NuSailor Moon Trek! – By Ocramed

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Note: This is a limited series. C&C are welcomed.

Special Note: This story, along with its "mate" The NuRanma Trek, is based upon the reboot premise of DC Comics' "NuDC Universe". Thanks to the mysterious Pandora, of "Pandora's Box" fame, the equally mysterious "Time Trapper", who was really Sailor Pluto from the end of Time, was able to get her fondest wish after all…

Part 1: "Renewal!"

Amongst the cockroaches and the Toclafane, a cybernetic race that was in the shape of a floating spheroid, the hooded "Time Trapper" greets her guest in her customary manner: with threats of violence.

"Tell me, Pandora, why have you come?" the Time Trapper said, as she held the cursed immortal within a stasis field of concentrated temporal energy. "Just because you are long lived, that doesn't mean I cannot hurt you…"

"I know that, Setsuna of Pluto," Pandora said. "I know that you can rob me of my curse, in order to subject me to a fate worse than what I have lived all my life. But I have come with a peace offer…"

Pandora presents a small, brass box that was in the shape of a skull.

"Though the look is different, I recognize as the fabled 'Box'," the Time Trapper said.

"Aye, it is, and I have come to offer it to you, for within lies unlimited power: hope. And with hope comes possibilities."

"Why should I help you?"

"I can allow others to open this Box, though the one that opens it will be granted the power of hope."

"In exchange for this gift, what do you want in return?"

"Peace," Pandora said. "I want to be freed of my curse, so that I may live a normal life."

"If I recall, your life was anything but normal."

"Well, I want one NOW, just like you want one."

"I was put in charge of safe guarding the timeline, so that the Moon Princess can one day assume her rightful place as the ruler of Earth, circa 30th century."

"Ah, that," Pandora sneered. "How did that experiment come along?"


"Precisely. In the original timeline, the lovely Moon Princess was easily controlled. In the latest iteration of the timeline, you ended up…here, a survivor of a dead timeline while your temporal doppelganger had a complete life. Sucks to be you, huh?"


"Look, I can't get what I want if I do not have for your help, and vice versa. So, what do you say about joining forces to solve each other's situations?"

"Very well," the Time Trapper said, as she releases Pandora from her prison. "Show me what to do…"

Summer 1995: Azabuu Juuban Ward (Tokyo, Japan).

"You know, if you wanted to be on time to a 'senshi' meeting, we shouldn't stop at the ice creamery, Usako," Mamoru Chiba said, as he and his fiancée Usagi Tsukino walked to the Hakawa Shrine on Cherry Hill.

"Ah, but I was SO hungry, Mamo-kun," Usagi whined. "Besides, I want to do all the things I want to do before we get married."

"You sure you want to do that?" Mamoru said. "I mean, I can wait a few years, so you can get yourself established career-wise."

"No, I'm done waiting. Besides, I can still go to school, yes? I was thinking of becoming a homemaker."

"Well, whatever you decide to do, I am more than ready to support you-"

"I still say that this is a waste of time, Akane," said young martial artist Ranma Saotome, as he walked to the Hakawa Shrine with his fiancée, Akane Tendo.

"Well, Yuka told me that the shrine has real magic in it," Akane said.

"Yeah? I heard that there have been monster around here, too," Ranma said.

"What, you scared?"

"No, not that I have anything to worry about, since they'd be too scared to face me and my 'uncute' fiancée and junk…"

"What did you say?" Akane said angrily.

Meanwhile, in the Nerima Ward, located across town from Azabuu Juuban Ward, a resident was prepared to utilize the dark arts in one last, desperate act against his foe.

"With this ritual, I shall rid the foul sorcerer once and for all!" said Tatewaki Kuno.

"Master Kuno, are you SURE you know what you are doing?" said Sasuke the Ninja Retainer.

"Of course I am sure."

"Well, it's just that with what happened when you last went into that curio shop-"

"This is not going to be a Phoenix Egg situation. I have made sure that the only way this Rune circle will activate, is if I place these two sacred stones in the right position-"


"How dare you try to destroy the one I love?" said Tatewaki Kuno's younger sibling Kodachi, as she grips her bowling pin.

"Sister, don't you dare- uh?"

"Master?" Sasuke said, as he points to the place where the stones that were in Tatewaki's hands fell.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning leapt from the circle, then danced about the room until it fled through an open window.


"Not another word, Sasuke," Tatewaki said, before collapsing onto the floor. "Oof-!"

Meanwhile, the lightning bolt went straight into the air, arcs, and then struck both Ranma and Akane.

"Ranma!" Akane yelled.

"Akane!" Ranma replied.

The two flew into Mamoru and Usagi, which resulted in them getting energized by the magic lightning bolt.


"Mamo-chan!" Usagi cried out.

"Usako, hold on!" Mamoru said, as he attempted to grab his beloved….


And then, both couples were gone…

"Guys!" yelled Minako Aino, as she and the others members of the Sailor Scouts arrive at the steps of the Hikawa Shrine. They could see the tell-tale signs of an atmospheric, but localized event that had just occurred.

Luna the Moon Guardian Cat and her beau Artemis were the first to arrive at the very spot where the Moon Princess and the Earth Prince had just disappeared.

"Where are they?" Luna said, as she looked around frantically. She then turned towards Ami Mizuno.


"Usagi and Mamoru were here, that's for sure," Ami said, as she used the sensors on her Mercury Computer to collect data. "Unfortunately, it may be difficult to, well…"

"Well, what, Ami?" Makoto Kino asked.

"From what I can tell, temporal energy is involved."

"You mean, 'time travel', huh?" Raye Hino said. "Are we looking at another future attack from Chaos?"

"Without further information, I do not know the answer."

"Then, we have to get a hold of the Outers, then," Artemis said.

"Artemis' right," Luna said. "If anyone might know what happened to Usagi and Mamoru, it would be Setsuna-"

"Of course," said Setsuna Meioh, as she and the rest of the Outer Sailor Scouts arrive at the steps of the Hakawa Shrine.

"Hey, guys!" Minako said.

"Do you know what happened to 'Dumpling Head' and Mamoru?" Raye said.

"I do, in fact," Setsuna said with a knowing smile.

"Well, I don't," Haruka Tenoh said in a gruff manner.

"Now, now," Michiru Kaioh said, as she comforted her girlfriend. "You don't have to be so surly about this day."

"Well, you'd be, too, if you were being pulled away from something you wanted to do this afternoon."

"What's that?" Makoto asked.

"The football game between Germany and the UK, that's what," Haruka said. "I had a bet going on for that one…"

"Well, I'm just hoping to see Usagi again," Hotaru Tomoe said.

"And you will," said Rini Chibi, aka "Chibiusa", as she speaks from atop of the stairs of the Hakawa Shrine, with Diana the Moon Guardian Cat sitting on her head. What was most striking was that both Chibiusa and Diana appeared older, which was ironic since Chibiusa in particular was well over 900 years old, but still retained the body of a child. Well, save for that incident where she became "Black Lady"…

"Chibiusa!" Hotaru said, as she runs up to her best friend, in order to hug her.

"Hey, there," Chibiusa said, as she hugged Hotaru back.

"And you look great, Chibiusa! And older, too."

"Well, Mother and Father did feel that it was time that I begin to grow into adulthood, rather remain a child forever…"

"Mom, Dad," Diana said to Luna and Artemis.

"Diana," Luna said. "You're looking well."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Are you here because of the Princess and the Prince?" Artemis said.

"Yes," Diana said with a nod.

"Did you two come to the past at the same time your parents have?" Makoto asked.

"They have not," Setsuna replied. "In fact, both 'Small Lady' and Diana have been living in the past for some time now."

"Huh?" everyone yelled.

"Yeah, well, Diana and I have been attending a special school in North England, in order to study magic," Chibiusa said. "We're heading into our third year, in fact."

"But do you know what happened to your parents, child?" Luna asked.

"They're here," Chibiusa said with a grin.

"Ah?" everyone yelled.

"Small Lady is correct," Setsuna said. "The Princess and the Prince will tell you the particular details, but they have returned."

"Where are they, then?" Luna asked impatiently.

"At the top of these stairs, silly," Chibiusa said, as she turned away. "Come, follow me…"

With that, there was a mad dash to the heart of the Hakawa Shrine…

Meanwhile, the Moon Princess completes a small ritual, where she lights incense while saying a prayer…

"Usagi?" said a voice from behind.

A moment later, Usagi turned towards her husband of many years.

"I know, Mamoru," Usagi said, as she stands up. "I can sense their arrival."

"Well, we don't want the others to see you, well, older," Mamoru said, as he changes his appearance to appear younger. "At least, not yet."

"Am I not beautiful the way I am?" Usagi said with a knowing smile.

"Of course, hon," Mamoru said, as he took Usagi into his arms. "You're immortal, and ageless, and would make the gods of love and beauty jealous…"


"In fact, weren't you, Aphrodite and Ishtar in such a competition at one point in time?"

"That was a long time ago, in another age," Usagi said. "Besides, Urd was the one who 'started' that contest, I believe-"

"Usagi?" said Luna with hesitance. Neither she nor the other Sailor Scouts could see what Usagi appeared as.


"Hi, guys!" Usagi said bubbly, as she broke her hold of Mamoru. "How's it going?"

Chibiusa rolled her eyes, amazed at how phony her mother's acting was, while the others stood nearly in gaped silence…

"Well, she seems the same," Makoto said.

"Are you alright?" Luna asked out of concern.

"Well, I feel a little weird about all this, but I got my Mamo-kun here with me," Usagi said happily.

"You're starting to weird me out," Raye said.

"Oh, stop being silly. I…I just want to see my friends again."

"Well, I'm glad you seem okay," Minako said, as she hugged Usagi.

"Is she really okay?" Haruka said, as she turned towards Mamoru.

"Actually, she's been like this for a while now," Mamoru said. "Trust me on this."

"Well, I can't wait to hear what happened to you two," Artemis said.

"And there will be plenty of time to tell you all what happened to us," Usagi said. "But right now, I'm starving…and you guys are treating."

"At least there is one thing that hasn't changed about the Princess," Michiru said.

Meanwhile, Ami continued to scan Mamoru and Usagi. Although the bio-signatures of her friends were the same as before, there was that little detail of massive energy within the couple.

However, that was not the strangest thing about the sensor readings.

What was really odd was that the Senshi of Mercury was detecting a second pair of "auras" within her friends, auras that were significant in power as well…

"Ami, stop trying to scan me and Mamo-kun," Usagi said.

"Oh, um, well…"

"We'll explain everything in due course," Mamoru said. "But we can tell you what happened to us right after, well…it's going to be a long story."

"We'll make the time," Luna said. "Count on it…"


Next Time: An old enemy from the early days of Sailor Moon's career shows up, this time with the help of a dark god from ancient Japanese lore. See you then…