"Because of me... My sister's life was stolen. For years I've waited for my life to end... So that I could be reunited with my family. But, Winifred's curse of immortality kept me alive... Then one day I figured out what to do with my eternal life. Now, I failed Emily, but I wouldn't fail again. When Winifred and her sisters returned, I'd be there to stop them. So for 3 centuries, I guarded the house on All Hallow's Eve night, when I knew some air-head virgin might light that candle." Binx said to everyone, who was in a circle.

Jezebel sat there, silent, messing with the fabric of her purple skirt. "Nice going, Air-Head." Dani said, directing it at Max. "Hey, look, I'm sorry, OK?" He snapped, standing up. "We're talking about 3 ancient hags versus the 20th Century. How bad can it be?" Jezebel looked up. " Bad." Jezebel said. She looked at Allison and she tried to open the book. "Stay out of that!" She shouted, taking the book from her. "Why?"

"It holds my mother's most dangerous and cruel spells. She must not get it back." She told her. "Lets torch this sucker." Max took the book from Jezebel, slammed it on the ground and lit the lighter. He tried to put the flame on it but it blew away. "It's protected by magic!" Binx said. Max snapped the lighter closed. "The spell will only be taken off when my mother is dead." They all looked at each other.

And then, there was an evil laugh behind them. "Oh, boy." Jezebel knew that laugh. There was her mother and aunts on her broomsticks. "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!" Her mother taunted. "Sarah!" She pointed left. "Mary," She pointed right. They split up. "Max!" Dani said. Sarah swooshed in and taunted Max. "Brave little virgin who lit the candle... I'll be thy friend." This made Allison mad. "Hey, take a hike!" She shouted, swinging a tree branch across her face.

Sarah abandoned her place. Jezebel heard her mother call out to the book. "Book... Come to mommy!" She sang. But Binx jumped on the cover before it could go anywhere. "Afraid not!"

"Thackery Binx, thou mangy feline! Still alive?" Winifred gloated. "And waiting for you!" He swung claws at the witch. "Oh, thou has waited in vain. And thou will fail to save thy friends, just as thou failed to save thy sister!" Binx hissed at this. "Ah!" Winifred descended from the sky and down to them. "Grab the book!" Jezebel shouted, running away. But Mary stood out in front of them, blocking they're path. Jezebel was going to use her magic.

She pushed her hand out and a purple light emerged from the palm of her hand. Wind blew Mary in the opposite direction, hitting a tree. "Move!" Jezebel shouted to them. They then kept running. Surrounded by tombstones, they thought they were safe. "They can't touch us here, right?" Max said. "Well... They can't." Jezebel said. Dani looked up at her. "I don't like the way you said that."

"Unfaithful lover, long since dead, deep asleep in thy wormy bed. Wiggle thy toes, open thy eyes, twist thy fingers towards the sky. Life is sweet, be not shy. On thy feet, so sayeth I!" Winifred chanted. The graves and tombstones started to shake and Jezebel fell over. "Daughter, I always knew thou would be the evil counterpart!" Her mother cursed. "Mother, it it thou who is evil! I have done nothing wrong! And thy will not stand by you! You're going to pay!" She shouted. "Oh... But not before you, my darling." She smirked and then a pair of arms reached out from the ground, breaking a coffin open.

A zombie shook it's head free of dirt and looked at the five, dumbfounded... They looked at each other, then screamed and ran for it. They all followed Binx. "Binx! Where are we going?" Jezebel yelled. "Trust me, Jezebel." He said back. Jezebel stopped asking questions and just followed him. They came to a hole in a wall and Allison and Dani slid inside, following Binx. But the zombie was gaining on Max and Jezebel. Max ducked down passed a tree branch and the Zombie, William Butcherson was right behind him. "Max!" Jezebel shouted before falling over in the dirt. He jumped forward and pulled back the tree branch, hitting Butcherson in his face. The zombie's head fell from the rest of his body. Max thought he won.

But William searched around for his head... "Come on!" Jezebel grabbed his sleeve and then she fell through the hole, Max following. She landed on her feet but Max landed on his face. She looked down at Dani, coughing. "Dani, are you OK?" She asked. "Uh-huh." She said, a little muffled. "What is this place, Binx?" Max asked, standing up. "It's the old Salem Crypt. It connects to the Sewers and up to the street." He told them. "Here's the book." Allison gave Jezebel the book. Dani whimpered. "Oh, don't look up, Dani." Max said, seeing skeletons and then some. "Don't worry. I won't." She promised.

"Relax. I've hunted mice down here for years." Binx said. "Mice?!" Jezebel and Dani said in unison. They then just followed the cat down the Crypt. And they took turns, detours and then they stopped at a ladder. "Up the ladder! Come on," Binx jumped on Max's shoulder and he went up the ladder first. They climbed out of a pothole and then everyone heard an engine. Jezebel froze and then Max jumped down. Without Binx. "Thackery!" Jezebel cried out. "Binx!" Dani whimpered. They climbed up the ladder and Jezebel gasped. "Oh My God!" She said, covering her eyes. Binx was ran over. His side was crushed and flat.

"It's all my fault." Max said. "Max it's not your fault." Allison said. Jezebel wiped her eyes drowned in tears and then saw a horrid sight. Binx's flat stomach rose and rebuilt itself in bones. "Uh..." She said. Everyone then saw. Binx stood up and shook his head. "Ugh. I hate it when that happens." He said. Everyone gaped at him. "I told you, I can't die... Dani, you alright?" He asked the little girl. She nodded, smiling. "OK then lets go!" He said. They all ran down the street. Jezebel looked around, seeing creatures of different design. "What is this?" She said. "You must be lost because of the time difference." Allison said. "Oh, yes..." She stared at almost everything.

"All Hallow's Eve has taken a turn since your time. Now, because of the purpose it served back in your time, we call it Halloween. It's the one night a year where kids where costumes and go to neighbor's doors, begging for candy." She said. "Well... Thank you, Allison. That makes me feel better." She sighed. Everywhere she looked, it was the same. Decorations, children in costumes, everything was not normal. She bit down on her lip until she felt it start to moist.

She licked the blood off her teeth and then spit it out. "Gross..."

And then, she saw Dani break into a sprint. "The cops!" Allison said. Jezebel was clueless. "The what?" She looked at Max who ignored her and ran. "OK, no questions." Jezebel nodded and ran with them. "Officer! Officer!" Dani shouted. "Officer," Allison mimicked. "We need your help."

"What's the problem?" The man on a motor bike in a cop's uniform asked. "Tell him." Dani pushed her brother's shoulder. "Go ahead." Allison stepped out of his way... He told his story and the cop thought it was absolutely ridiculous!

"Um... Well you f- I just moved here... W- Well you see, it's like this, I... I broke into the old Sanderson House and I brought the witches back from the dead. See, I even have the book!" He held up the book. "And I am one of them." Jezebel rose her hand and Dani elbowed her stomach lightly. "Ow." She looked down and Dani shook her head, telling her to keep her mouth shut.

"You lit the black flamed candle?" The cop said. "Yeah..." Max nodded. The cop stood up slowly. "Come on, lets get on the sidewalk." He said. They all stepped back on the sidewalk. "And he's a virgin!" Dani added on. "Come here," The cop said after a few awkward seconds. Max leaned in to listen. "Are you a virgin?" He said. "Yeah..." Max nodded.

"Really?!" The officer said. Max wanted to punch him. "Look, I'll get it tattooed on my forehead, Okay?!" He snapped. "Officer, this is not a prank-" Allison started but was cut off. "Hey! I put my life on the line to protect this community and you punks pull this?" Binx growled violently. "Get out of here! Take that cat with you!" He said. Binx jumped on Jezebel's shoulder and she turned around to glare at the cops. "Are all Officers as blunt and stupid as you? You slug."

"Okay, Jezebel, time to go!" Max grabbed her arm and pulled her down the sidewalk. "Are you insane?! You could get arrested!" He said. "Hey, I've been killed already. Anything is better than that." She said. "Good point." He said. The three of them caught up with Allison and Dani and they kept walking. "Now where are we going?" Jezebel said. "Maybe my parents can help." Max said. Jezebel shrugged and ran a hand through her hair and twirled her finger around the purple fabric around her wrist. And they came up to a building.

"Oh great, how are we ever gonna find mom and dad in this place?" Max groaned. "And this is..." Jezebel asked. "A Halloween Party." Dani said. "Great." She said, pretending to be cheerful They went inside, climbed the stairs and were surrounded by blaring music. Jezebel covered her ears and Binx jumped off her shoulder. Dani picked him up. "I'm gonna look for mom!" Dani said over the music. Jezebel did circles, her hair smacking against Max's chest as she did so. And then, she heard him yelp. She screamed, turned around and breathed in. "Oh, dad." Max said. "It's not dad, it's "Dad-cula..." He joked. Then looked at Jezebel.

"Oh my goodness, who must this charming young blood-donut be?" He said, and kissed her hand. Jezebel was holding her breath, hoping he didn't mean it literally. And Max pulled Jezebel's hand back. "Dad! Something terrible's happened." He said. And then, his father broke character. "Dani? What's wrong? Where-" Max cut him off. "No, Dani's fine!" He said. His dad sighed with relief. "Good... Excuse me, come here!" He pulled Max alongside, away from Jezebel and Allison. Jezebel got a little jittery.

"I don't think we should stay in one place for too long... I'm getting a little dizzy." Jezebel moaned, rubbing her temples and then her eyes. And then, a woman with long blond hair and wearing a weird outfit walked up to them. Dani was next to them. And then, they all started arguing. And then Jezebel turned around... "Max! Max, their here!" She shouted, pointing at them. Max looked at went wide eyed. "Oh, crap!" He handed her the book and then ran towards the stage. Jezebel gave it to Allison and ran after him.

"Max, what are you going to do?!" She shouted. "Warn everyone!" He said. He jumped on stage and she followed, tripping over the torn purple fabric. He grabbed the mic from a guy with skeleton face paint on. "Hey, cut the music!" He shouted. "Man, I'm in the middle of a song!" He shouted back. "Real quick, only for a second!" He said. "Listen to him." Jezebel said, staring at the man. He nodded. "Cut it!" He said, dragging his hand across his neck.

"Will everybody listen up, please!" He yelled. Everyone got quiet. "Your kids are in danger." He stated. "Hey, what do you mean!?" A woman shouted. "Three centuries ago, the Sanderson women bewitched people... And now they've returned from their graves." Everyone started laughing. Jezebel grabbed the man on the stage. "Hey, this is serious! It's not a joke!" She shouted at him. And then took the microphone from Max, completely clueless as to what she was about to do.

And then, she spoke, her voice magnified. No time to be surprised, she has to stop her mother.

"Listen, I know this sounds dumb and crazy... But he's not kidding! I'm one of them! Jezebel Sanderson!" She said. Everyone then got quiet... "And my mother and aunts? Their here tonight! Right over there!" She pointed into the crowd. A light shined on some people before stopping on the three evil witches.

"Thank you, my darling..." Winifred said... Jezebel narrowed her eyes in disgust... "For that Marvelous introduction!" She said. And everyone started laughing. And then, her mother started singing... "Oh, no."

"I put a spell on you... and now your mine...

You can't stop the things I do... I ain't lyyyyiiing!"

"NO! Don't listen to them!" Jezebel heard Dani yell.

"Been three hundred years! Right down to the day.

Now the witch is back!... And there's hell to pay...

I put a spell on you..."

"Ay, good joke, Happy Halloween." The man on the stage said and pushed Max into the crowd. Jezebel jumped off the stage and ran to Dani and Allison. "Keep your ears covered!" She said, covering her own to drown out her mother's singing...

The song went on. "Mom, dad! Cover your ears!" Dani and Max said in unison. "Binx, where are you?!" Jezebel shouted. And then, he ran up to her. She picked him up. And then, something came up behind them. Butcherson. "Zombie!" Dani shouted, ducking and then they ran for the doors. And then, her mother's chant started. "Come on, keep running!" She said, and then used her magic. She circled her finger in the air and all the sound around the five drowned out. And when they reached the stairs, they tumbled out of the doors and onto the sidewalk. She took the spell off.

They ran into an alleyway and Max lost it, kicking rusted pots. "This is REALLY bad!" He said. "Max, stay calm. Keep it together." Jezebel said. He turned to her. "Look, what do you want me to say to you?! This isn't exactly good." He said. She slammed him against the wall and slapped him across the face. "Would you pull yourself together! Look, if we're gonna win, we can't lose it!" She shouted at him He stared at her wide eyed. This is the second time she's hit him and he hasn't done anything. He can't guarantee anything if she hits him a third time.

And then, the doors open. They all dropped down. A man in a pirate costume came out and took a lobster out of the tank and went back inside. They all stood up... "Uh oh..." Binx said. They looked and saw shadows... "Get down!" Jezebel said and made them drop down. "I smell," A voice... Mary's. "Winnie, I smell," Jezebel used her powers, took the scent from the restaurant and pushed it towards them... "I smell... Scrod!" She said. Jezebel stiffened a giggle.

"Scrod, You know it's a bottom dweller, you cook it sometimes with bread crumbs, little margarine, or oil- olive oil..." She went on and on until Winifred pulled them out of the isle... But Sarah stayed, looking... "Sarah!" Winifred shouted. Jezebel kept the spell on, putting her hand out and when she heard footsteps drag away, she put her hand down. "That was too close." And then, she turned around to a loud bang.

Allison pulled down the door to an old stove, burnt and rusty... She then smiled evily...

"I have an idea."