Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Sway

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Mione knew and so did Harry that it would hurt like hell for now but just like in all things Harry would drag himself up by his bootstraps, cry a river, build bridge and get over it.

This time it would just take a bit longer for Harry but he would move on from this and find someone who would make him feel like Kyoya did even if Harry wasn't one hundred percent sure what it was Kyoya made him feel.

The wizarding world's savior fell asleep with his head on his closest friends lap while Hermione ran her fingers through Harry's thick hair, murmuring words of comfort and love to her best and first friend.

~~~~~~~~~~~*********Chapter 6********~~~~~~~~~~

When Kyoya came back to himself he blinked to moisten his dry eyes and looked around for Harry. It was at that moment that he could vaguely remember Harry speaking to him after he changed his pen into a rose and then back again.

That little son of a bitch just up and left him when he was trying to understand what he was seeing! What the hell was that about? Kyoya was a rational man by nature, logic and common sense were his best friends and what he had just seen and heard in his office was not logical or based on common sense.

Harry, his Harry, claimed to be a wizard, had shown him proof of being a wizard and explained the unknown presence Kyoya felt as his magic seeking Kyoya out. Needless to say his genius, analytical mind was utterly failing to come to grips with what he had just experienced.

Taking a deep breath Kyoya calmed himself so he could think of this rationally well as rationally as one could when they were dealing with a possible disturbed lover who claimed to be a wizard and was allegedly capable of performing magic.

First thing first; how did he feel about Harry barring the whole "I can do magic thing?" Well if the onyx eyed man was honest with himself he enjoyed the smaller man's company quite a lot. For Kami's sake the emerald eyed fox had squirmed his way under Kyoya's skin.

He also could not deny it had hurt somewhat when Harry ignored his calls to see him before he left London and that was telling. Normally, Kyoya would have blown off being blown off and found another willing attractive male body to fuck into the mattress.

Unfortunately his body was set on Harry's body and his traitorous heart and subconscious were right behind it on only desiring Harry. How the hell had that happened? Could it be possible they were soul mates? A scoff left his mouth; soul mates? Really the idea was preposterous!

Or was it? Even Kyoya's ever rational mind could not deny the pull he felt toward the smaller male or the way he felt at ease when Harry was near him. Sighing Kyoya acknowledged maybe he liked the man more than he would admit; a swift kick from his subconscious made him grudgingly admit that he was falling for the practically unknown man called Harry Potter.

So now that he had acknowledged his growing feelings for the British male he could move onto the issue of Harry's magical ability or possible insanity. Kyoya was having second thoughts on the whole Harry is a total whack job theory.

He had seen his pen change with his own eyes and there was no explanation for how Harry had done it. Harry had never been inside his office to his knowledge and how you could manage to change a pen like that was beyond his analytical mind; he was sure no "magicians" could manage it.

Kyoya was shocked when he realized he was slowly beginning to believe Harry's claims of magic, yes shock was prevalent but not as overwhelming as it had once been. No, his shock was slowly turning to acceptance of what Harry had said as truth.

With that acceptance came anger; anger that Harry had showed up unannounced, though Kyoya was not that pissed off about that, then he began to ramble on about izards and magic and something called Hogwarts then before he gave Kyoya a chance to digest it all he up and left!

Well that was not going to be tolerated damn it! No one walked out on Ootori Kyoya well accept for when Harry just did it about ten minutes ago but that was not the issue.

No, the issue was Kyoya had questions and Harry had answers! That being said the solution was quite simple to Kyoya's linear mind; he would go to London seeing as Harry was in London and he would get his answers and then he would fuck Harry into the nearest hard surface or wall for leaving him like this.

Decision made he rang his assistant; "Cancel my appointments for the next three days I have an emergency to deal with in London. Do not tell anyone where I have gone. Understand?!" The barked commands were answered quickly by his assistant.

Satisfied with that his instructions would be met Kyoya stood to pack his things for London; he would call Harry when he arrived the next day and set up a meeting with the slippery little fox. Now that he had a plan Kyoya was feeling more secure with the recent revelations made to him.

He would go to London, call Harry, meet with Harry, they would calmly discuss what the smaller male had told him today and once Kyoya's many questions were answered he would decide what he wanted to do in regards to pursuing a relationship with Harry Potter; hopefully the end result involved Kyoya and Harry having sex as he truly was becoming addicted to the smaller man.

Leaving the office Kyoya made a quick detour to his new apartment and packed a few things, he did not thing he would be in England for more than a few days even if Harry and he worked out something, he still had a company to run after all. Once packed he slipped into his car and directed his driver to the airport.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and when he arrived a car was waiting for him at the airport; within an hour he was back in The Savoy and dialing Harry's cell number. He found it slightly amusing that a wizard needed a cell phone; couldn't they just communicate through their minds or something equally absurd?

Kyoya stopped himself, if he was going to do this with Harry he needed to stop with the snide thoughts even if they were only in his head. It would not be fair to go into this and not try his best to understand what and who Harry was.

Now that Kyoya thought about it Harry had a lot of courage to tell Kyoya what he had but that did not give Harry an excuse to freak out and ditch him before Kyoya could speak about the bombshell Harry had dropped on him. Sighing he finished dialing the wizard's number.

Several beeps were heard and then the call was answered, the sound of Harry's hesitant voice made him smile a bit; "Kyoya?" Kyoya cleared his throat a bit; "It's me I need you to come and speak to me about what you told me yesterday. I'm at the same hotel, in the same room as the last time I was in London."

"You're in London? Why?" Kyoya wanted to roll his eyes but refrained; "I'm here because you're here and I have some questions for you. Seeing as you left so quickly I never had the chance to ask them so I came to you. Will you come?"

A brief silence filled the line while Harry thought about Kyoya's request; "I'll be there as soon as I can." With that assurance Kyoya disconnected the call and stripped off his travel clothes to shower.

After taking a hot shower, and dressing into a pair of soft khakis and a polo, Kyoya was alerted to Harry's arrival by a loud crack. Stepping into the living room Kyoya looked his lover up and down, ruthlessly crushing the urge to throw his questions to hell and just hold the man in front of him. No, right now they needed to speak about things.

Harry began to fidget under his intense onyx eyes, deciding to put Harry out of his misery Kyoya began the conversation; "Would you like to sit? Are you hungry?" Harry shook his head in the negative mumbling that he ate already, Kyoya nodded and they both took their seats.

"So you are truly a wizard? Would you show me something else? I'm having some trouble believing this but I want to try." Harry smiled and took out his wand; swishing the stick of wood in a few motions caused the whole room's decor to turn black and green.

Kyoya was stunned, stupidly so. He had asked for Harry to do something but he was almost expecting nothing to happen and Harry to beg off but he had not. At this point Kyoya had to admit that magic seemed to be real and the gorgeous man in front of him was a wizard. "Harry, tell me all about your world."

That generic question seemed to put Harry at ease and once again the smaller man began to babble adorably; "Well I told you before that I found out about the wizarding world when I was eleven and attended Hogwarts.

Hogwarts if like secondary school for muggles; I attended from eleven to eighteen, I had to take a year off during what would have been my seventh year but I'll explain that in a bit. When I graduated with my NEWTs, NEWT's are like muggle state tests, I enrolled in Auror training.

As I told you before Aurors are like the wizard version of police officers or detectives depending on your rank with the Auror Corp; if you are curious I'm a first class Auror which is equivalent to a muggle captain the force.

Basically I hunt down, trap and bring in bad magical people and/or creatures for trial and then if they are convicted imprisonment; that was why I was in Tokyo when I met you I was searching for a very bad wizard.

Hmm aside from me being an Auror some things you may want to know about me; my best friend in this world is Hermione Granger, she is actually a muggle-born witch so you and her will have a bit in common.

I was raised by my muggle relatives after my parents died so for the first eleven years of my life I believed myself to be a muggle until my Hogwarts letter came and I found out both my parents were magical. Once I finished school I never went back to my relative's house seeing as they despise me for being what I am."

Kyoya just sat there, staring and listening intently to Harry spill his proverbial guts to him. A pleading look came into Harry's eyes, causing Kyoya to lean forward slightly and listen closely; "I'm sorry I ran out after telling you, I am. I was just so afraid that you would reject me and call me a freak.

So I left before you could and I really am sorry I should have stayed and known you would not have done anything without investigating what I said. Can you forgive me?" Kyoya shook his head causing Harry to gasp, his eyes flying up and meeting Harry's hurt green eyes, it was then that Kyoya realized Harry took the shake of his head for "No."

SHIT rushing to correct Harry's misconceptions Kyoya spoke to allay the man's fear; "I forgive you Harry so don't get upset and don't leave again. Okay so I think I understand what you are telling me but I'll recap; you entered the magic world at eleven and went to Hogwarts.

You had to take time off during your seventh year, I want to know why by the way but that can come later, and when you graduated you trained to be an Auror. Once an Auror you rose through the ranks and catch evil people, your best friend is a muggle-born witch named Hermione Granger and you were raised by your muggle relatives; have I missed anything?"

A bright smile crossed Harry's beautiful face; "No, you covered everything. Is there anything else you want to know?" Kyoya cocked his head to the side; "Indeed there is; what were you speaking about when you said we could be soul mates and explained that your magic was seeking me out.

From what you said it is not normal and by the way your magic is caressing my chest right now; I'm guessing it just happens because you don't seem to realize you're doing it." Harry sheepishly smiled; "I guess my magic just really wants to be near you and don't get me wrong I do too.

As for the soul mates thing; that was the only explanation Hermione and I could come up with; that was another reason I freaked out, I mean to think I have a soul mate, a muggle who can sense my magic and has no clue about the world I live in. I pretty much believed you would reject me and never want to see me again."

Kyoya thought on Harry's words; he did want to see Harry again not just for the sex, he truly enjoyed being near the other man. Even the idea of magic and Harry being a wizard did not bother him as much as it did now that Harry explained some things to him.

He felt he would just have to see how things went and play it as it came as loathsome as he found winging things he decided this was the best way. Kyoya would get to know Harry and hopefully they could build on their obvious physical attraction.

"I do want to see you again Harry but I'll admit this is still a bit overwhelming and I'll need time to adjust to you and your world. However, I am drawn to you and maybe we are soul mates but I don't want us to be together simple because we believe that. If we are to be together it should not be because of your magic wanting me but because we truly want each other.

Now tell me how old are you Harry? I realize I know almost nothing about you aside from what you have juts told me and I am eager to learn more." Harry blushed a bit before speaking; "I'm twenty-two years old. How old are you?" Kyoya smiled at the awkwardness that radiated off Harry; "I'm twenty-four years old."

Deciding to add some more information about himself Kyoya continued; "I am the president and CEO of Ootori Corp., which is my family's business; we deal in medical supplies and hospitals. I have two brothers and one sister, all older than me and my father is called Yoshio.

Do you have any family Harry aside from your relatives; who I gather you do not like?" Harry eyes took on a sad tone as he explained; "My parents were murdered by an evil wizard who tried to kill me as well when I was one; the wizard's name was Voldemort. I survived and was sent to my muggle aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon.

They have a son around my age, Dudley, and he hated me. I was bullied ruthlessly and verbally abused and starved by my aunt and uncle; they hated me because I was a magical like my parents but they never told me about my parents or the magical world.

They hoped they could crush the magic out of me by being cruel. Needless to say they failed and on my eleventh birthday I received my Hogwarts letter. So to answer your question I have no family aside from my magic hating relatives and Hermione who has become like my sister."

Kyoya's blood boiled; how dare someone abuse Harry for having magic! It was disgusting that his relatives hurt him, their own blood! "I'm sorry you had such a hard life but I hope you know I don't look down on you or think of you any differently now that I know you are a wizard.

If anything I am fascinated by you even if I'm a little wary of it but that will change in time I think as I get to know you better." A beaming smile came to Harry's face; "So you'll really give me, us a chance?"

Kyoya nodded smiling indulgently at the god smacked man in front of him; "Of course I am. I would be an idiot to walk away from you now and I want to thank you for being so truthful and open with me, I know it can't have been easy to tell me about your family's treatment of you."

Harry nodded; "It is but you deserve the truth if this is going to work out and I want it to work out or at least try to make it work, I really like you and want to be with you." Kyoya got up and quickly pressed his lips to Harry's, effectively shutting up the rambling verbal tirade Harry seemed prone to fall into when he was nervous.

Feeling Harry smile against his lips had Kyoya pulling away to gaze into those bright green eyes; "Relax Harry you don't have to be so nervous; we are still the same people we were we just know more about each other now." A nod from Harry and another sheepish smile crossed the smaller man's face.

"Now I think we should have dinner together, I have not eaten since this morning on the flight and I am starved." Harry stood, taking Kyoya's hand in his; "Would you like to go to a wizard's restaurant?" Kyoya thought on it and figured why the hell not but felt the need to ask a question before the left hand in hand; "Do wizards have an issue regarding homosexual relationships?"

Harry snorted; "Kyoya we can turn turtles into teacups and couches into crystal do you think we would be bothered by same sex relationships? Besides in our world it possible for same sex couples to conceive children with the use of potions." Kyoya just gawked at Harry; Harry could have his child using a potion, whatever the hell that meant.

"So we could have a baby if we were married?" A nod from Harry made Kyoya's heart speed up; he always wanted children of his own not that anyone knew that but he had resigned himself to adopting as gay men could not get pregnant well it seemed muggle man could not get pregnant but a wizard could.

"That is actually wonderful news and I look forward to learning about your world. Shall we go?" Harry nodded, pulling Kyoya to him, the smaller raven spun and disapparated with a crack. Kyoya felt like he was being squished through a tube before the sensation stopped and he swayed slightly in Harry's arms.

"Sorry I wasn't sure how apparition would affect you seeing as you are a muggle; but you seemed to have handled it well plus I shielded you with my magic to lessen the discomfort a bit and also so you wouldn't get hurt during the trip."

"Apparition? So what we just did, the disappearing and reappearing elsewhere is apparition?" A nod from harry was his answer as he was pulled toward a table in the corner of the bar, it was then that Kyoya noticed that several people were staring at Harry like he was a piece of meat.

A growl left Kyoya as he glared at the offending people eying his lover; it seemed to work as most of them looked away. Feeling pleased with himself Kyoya a smiling Harry to lead them to a table. At that moment Kyoya thought that maybe just maybe they could make this work. Sure, he and Harry had much to discuss but he cared for the smaller man so that was something.

Once they were seated his little lover pulled his wand and waved it in a few complicated motions and then put it back up his sleeve. Kyoya felt as if the air around them became heavier; it was almost similar to the feeling of humid air. Grasping Harry's hand he enquired about the heavy feeling; "Harry, what did you just do?"

The emerald eyed man smiled gently, and explained; "I cast a Privacy Ward around us. As you see I'm well known here and I don't particularly like people eavesdropping on my conversations." Well Kyoya could understand that just fine. In Japan he was considered something of a celebrity and understood the extent some people would go to to get close to him or listen in on his conversations; the gossip columns would love to get some dirt on Ootori Kyoya.

With a nod he looked at the menu on the table, quite interested in the selection of food. It seemed like the food available was typical English fair. However, the drinks were different; what the hell was Fire Whiskey? Deciding to let Harry order he sat back with a small smile; "Whatever you think I'll enjoy go ahead and order."

The emerald eyed man nodded and continued on perusing the menu, muttering lowly to himself. Kyoya did enjoy watching the beautiful man; it was nice to see him in an environment that wasn't a bedroom or club. He looked angelic to Kyoya and the Ootori found himself reluctant to return to Japan.

He assumed it would be easier to see his lover when he did return to his homeland. Harry could apparate and there were probably other equally speedy ways for the man to get to Japan. Not to mention Kyoya could always visit him in England; he did have business in Europe on occasion, or they could meet in the middle somewhere.

He was broken out of his thoughts of travel plans when Harry tapped the menu with his wand and put the menus aside; "So what is going on in that head of yours, Mr. Ootori?" The tall Japanese man smirked; "I was just thinking about how we are going to see each other. Now that I have you I'm hesitant to let you go."

An adorable blush spread across Harry's high cheekbones and a shy smile graced those perfect lips; "Well it's easy for us magical folk to travel; we don't need planes. So, I could visit you on my off days without a problem. I'll just be spending an arm and a leg on portkeys." Portkey? What the hell was a portkey?

Apparently, Harry realized he'd again mentioned something Kyoya knew nothing about. With an indulgent grin his emerald eyed lover began to explain; "Alright, you know what apparition is, yes?" Once Kyoya nodded in agreement the shorter male continued; "Okay, well I can apparate easily with Europe but anything further taxes me greatly."

"A wizard can only apparate within a certain distance without succumbing to magical fatigue; which can sometimes be fatal. Anyway, I'm getting off track. When a magical person wants to travel outside their capability to apparate they take a portkey. It's an enchanted object that when activated takes you to a predetermined destination."

"When I visited Japan I arrived via portkey. The trip from London to Tokyo took roughly three minutes; quite convenient for us, yeah?" The Ootori smirked; "Well then if it's that easy for you to travel maybe I'll reimburse you for the expense of all those portkeys and have you under me every night you're available."

Once again that cute blush spread across Harry's beautiful face; "You'd want to see me that much?" Kyoya snorted; "Of course, I would. You just told me we may be soul mates and you can bear me a child; why the hell would I pass up something like that?! Harry when I realized I was gay I gave up on having a family but now that I know it's possible I want that again."

"Don't you want to see where this soul mate thing goes?" The shorter raven looked nervous but thoughtful; "I just don't want you freak out about me being magical or our possible future kids. I don't want you to feel forced into this relationship in any way. I want you to want it and not because of the soul mate thing."

With a subtle eye roll the Ootori male took charge to allay his little lover's fears; "Harry, I've been drawn to you from the moment I set eyes on you. I craved for you and trust me that does not happen. I feel like I can trust you and after what's happened to me in the past with former lovers that doesn't come easy for me."

"I have to believe that there is something about you that keeps me coming back, something that makes me want to be with you. Call it us being soul mates or whatever you want but it doesn't change the fact that I want you. It doesn't change the fact that I desire you like I have never desired another. Will you allow us to see where this goes? We can go as fast or as slow as you like."

Harry nibbled his lip before a beaming smile broke out on his face, making him look even more angelic; "Of course I do. I think I'd be insane to let you go; you're intelligent, wealthy in your own right so I don't have to worry about you being with me for the money, you're well known so you're not with me for the fame and recognition; you're with me for me and that makes me so happy."

Kyoya merely shrugged elegantly; "Well then now that that's settled tell me more about this magical world you live in." With a grin Harry began to explain with gusto; he explained about his work, his friends, his dreams and goals.

All the while Kyoya listened raptly and asked questions when appropriate; it was odd how much the Japanese male enjoyed hearing his lover's voice as he normally found most people annoying. But then again everyone was not Harry; his potential soul mate, a person who was made for him and only him.

This pleased the possessive part of Kyoya's brain to no end. He enjoyed knowing that his smaller lover was his and only his. That no one, no matter who they were, could please Harry like he could. He reveled in the fact that the emerald eyed man would desire no one but him; that his lover wouldn't crave another except him.

It was delightful and the Ootori couldn't help but imagine what Harry would look like swollen with his child; it would be odd but Kyoya was sure it would be one of the most gorgeous sights he's ever see. Food appearing in front of him broke him out of fantasy and alerted him to the fact that he was very hungry.

With smiles on their face he and Harry dug into their meals. There was much to learn about each other and the very different worlds they came from but Kyoya was committed to learning all he could about the beautiful man in front of him and maybe one day in the future he would marry the emerald eyed man and have several children with him.

It wouldn't be easy and Kami knew they would argue but he felt it would be worth it to have someone who was considered his other half in all things by his side.

So that is the end of our story for now; sorry about the lack of slash but the plot was more important at this time and throwing sex in at this time would seem forced to me.

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