you, I can walk on hollow ground! It's forbidden from evil. I'm not evil." They all nodded and she stepped on the rich soil... Nothing happened.

"Come here, I want to show you something... Give you an idea on exactly what we're dealing with." Binx said, jumping on a tombstone. "William Butcherson? Lost soul?" Max read. "Billy Butcherson was Winifred's lover. But she found him sporting with her sister, Sarah. So she poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut with a dull needle. So then he couldn't tell his secrets even in death... Winifred was always the jealous type!" Binx said.

"Nice joke, Thackery." Jezebel said. "Oh, come on, Jezebel! Your mother is evil! Can't you accept it?" He said. Jezebel sighed. "I've been accepting it... And I do not like it."

"Wait... Your Thackery Binx." Allison said. "Yes." Binx said. "So the legends are true..." Allison trailed off. "Yes, well, come along! I want to show you something else..."