A/N: promptfic: laugh, giggle

Luke Duke could count on one hand the number of adult men he could ever say he heard giggle. Girls, sure. Kids, all the time, running through Hazzard Square or playing at the orphanage, carelessly around the ladders of work-volunteering Dukes. The former oft coquettishly, teasingly, flirtatiously. The latter just in sheer playful joy... usually.

And then there was Bo.

Beauregard Duke was actually, at the moment, one of only three men Luke could say he'd heard giggle. The other two were their uncle Jesse, in outright glee usually - and wasn't it obvious where Bo got that part from - and Cooter. With Cooter, it was usually also glee. With both the aforementioned men, mischief, unrelenting half-moonshine-driven mischief. Bo, on the other hand...

Well, Luke couldn't quite be sure if it was closer to the habitual flirtation of the girls he knew or the kids he'd watched. There was a bit of both in that high-pitched celebration of humor and fun and trouble and pure joy. Bo was a flirt - with the whole world. He was also nothing more than a big kid. Under that blond mop of hair was a man who barely knew how to be a man - at least not the kind Luke had been rather harshly taught to be outside Hazzard's borders, at a younger age than Bo was now. And even if Bo did have any idea, Luke wasn't at all sure that he would want to be. Or even, in the slightest, care.

Bo was almost impossible to describe, and even harder to categorize. But one thing you had to admit is that he was happy.

Bo was happy. And in the end, even at moments like this when Luke was wincing and trying not to grin all at the same time as his blond cousin pulled something inane and simple-impossibly-brilliant out of his ear that might or might not actually work, that was what mattered. The eldest of the Duke cousins might tease and poke about that particular childishness, but he would also fight to protect Bo's right to be that way. Because you just didn't destroy something as special as eyes and a heart that knew no evil. Something as... precious.

So when Bo Duke went into another fit of giggles, midway through trying to explain his idea to Cooter, Luke snorted in the background... grinned... and then laughed along.