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Chapter Sixteen- Let the Games Begin…

Clove's POV:

"Attention all tributes, we found out that one of you has a secret that we are going to reveal to the world. CLOVE IS PREGNANT!" The voice yelled.

I look around nervously in the forest arena and look up. How did Seneca Crane find out? LILA! Cato looked at me like nothing happened and then kissed me square on the mouth.

"Whoa, Cato! NOT the right time!" He didn't seem to hear me. I look down at my shoes for a moment, then look back up to see that my surroundings changed to my old house in District Two.

"Clooooooooooove! It's your father! How could you disgrace me like this?" He back me against a wall with a knife in his hand. Disgrace HIM like this? He killed my only family and had an affair with my boyfriend's sister!

I looked down to try to avoid a big blow with the knife he held. When no pain was felt, I looked back up to see myself back in arena. Squirrels jumped around, deer drank water from the creek and I sighed with relief. Peace at last.

Suddenly, the animals eyes grew red and viscous teeth grew out of their mouths. They came closer, waiting for the right moment to strike. They stopped and I looked up to see all of the tributes, including Cato coming at me.

"We can't keep alive a girl that is weak enough to have a 9 for a score while I had an 11, huh Peeta?" laughed that Katniss girl. "She's so puny and weak, and now PREGNANT! Kill her!" Closer they came.

CLOSER. Closer. closer. I screamed for my life.

"CLOVE!" The squirrel yelled. "Clove, wake up! Stop screaming!"

I sat up to see myself in my room, in bed, with Cato shaking my shoulders. I was sweating and still kicking.

"Cato! I had a TERRIBLE dream!"

"Yeah, I know Clove. You kept screaming: Get away from me daddy! Get away from me squirrel!" He still had big eyes.

"I'm fine, Cato. It was just a bad dream." Just then, a voice like the one in my dream came on the intercom. Seneca Crane.

"Attention, tributes! It is Hunger Games morning! Please eat breakfast quickly, drink a lot of water, and meet together down at the hovercraft at 9:30. Oh, and your stylists will meet you in your room at 8. You better be excited! Just remember, 23 will be dead, and only 1 will live. Play it safe, or not. Either way, may the odds be ever in your favor."

Cato looked at the clock. 7:30. We have 2 hours to get ready. I walk into the bathroom to see that my tribute outfit has been laid out in front of me. A burgundy short-sleeved shirt, long tan pants with a skinny style to them, brown boots that lace up. I hop into the shower, wash my hair, body and face really good, then dry off. I grab a cup from the cabinet and drink a ton of water from the tap in the bathroom. Hydrate well, Clove. This may be your last sip of water, I tell myself.

My stylists meet me at exactly 8 o' clock in my room and get to work on my hair. They French braid it on top, but then make the back ponytail bubbly by adding many elastics and forming little bubble shapes down the ponytail. They don't do much makeup other than some waterproof mascara and some blush, but they add a shiny spray to my hair.

Once they walk out, Cato walks in to accompany me to the dining room. While we eat, he pulls out a velvet box.

"Clove, I love you like crazy. You have changed me with your love. I want you to wear this diamond ring, not only as a district token, but as a sign of my love that you'll remember me forever by when you win. I love you."

I pull him into a slow, long, and passionate kiss that also makes my heart sink. I love him so much, but one of us has to die in order for the other to be happy.

He grabs a silver chain from his pocket and slides the ring on it.

"It's better to wear it around your neck," explains Cato, "So it hides it and you won't lose it."

I nod in agreement and Cato hooks the necklace around my slender neck. I kiss him again. This time, the kiss was shorter but had just as much passion.

After that, we discuss strategy until the voice comes back on the intercom to summon us down to the hovercraft. Not all at the same time, but he included a schedule:

District 1: 9:30 AM (Now)

District 2: 9:40 AM

District 3: 9:50 AM

District 4: 10:00 AM

District 5: 10:10 AM

District 6: 10:20 AM

District 7: 10:30 AM

District 8: 10:40 AM

District 9: 10:50 AM

District 10: 11:00 AM

District 11: 11:10 AM

District 12: 11:20 AM

They set a ten minute time between each district so that the district that just came down could be injected with a tracker and that all of the tributes wouldn't crowd the elevators, which had a weight limit. When your district time came, a harp sounding instrument would come on the intercom and you would come down. After all tributes boarded, the hovercraft would leave at 11:30 AM on the dot.

This could be the last morning I'd ever see.

Cato's POV:

I look over to Clove to see her shaking. Not a little shake, but a scary-kind of shaking. I pulled her into a hug and then a kiss.

"Clove, you don't need to be scared. I'll protect you. I may sound a little mean in the arena trying to hide our relationship, but no matter what, I won't let you die. I promise. You're still a mean, killing, no-mercy kinda girl. Put that personality on from now on."

Clove nodded and forced a small scowl on her face. "That's my girl." I smiled.

Just then, the instrument sounded and we hopped up from the table. We held hands into the elevator and shared our last kiss for a while. It was long, but not long enough.

The elevator stopped and Clove stated, "This is it." She wiped a single tear from her cheek and forced that familiar scowl on her face.

Each district had a certain number of guards outside the elevator waiting to escort you to the hovercraft depending on their behavior set by the previous events. Some are handcuffed; some are just surrounded and told to walk. Most districts had one guard, but some had up to 4.

The doors opened to 4 guards that took us by the arms. I felt like a dirty criminal. 4 guards? Well, that's what we wanted right?

A camera crew followed us from behind and reminded us that we were on live Capitol and district television. I put on a mean smile.

We were led into a hallway and the leading guard opened the door to the fresh air that was outside. There was a large flying machine that was steel with no windows except for the pilot's seat.

We were lead into the door of the hovercraft and we chose seats assigned to us. Mine had my face on the screen above the seat, and a "Cato Wood" written below the face. The face was a scowl.

3 Capitol women came over to us and injected our arms with trackers. I felt a stinging sensation, but it reminded me how much I've missed the physical pain I got in the District 2 training center.

Glimmer and Marvel were already there, and even THEY looked scared. Cato looked mean, yet pleasantly excited.

10 minutes later the District 3 couple came in. They followed the same routine as us. 10 minutes later, District 4 came in, and so on. By 11:20, Katniss and Peeta came in. They looked scared to death.

Katniss's seat was beside me. She was so scared, she even asked about the tracker in a shaky voice. I smiled. She won't last long.

The workers left us and guards alone and the lights dimmed. The craft made a loud noise and we started to move. I smiled and looked around me. Clove smiled back.

10 minutes later, the craft stopped and I waited to file out of it, but instead, the chairs started lowering out of the craft and all of a sudden, I was in a room surrounded by white. White guards, white walls, my mentor dressed in white, and white furniture. The tributes around me were gone. They were placed in rooms as well.

A robotic voice came on over the intercom. "60 seconds till launch."

I put on my scowl and looked at my mentor. He was shaking.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Cato, I know about Clove." He dropped his arms dramatically. "If the gamemakers find out, then they'll kill her instantly. Protect her, Cato. I'll do what I need to do here."

The voice came back. "30 seconds."

"Goodbye, Cato." He slid a black, waterproof jacket on my shoulders and backed me up into a tube.

The tube closed and I started to lift up into the arena.

It was forest with green grass, butterflies and birds everywhere. I knew it. The cornucopia was a steel building with food, supplies, and weapons everywhere, including a huge display case of knives and swords in the middle. Packs of smaller quantities of supplied were scattered across the ground.

I looked up at the clock. "10 seconds." It started to countdown. I looked at Clove. She was smiling.










Then the chaos began.

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