Edited and Re-Posted on March 14, 2013

Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Sway

Notes: Alright this is my first foray into writing crossover Ouran/HP slash so I hope you enjoy the fruits of my corrupted mind! : ) Obviously this one-shot contains Yaoi; Don't Like It? Don't Read It! I posted this and then removed it to edit it and post it as a crossover. Enjoy Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Ouran High School Host Club. I will make no money from the posting of this story.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*********Chapter 1********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Swaying, writhing bodies converged and broke apart everywhere Kyoya's onyx eyes looked. It was hypnotic to the twenty-four year old male, as he allowed himself be swept away into the mass of sweaty bodies and groping hands. Kyoya was too drunk to care if his behavior was improper or uncouth; not after the day he'd had.

It wasn't everyday a man walked in on his lover of three years being fucked into the mattress by their assistant now was it? Kyoya just wanted to forget for one night; tomorrow he would have to deal with moving out of his and Tamaki's house.

Tamaki had already tried to beg for Kyoya's forgiveness. The blonde pleaded for Kyoya not to leave him. His pleas, unfortunately, were in vain for when an Ootori is wronged they are long to forgive and they will never forget the past transgression done to them.

No, Kyoya knew Tamaki and his relationship was over; it had been over for some time. It just took Kyoya walking in on Tamaki's infidelity to realize it. Pushing the thoughts of his ex-lover's betrayal out of his alcohol hazed mind Kyoya grabbed onto the hips of the slender male body in front of him and grinded his groin into their plump ass.

The man in front of Kyoya was sinfully attractive; shoulder length dark hair, pale skin, gorgeous face, shining green eyes and a slender build. Kyoya's dark gaze was on the dancing beauty since he arrived an hour ago and this man was just what Kyoya was looking for to help him forget his troubles.

Kyoya and the green eyed beauty swayed and grinded against each other for who knew how long and the Ootori could tell the other man wanted him just as much as Kyoya wanted them; if the hard length pressing into his hip was anything to go by.

Cutting to the crux of the matter Kyoya leaned forward and spoke loud enough for his prey to hear him; "Would you like to get out of here and come home with me?" He waited and watched the other male's pretty face go through a myriad of emotions as he decided if he would take Kyoya up on his offer.

Before long a sultry smile appeared on the green eyed male's face, as he nodded his in agreement to leave with Kyoya. Not wasting time the taller man took the other's slender hand in his own and navigated through the throng of dancers and out into the cool Tokyo night.

Kyoya's limo was already at the curb, waiting for him and the Ootori gestured for his date to enter the car before him; Kyoya was a gentleman after all. Once the door closed the taller male cast his gaze onto the attractive man sitting beside him; "What's your name?"

The green eyed man smiled and spoke in a voice that sounded like an angel's song to Kyoya's jaded ears; "My name's Harry and what might your name be?"

"My name's Kyoya." Now that the introductions were done Kyoya brought a strong hand to Harry's finely sculpted cheek. Kyoya began to stroke along the fine contours of his conquest's cheekbone, down to the defined jawline, and proceeded to wrap his hand behind Harry's neck.

Once he had a firm grip on the smooth column he pulled his new lover's mouth to his and crushed their lips together. The kiss between them was heated, a slightly sloppy meeting of tongues, teeth and lips. There was no battle for dominance; they both knew who was topping tonight.

Kyoya reveled in the taste of his companion. Harry tasted like sake, mint, and something slightly sweet that he could only assume was Harry's own unique flavor. Breaking apart for air Kyoya brought his slightly bruised lips to Harry's ear and spoke in a quiet, dark tone. "I'm going to fuck you Harry. Tonight you'll be mine."

The whimper escaping from Harry's equally kiss swollen lips was his only response and Kyoya found himself looking forward to hearing more of those sensual sounds coming from his new lover's beautiful mouth.

Kyoya felt the car slow down in front of the posh hotel he'd rented for the night. Once the car stopped his driver opened the door and Kyoya offered his hand to assist Harry out of the back of the vehicle. Kyoya dismissed his driver quickly and traversed the hotel lobby swiftly.

Once they were inside the plush suite Kyoya pushed Harry's smaller body against the door and went back to kissing those pink pouty lips. Kyoya's need was mirrored in Harry's enthusiastic responses; their movements were a whirl of limbs as they moved across the suite and into the large bedroom, discarding their clothes as they went.

Kyoya's naked body fell on top of Harry's equally bear form as he began to grind his dripping erection against the other man's rigid length. The larger male pulled back and moved Harry's slightly heaving form up the bed and placed his lover's head onto the plush pillows.

Once Kyoya was satisfied of his lover's comfort he pulled back, and observed Harry's sleek form and pale skin. The man lying on the bed seemed to glow against the dark blankets. Long dark chocolate hair flowed around Harry's head like a dark halo; highlighting those emerald eyes and making them seem almost ethereal.

To Kyoya's selective eyes Harry was simply perfect, and as lovely as the smaller man was clothed he was absolutely breathtaking without them. Kyoya felt his cock twitch with anticipation as he surveyed his lover, feverishly taking in every inch of soft skin.

Kyoya's heated onyx gaze moved further down his companion's body and came to rest on the slender cock in between Harry's long legs. Licking his lips Kyoya lowered his raven head to Harry's flushed cock and licked from base to leaking tip. Savoring the musky flavor of his lover's pre-cum on his tongue.

Kyoya took the tip of Harry's cock in his mouth and sucked lightly, swirling his tongue around the head of his partner's straining erection. He was drinking up the whimpers and moans leaving Harry's lips. Wanting to hear more Kyoya sank his mouth further down on the arousal in his talented orifice and began to bob his head while hollowing his cheeks.

Kyoya sucked his lover's hard flesh, giving his full attention, and effort on giving Harry as much pleasure as he could. He felt positively smug when Harry began to chant his name as if it was a mantra he depended on to live. The taller man moaned around the length in his mouth when Harry sank his hands into Kyoya's dark hair and grasped on tightly.

Tamaki had never been so responsive to Kyoya's ministrations and it drove the Ootori crazy to know his lover was enjoying themselves. Bringing his hand to Harry's balls he massaged them in his skilled hands, pushing his lover toward his orgasm quicker. The onyx eyed male felt the hard length in his mouth pulse before the angel laying on the bed threw his head back and again moaned Kyoya's name as he spilled his seed into Kyoya's waiting mouth.

He sucked his lover's pulsing cock until Harry had nothing else to give and his lover's erection began to go soft. Kyoya disengaged himself from Harry's spent member and made his way up to the nightstand and removed the lotion from the top of the bedside table.

Moving back in between his companion's smooth thighs Kyoya placed the lotion next to his gorgeous lover's hip before he pressed his lips back against his partner's and thrust his tongue into that addictive sweet mouth. Harry moaned at the taste of himself on Kyoya's tongue and Kyoya felt his dripping cock jump in response to his lover's noises.

"Are you ready Harry? I want to sink into that tight heat and cum deep inside you. Tell me you want it!" The last sentence was spoken in a soft but no less commanding voice commanding voice. Harry opened his breathtaking, pleasure hazed, green eyes and looked into Kyoya's onyx orbs; "Please, Kyoya, I want you inside me." Harry's words were spoken breathlessly and the taller male was quite pleased at his lover's answer to his question.

Not wasting another second Kyoya grabbed the lotion and unscrewed the top, slicking up three fingers; ensuring they were well coated. Satisfied that his fingers were lubed enough Kyoya resettled on his knees in between Harry's widely spread legs. Bringing his pointer finger to Harry's entrance Kyoya slowly slid his finger into his lover's tight heat, almost groaning at the feeling of warmth that Harry's body was emitting.

He thrust his first finger inside slowly while massaging his lover's silken anal walls. Soon his lover's addictive sounds were being heard throughout the softly lit hotel suite.

"Kyoya more please, need, ngh, more." His smaller lover pleaded and Kyoya wasn't about to deny Harry anything at the moment. Obeying his partner's pleas he slipped another finger into that wonderfully tight passage. Once two of his fingers were sunk deep into Harry's ass Kyoya began to scissor and twist his appendages.

The onyx eyed man was searching for that spot inside his lover that would send him into a state of pleasure filled bliss. The loud mewling wail that Harry let loose was enough for Kyoya to know that he'd found the smaller man's prostate. Every thrust inside his lover's tight channel was punctuated with a strike to that sensitive bundle of nerves. Harry was writhing on the soft mattress in ecstasy as Kyoya slipped a third finger into his lover's willing body.

Harry's one hand was pinching his nipples harshly while the other was buried in the blanket, as if Harry was bracing himself against the pleasure he was receiving. Kyoya continued to thrust and scissor his fingers as he abused Harry's prostate continuously. The taller male noticed his lover wasn't even able to form coherent words at this point; the only sounds leaving Harry's beautiful mouth were whimpers, moans, and shouts of bliss.

Judging his lover prepared enough Kyoya removed his digits; a whine of discontent was heard from Harry when his fingers were removed. "Shhh, my beautiful Harry, soon you'll be filled up to the brim." Out of patience Kyoya slicked up his throbbing length and positioned himself at Harry's lubed and twitching entrance.

With one hard thrust Kyoya sheathed himself completely in Harry's still tight passage, stilling when he bottomed out inside his lover. The taller male stayed still, giving his lover time to adjust to his impressive length and girth. The emerald eyed male, it seemed, was ready quickly and rocked his slim hips driving Kyoya deeper inside of him.

"Move Kyoya!" The Ootori was not too fond of taking orders but this one was just too easy to comply with. Kyoya pulled back until only the head of his erection remained inside of Harry, and thrust back in hard. He brought his hands to the back of Harry's knees and lifted his legs over his strong shoulders.

Satisfied with the position of his lover's smooth legs Kyoya grasped his lover's shapely hips tightly, tilting them slightly upward and began moving inside his lover in deep penetrating strokes. He was able sink deeper into Harry's tight ass in this position and he felt it when the blunt head of his cock smashed Harry's prostate.

His lover's slender hands were clenching the blankets under his body hard as Kyoya pounded him into the bed. The onyx eyed man was groaning and growling loudly; deeply entrenched in this euphoric experience. He was being pushed higher, onto the highest tier of pleasure; the sounds of bare skin slapping on bare skin, Harry's sweet noises and the squishy wet sounds coming from where Kyoya's thick cock was driving into Harry's slick entrance were addictive and Kyoya wanted more.

Kyoya felt his release slamming towards him, as that familiar coil of pleasure writhed and expanded in his lower belly. He didn't want to cum until Harry had reached his second orgasm. With this one thought in his pleasure riddled mind Kyoya brought his hand to his lover's erection, wrapped his hand around it, and began to pump the length in his hand in time to his hard thrusts.

Harry came hard with a scream of Kyoya's name. The taller man was in heaven when he felt those velvet walls contract and squeeze his length as his lover's cock spurted rope after rope of cum onto their heaving stomachs.

Kyoya felt that heated coil in his belly snap and the scorching flame of rapture spread rapidly through his sweaty form. His cock pulsed deep into Harry's still slightly fluttering passage; filling his lover completely with his seed. Thrusting shallowly Kyoya milked, and rode out, his mind shattering orgasm for all it was worth.

Once he felt himself soften he let Harry's smooth legs fall to the bed on either side of his strong form. Resting on his elbows Kyoya lowered his sweaty body to rest on top of Harry's smaller from. He moved his arms and wrapped them around his the green eyed male's lithe back and placed a chaste kiss to those addictive lips.

Kyoya smiled a small smile when he felt Harry's slender arms wrap around his neck and sigh happily against Kyoya's lips. Harry broke away from the kiss and wrinkled his nose in distaste when Kyoya's softened cock slipped from his well fucked entrance and his cum began to leak out of the smaller male's passage.

Kyoya noticed his lover's discomfort and rose slowly while extending a large manicured hand; "Come, Harry, let's take a shower before we retire to bed." Those plump lips smiled gratefully at him; "Sounds wonderful Kyoya." Harry shifted on the bed and placed his slender hand in Kyoya's after he finished speaking and allowed himself to be led to the large marble shower in the bathroom.

Kyoya set the water to a comfortably warm temperature before they stepped in and languidly washed each other's bodies. When all evidence of their sex was washed away Kyoya turned off the shower and stepped out to grab towels for each of them.

Harry took the offered towel but didn't dry himself. He brought the towel to Kyoya's muscular form and dried him with reverent attention and care. Kyoya, of course, returned the favor to his lover when Harry finished drying him. When they were both adequately dry Kyoya grabbed the robes hanging on the back of the bathroom door and gave one to Harry.

Wrapped in soft silk robes the two new lovers returned to the well-used bed and removed the soiled blanket. After the dirty blanket was out of the way Kyoya slipped into the large bed and held out his hand again for Harry to join him.

Only when his smaller lover was comfortably snuggled into Kyoya's side did the taller man break the tranquil silence in the room; "I don't know why you left with me tonight but I thank you for it. This is the best night I've had in a long time."

Kyoya tightened his arms around Harry's shoulders to reinforce his gratitude. "Well your attractive, which you know already, but I've had a bad few days and really needed to unleash my frustrations. I enjoyed this as well and thank you. Why did you invite me back with you, if you don't mind me asking." When he was done with his answer Harry tilted his lovely face upward and raised his stunning eyes to meet Kyoya's dark gaze with a questioning expression on his features.

"Same reason as yours really. I'm quite happy I went out tonight. The results were quite exhilarating." Kyoya smirked and placed a quick kiss to Harry's lips after he finished talking. With a quiet command from Kyoya the lights went out in the well-appointed hotel room and both males settled down to sleep for the night

Kyoya passed into sleep's inky embrace satisfied for the moment; all issues and problems would be attended to tomorrow. Right now he would just enjoy the contentment, and quiet, that had settled into his mind and body.

All Mistakes Are My Own! : )