Chapter Nineteen-

Cato's Point of View:

I watched her breathe. In and out, slowly, and through her nose. I remembered that she one time told me that she hated her nose. It was a small nose with a narrow bridge that made her look even smaller. She said it made her look weak.

I loved it.

Suddenly, Clove awoke. It was very late at night, so she looked around, yawned, and looked straight at me.

"How long have I been unconscious?" She tried to get up and I told her to sit for a moment.

"A few hours. Not long." She smirked.

She shook her head, "What about Katniss? Is she dead?"

I shook my head like she did. I told her that Katniss escaped with the help of Lover-boy and that Rue girl. She had teamed up with Katniss. A very weak team.

Interrupting our conversation was the sound of the Capitol anthem. Only 2 faces showed up tonight. Glimmer and the boy from 10. After it was over, Clove spoke.

"What'd you do to Loverboy? And where are Marvel and Glimmer?" Apparently, she didn't focus on the fact that Glimmer had been stung to death.

"I cut loverboy. He's down by the lake. Should be close to death by now. Glimmer is dead. She died from tracker jacker stings. Marvel is out doing something. I have no idea what, though."

She nodded slowly and thought about the words. I could tell by the slight smile on her face that she was glad Glimmer was dead.

And to tell you the truth, I was too.
As soon as Clove opened her mouth to respond, we heard a beeping noise and saw a parachute land in front of us. Sponsor gifts!

I rushed over while Clove crawled over with me and carefully tore off the parachute and opened the medium sized box. Inside was a note.

You're father knows about Clove. He's trying to contact the gamemakers. They'll probably try to kill her quicker so that the Capitol residents don't find out about it. Keep Clove safe. Be safe yourself, too.


I stared wide-eyed at the slip of paper. "Crap, Clove."

She took the piece of paper and read it herself. "Crap is right." She tore it up.

She tried to distract her emotions by looking into the box and taking out the remaining contents.

A dinner for three. Maybe even 10 could be fed off of it. Rolls, mashed potatoes, lamb, red velvet cake, and hot chocolate. A feast.

As soon as we looked at each other and hid the feast in our tents, we heard a cannon. I looked at Clove with wide eyes. Who was it? We went over the possibilities. Marvel, Thresh, Rue, Peeta, Foxface, and maybe, hopefully, Katniss. Either one of those.

2 minutes later, we heard a second cannon. And then dead silence. Since the sky was dark, Marvel's and Rue's faces lit up the night sky, one after another. That meant that Marvel probably killed the little girl then someone, such as Katniss, killed Marvel. Good for him.

I know it sounds awful, but I was glad Marvel was gone. He meant nothing to me and Clove.

We heard footsteps.

The red headed girl from 5 saw we were distracted and stole a package of dried apples. Dang it.
We would have run after her, but it could be a diversion. She tried this same trick yesterday. We knew not to mess with her.

While we ate our meal, we sat in silence until we heard an announcement spoken by Seneca.

"Attention, Tributes. We are at the final 6, so we have a little, well, surprise for you. To make the games a little interesting, we decided that the rule requiring one victor has been suspended. From now on, 2 tributes may win if from the same district."

Me and Clove looked at each other with wide eyes. We both know what this meant. We could go home.

Not both of us, but all THREE of us.

Clove's POV:

When I woke up, I was lying beside Cato. His eyes were open and he had his arm around me.

Then I remembered yesterday's announcement. I couldn't help squealing a little silently. We could go home!

I looked over a Cato again and he was already up. I looked at the sun slowly rising. He grabbed his sword and a bludgeon.

He really wanted to end these games, you could tell.

"What are you doing, Cato?"

He smiled at me and replied, "Just about to go hunt for some food."

I looked over at the big feast from yesterday that we had leftovers from and was confused.

"Just kidding, Clove. I'm going to get water and find a new shelter. Pack up your stuff."

I was about to ask why, but now we were kinda vulnerable. It's anyone's game now.

We hiked through the woods until we found a quit place about a mile from the cornucopia. It looked uninhabited.

I sent up our tent, grabbed my pack of knives, and shoved them into my jacket pocket. I ran over to the lake and filled up our big cooler with water.

Cato returned with more food. He wasn't really kidding about it. Just then, the same voice came on the speaker and spoke again.

"Attention tributes. We decided to be, well, generous hosts and host a feast tomorrow. Most of you need something desperately. There will be backpacks for each district there. Grab your backpack and try not to get yourself killed… if you can."

I smirked at Cato. "Yes! This is my chance to get Katniss." I started to continue but Cato interrupted me.

"You're not going, Clove."

I went crazy at that statement. "WHAT? Why not?!"
"Clove, you know why." He reached down and touched my stomach discreetly so that nobody from the districts or Capitol would suspect a thing.

"CATO! I'm not going to get killed! Or get him/her killed! I just want to ensure that Katniss dies. And by my hands."

"Clove, I don't think you understand how important it is for you to stay alive! If you stay alive, then we can go home together!

"Oh, and what makes you think that you're going to survive the feast and I won't, huh?"

We argued for about 30 minutes about the matter until I gave in and Cato won. He always wins. Well, almost.

He would go and grab our bag later in the morning. If Katniss and Loverboy were there, then he would kill them. He would also grab as many bags of the other districts as he could.

I laid down my head to go to sleep in our tent and laid my hand gingerly on my stomach. I thought about the baby growing inside.

I pretended to be asleep as Cato stepped into the tent and zipped up the front. He kissed me gently on the head and then on the cheek. Then he whispered, "I'm sorry I fought with you. I hope that you'll forgive me. I just want you to be safe, my beautiful Clove."

I felt guilty. Not just about the fight we had, but also for the thoughts I'm thinking as I hear him speak.

I want to kill Katniss. I'll do anything to stop her. I need to go to that feast.

No, it's too dangerous. Cato's right. I can't risk the baby dying.

At the end of the argument with myself, my selfishness and desire to kill the girl won over.

I decided I'll leave early before Cato wakes and am going to kill her myself. No matter what the cost.

The next morning, I awoke and saw Cato still sleeping beside me. The sun was still barely down. Good.

I sneaked out of the tent and carefully grabbed my belt and coat full of knives.

I grabbed the canteen and a pack of dried beef and headed for the cornucopia. I knew this trail like the back of my hand.

On the way there, I had to be careful not to wake Cato with the sound of crunching leaves.

Once about a mile down the path we made, I saw the metal roof of the building. Under it was a table with 4 bags numbered: 2, 5, 11, and 12.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about 5. As soon as I looked away from the bags, she ran out from the woods and snagged her bag. Before I could run and attack her, or even think about doing so, she was gone. Dang it.

Oh well, she's not the one I'm after. I thought.

As soon as Foxface returned to her side of the woods, Katniss made a run for it as well. Stupid.

I ran out to chase after her. Once she reached the table. She sloppily grabbed her bag and slipped it over her wrist. She started to run back.

I grabbed my smallest knife and threw it at her face. It slashed her in the corner of her forehead.

I tackled her from behind and we wrestled for a good 2 minutes, rolling on the grassy knoll until I finally stopped us by sitting on top of her.

"Thought you could escape, huh fire girl? It's too bad." She tried to free her arm, but I slammed it down hard with my foot. "What's in the bag? Medicine for Loverboy? Oh, I see. You were going to help him, right? Well it's too bad."

At this point, Katniss had tears running down her face, but her voice held steady. I spoke again.

"Well, now were going to kill him. Then you. Like we did that little girl. What's her name? Rue?!"
She tried once more to escape, but I had already started to outline her lips with the tip of my knife.

"Hmm, let's start with these ugly lips. You can never again use them to kiss Loverboy. Speaking of, want to blow him one last kiss?"

Instead, she spit a mixture of blood and saliva at my face. It only made me angrier. I wiped the liquid off of my face with my free hand.

"Let's get started then."

As soon as I said "then", I reached for my biggest knife to slash her arm, when I felt something big grab my hair and life me in the air.

I could only scream.

I was then in the air staring at the intimidating face of District 11's own Thresh.

"You kill her? Rue?" I started to say no. I never did, Marvel did, but he interrupted. "I heard you! You said you were going to kill her like you did Rue. Well not anymore."

I started to scream. "CATO! CATOOOOOO!" I heard the faintest scream of my name. I thought I was hallucinating.

He put me down and laid his foot on my stomach and picked up a rock. "This is for Rue!"

He dropped it down on my head as hard as he could. I felt a gush of liquid near my brain and pain. Awful, agonizing pain.

And then silence.